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  1. Why you can't find good CA/DD players. Well, most of them have already left the game like myself or like some have said, moved to other classes. (I just peek at the forums from time to time to see how crap is still rolling down the hill) Since WG doesn't want a fair and balanced game. Just endless profits and squeezing as much as possible before the game dies. I loved this game and wanted more for it, there were some good changes like removal of stealth firing/Detection in smoke when firing. However, the game is so skewed with all the negatives things: CV rework (I performed better with RTS than post rework). It has to do with partly of the fact I enjoyed RTS much more (which I obviously put in more effort) than post rework that was boring as hell. WG could've easily balanced RTS CVs with amount of suggestions that were put out: Changes to AA interactions/DPS changes and so on. Certain CA/DDs had roles to play to cover the fleet as their AA and/or Def AA consumable were actually useful as a check against CVs. Right, now especially in High tier games, Rework CVs aggressively spot ships whilst dealing significant damage to them in the process. Rocket planes + Regenerating planes + heavily weakened AA( Reduction of AA ranges and Constant DPS) meant that CA/DDs with a lower HP pool compared to BBs can't really deal effective impact on a CV's performance compared to RTS CVs. Since most of the dmg that AA deals are from Flak explosions as opposed to Constant DPS, CV players with a brain can exploit the predictable feature of how flak explosions are formed and take little dmg to pull off strikes in succession. CAs are vulnerable since they have been power crept so hard: New BBs that overmatch CA armour , Dedicated cruisers that are meant to be a threat to planes (DM, Wooster, Altlanta etc.) are quite ineffective at their roles which also leads to their survivability being lowered as they be spotted more constantly by planes making them a more juicy target by BBs. DDs are the hardest to master but has the most game impact of all surface ships. (CVs are easier to play with a roughly if not more amount of influence). As they are required to spot for the team whilst contesting objectives, A single mistake will usually leave a DD next to useless with not enough HP to control objectives or end up dead. As a DD player with a small HP pool (usually without heals), you need to know much more than the regular player unlike BBs (just shooty shooty bang bang will suffice): - Lowest concealment ranges of all ships - Radar ranges and duration of enemy ships - rough Torpedo CDs of ships - smoke duration of different ships To sum it up, knowledge of all ships in the tier range are needed to play a DD effectively, which most average players don't take into account which means they usually end up dying or playing DDs that can torp at long range away from objectives. And since the game is catering for BB slugfests and Dmg numbers give more exp than anything else, naturally average players that would want to have better results would move to a sufficiently easier class rather than playing CA/DDs for "teamplay and objectives"
  2. TeaCupYuri

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Kek
  3. TeaCupYuri

    General CV related discussions.

    You meant Discussions that WG won't read? CV discussions and plenty of innovative ideas has been said over the years. But WG doesn't care, carries on with their own "innovative ideas" and misguided stats. As long as idiots pay for unbalanced stuff, WG doesn't care at all. Money machine goes Brrrrrrr.
  4. TeaCupYuri

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    CBs? What's that. Never heard of it.
  5. TeaCupYuri

    Best EU random solo player

    Well, WG wants to cater to the average to potato player and ignore quality players' feedback. Not much of a surprise that many people barely play or already quit. I mean, I play from time to time with Meme stuff since everything else including CBs are not already decimated by WG and REEEEwork CVs.
  6. TeaCupYuri

    General CV related discussions.

    Well if you compare to most other ships' weak AA. then yeah. It isn't that weak. Facepalm* Even if you aren't on an island, the CV will still chunk your HP with AP DBs regardless since 1 strike can always go through. So your point is moot. Any semblance of balance and reason was thrown out the window when they decide to put in the REEEwork before it was even remotely balanced. There is no hard counter to CVs besides the CV player himself. No CV to CV interaction. Just a nice damage race and near infinite planes. Since it's impossible to ever run out of planes. At least with RTS CVs(which will never comeback because WG), there was CV to CV interaction and counters to planes (actual AA and Def AA was useful). Alot of the mechanics could be tweaked in that system to create balance. i.e AA ramp up/ramp down to prevent spotting abuse. Since RTS planes are a finite resource akin to HP on surface ships. This can be used for balancing as well. REEwork mechanics can never be balanced since, Buffing one side will always result in a massive nerf to the opposite side. Unless they decide to add new mechanics that is. Many top RTS CV players given many useful suggestions to balance CVs. But WG decided to just ignore them until they decided to put in the Rework because they know better, and it's easier for their dumb players.
  7. TeaCupYuri

    General CV related discussions.

    You forgot AA was stronger, and Def AA was actually useful with panic effect. While certain ships were no fly zones.
  8. TeaCup you beautiful man long time no see :)

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      Thx bud when i feel like i'm back to being decent enough will give u a shout to div up :)

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  9. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hm if he sent one bomber, you can easily shrug it off. Not sure what you're on about. AA was actually still useful without Def AA during RTS. If you got baited, it';s your fault.
  10. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    ???????? Def AA????? what are you smoking?
  11. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    Because Mechanics were different back in RTS. Bad Plays by surface were punished heavily to the point of death most of the time. Most of the time, CVs actually goes for kills since it reduces the amount of AA floating about. Because limited planes is a thing. - Flooding was different for one Rework is a near constant stream of attacks regardless if the surface player plays bad or good. With recoverable plane mechanics.
  12. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes, this can be true in some cases. Most of Devs develop the games, actually don't play the game. That's why you see other games take into account feedback and suggestion from Top End Players with regards to balancing. Because they like and play the game alot and understand the mechanics in and out. That's why they are top end players and they can see what is bad for the longevity of the game. Having no meaningful counterplay is so bad for the game. It's like with BBs >CAs> DDs. It's not a solid rule since your skills and actions can result a DD killing a CA or a CA killing a BB etc. CV > DD/CA/BB has literally no counterplay atm. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be case for WoWs and WG hence we are in this crap.
  13. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    You do realize there are more balancing factors to potential than just Max damage right?
  14. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    PLease delete this post
  15. TeaCupYuri

    CV Rework Discussion

    If Rework CVs know what they are doing with rocket planes, yeah, maybe the 1st strike will do a little dmg. The next strike however will hurt. The main issue here, it's not the your skill thats affecting the outcome. It's the CV. You might have some influence , but it's so minimal.