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  1. Vaska358

    Regarding Public Test...

    Hello all I was just wondering about the public test: when you have to login to PT in-game it says: ''End user license agreement (EULA)''. If i accept to ending the agreement what will happen to my orgiginal account on the live version of the game? Will it get deleted, deactivated or something else? /Vaska358
  2. Vaska358

    Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    I have the same issue
  3. Vaska358

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Sadly I can't join because I'm under the age limit and )=
  4. Vaska358

    Russian Premium Shop Comapred to EU

    Hello DragonstrikerOrigin That's abit sad for me since I was really interested in the signal flags offers at the ru server. But since that isn't going to happen why complain about it?
  5. Hello I have noticed that the russian premium shop has some other offers than the EU server. I was wondering if you could purchase items (signal flags, premium time ect.) to be added to my EU account. Sincerely /Vaska358
  6. Vaska358

    Belfast concealment module

    Does the belfast still have the availability to equip the concealment module (the fifth modication) or has it been removed (so that you have the same amount of modifications as other tier sevens)?
  7. Vaska358

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Tråkigt att kiddos som jag inte kan vara med. Hepp
  8. Vaska358

    Atago Torps

    Hello, Since when did the atago torps get nerfed from 10 km to 8 km range?
  9. Vaska358

    Struggelin' in Ranked

    I have gone through the ranks 28 to 15 in one day, but now I have to continue unti lrank 1. But I cannot leave the ranks of 15 to 14, I always lose by ending up in bad teams or by getting bad RNG. Any tips on how to escape the 15-13 ranks?
  10. Vaska358

    ''Game'' Lag Issues

    So you have read the title, my game has lag issues. But it's not that I have bad ping, it's that ALL animations in the game (i.e. switching speed (1/2, full ecs), firering guns and more otherwise non-necessary game spacs) Anyone knows how to solve this problem? All the best, Vaska358 (also this ''game breaker'' has popped up just recently (today))
  11. Vaska358

    GNB - The End

    Hello! So GNB ended today, but where's the awards we completed? I don't see any 10x GNB camos in my exterior tab in port. Anyone else having this problem or have it not finished yet?
  12. Vaska358

    Fighters - Escort? Defend? CAP?

    Hello, IJN carrier player here. I have the balanced load out on my carriers to use the fighter (2 squads) to many adnavtages. 1. Escort friendly bombers (often just sacrificing them to allow my bombers to drop) 2. If the enemy Carrier is an US and has bomber load out I have my fighters near allied ships that aren't near a big fleet (i.e lonely BB) to protect for enemy bombers. 3. If there's nothing left to do scout the enemy (scout enemy DD in beginning of battle)
  13. Vaska358

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    Urrgh, they could atleast have thought this through and interviewed some gamer (i.e youtubers, beta-, alpha-, supertesters) for their advice on how to run and plan the event. Not just hoping that everything will go right as the time when you didn't study for an exam.
  14. Vaska358

    Ranked Battles

    So ranked battles are on-going now, but not for me. Anyone else having this problem? Btw why I know is because Notser just uploaded a vidoe today about it.
  15. Vaska358

    Grand Naval Battles Week 5

    alrighty then