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  1. Any lawyers here who are willing to help us sue AAO for copyright infringement?
  2. Ictogan

    Sims is in the premium shop

    Sims is my #1 favourite boat in the game. Awesome smoke and great guns(at short-ish ranges) make for an awesome BB farming experience. Her maneuverability is simply amazing and she is the fastest USN DD in the game. Torps(using 9.2km) don't do much damage and are slow, but reload very quickly and are good enough to seriously hurt DDs or cause flooding on BBs that you are farming with fires. The great maneuverability combined with pure gun DPM also make her very good at knife fighting other DDs. And of course there's the lovely XP modifier to top it off. Oh and you also get def AA to remove the threat from those annoying planes.
  3. Ictogan


    Then why aren't you just ignoring his post?
  4. Ictogan

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    I don't really mind these being sold, after all WG wants to make money. Just because it's a collab doesn't mean it has to be free stuff.
  5. Well, it is more enjoyable to play a ship if you don't have to press the mouse button every 20s even outside of combat to get a stealth bonus, so they're strictly not wrong about it.
  6. Ictogan

    Alabama is garbage

    Alabama, NC, Iowa and Montana all fire the same shells, but the guns on 'Bama and NC are 45 calibers long whereas the guns on Iowa and Monty are 50 calibers long.
  7. Ictogan

    SF nerf: USN DDs, why play them? How?

    Keeping my smoke for my team in randoms means that most likely it won't be used well because of the quality of average random players. Smoking myself means I can do a lot of extra damage and contest caps better. I'd like to claim that my winrates in USN DDs are evidence that I do indeed help my team significantly with that.
  8. Ictogan

    April Fools Division Bug

    214% bonus + 100% regular XP = 314% XP. WG never claimed to give a 314% bonus.
  9. Ictogan

    SF nerf: USN DDs, why play them? How?

    I still don't get why people ever used open sea stealth firing with USN DDs. You have that great smoke from which you can spam all day and you'll hit a lot more than with stealth fire.
  10. Ictogan

    Should divs be banned/removed from Random?

    So you want to remove the ability to play with friends from a multiplayer game.
  11. Ictogan

    T10 Premium..?

    Aren't there enough people in higher tier matches already?
  12. Ictogan

    T10 Premium..?

    Username checks out. But honestly I hope that there will never be a t10 premium. If you want one, you can buy a premium camo for a t10 though. You'll get the credits and XP you'd expect from a premium. Only thing that a t10 with premium camo can't do that premium ships can is train commanders from other ships, but once you have a 19 point captain on your t10 you can do it indirectly through elite captain XP.
  13. Ictogan

    Quick poll about Stealth Firing

    I don't care a lot about the removal. I rarely do it on purpose(pretty much only in the Akizuki) but I also rarely get annoyed by enemies doing it. It's not as strong a thing as some people seem to think it is - most ships have pretty bad shell flight times at the ranges at which they can stealth fire, leading to really poor hit rates on any maneuvering ships.
  14. Ictogan

    Premium Japanese Carrier: Kaga

    Let's see... There is the König Albert, Nikolai, Texas, Gremmy, Murmansk, Kamikaze/Fujin, Anshan, Flint, Belfast, Saipan, Leningrad, Atago, MK and Missouri which are clearly better than their closest regular counterparts. But surely WG doesn't make premiums OP. And I do not think that premiums should be worse than regular ships, I merely think they shouldn't be stronger.
  15. Ictogan

    Premium Japanese Carrier: Kaga

    Nah, she's a premium, she will probably just be released in an OP state. I wish I was saying this as a joke.