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  1. TeaCupYuri

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    I meant, I got the email before the 1st wave of invites were sent.
  2. TeaCupYuri

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    Well, got the email. No luck though, what priority? :>
  3. TeaCupYuri

    Some CV gameplay tip pls?

    Git Gud :> If you have the time and patience, go watch Fara's videos on CVs.
  4. TeaCupYuri

    Anyone else sick of IJN DD getting Nerfed

    But comrade, potential to devastate any ships in a BB every 30 secs is not OP compared to devastating ships with torps which happens less frequently. Clearly these overconfident DDs need a nerf.
  5. TeaCupYuri

    What's your winning tactic in Ranked?

    Lemming Train. Kappa.
  6. TeaCupYuri

    A-poi-calypse Now II: the death of torpedo boats

    If you bothered to read. 3% of T10 Games have consists of CVs present in the match. Not 3% of T10 ships played. Holy crap this selective reading.
  7. TeaCupYuri

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    Dear Sir, it seems you wish to purchase the OMNI HAX Package. Would like to place an order?
  8. TeaCupYuri

    Kaga is in the premium shop

    Can I pad my stats more? And yes, Kaga is broken as hell and fun to play.
  9. TeaCupYuri

    King of the Sea Feedback: Frequency

    Well, let us venture back to the previous tournament prizes for KoTs: Winter King: Graf Spree + FTW camos + King of Sea Flag + Restless fire flag KoTS Jan: 10 random basic containers ( Lol I can just play 4 days and get these) + FTW camos + King of Sea Flag KoTS Feb: 50 of each Combat flags + FTW camos + King of Sea Flag As you can see, the prizes are getting progressively worse and they are using alternative items to substitute "Prizes worth XXXX doubloons" instead of handing out doubloon equivalent prizes. Giving out doubloons allows the players to spend it on things they wish for or to save up for a certain ship perhaps which would be a better prize alternative.
  10. TeaCupYuri

    DD limit please

    Remove High tier CV limit!!!
  11. TeaCupYuri

    Over powered

    Probably just you.
  12. TeaCupYuri

    Interesting interview with Ev1n on NA

    Lol, you have no idea how you quickly lose your planes when I told you before when ships huddle together and combine their making nigh impossible to attack without heavy losses with negligible gains. If CVs are so OP as you've described, please go and try a high tier CV with a team full of AA CAs/BB. Because currently, you are having a warped vision of the current meta in your limited view. Like Fnord _ Disc has stated, carriers tend to surivive the longest thus able to do more damage in statistics. avenger121, on 31 August 2016 - 03:59 PM, said: You dont get the point, it was about BB AA that is supposed to be OP according to our fellow CV apologists. Hak dropping a nearly pristine Montana, looses 2 fom 12 TB. Clearly BB AA is OP and CVs unplayable. Here we go, that BB had damaged modules and (i failed to mention this before) probably not spec'd for AA. Even so, one video showing your point of view is not the be all end all. Such confirmation bias is pretty nonsensical.
  13. TeaCupYuri

    Interesting interview with Ev1n on NA

    Ok, whatever, I already asked you before which survivability you were referring to. But hey, you didn't reply to it and cherry picked part of my post for your leisure. If you can't refute all the points which sum up an argument, you shouldn't be talking about these things.
  14. TeaCupYuri

    Interesting interview with Ev1n on NA

    Please, his hull doesn't have to be fully black to lose his AA mounts. Those stats do not show it's the best scout, best mobility , highest surivivabilty? Where are you pulling those from?