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  1. VampireNeko

    [][MODEL] Turrets for ARP Kongo Class and ARP Myoko

    i re enabled soft particles from the oprions and my kongos glow again , not like before the patch but the glow again
  2. VampireNeko

    [][MODEL] Turrets for ARP Kongo Class and ARP Myoko

    yup but unfortunately the error was on a totally vanilla client .. reinstalled and it seems fine , no more crashes , but still no glow for the arp ships
  3. VampireNeko

    [][MODEL] Turrets for ARP Kongo Class and ARP Myoko

    Sob i liked the glowing turrets TwT , but Good job as always~ by the way im having the same problem , dont see any glow on my kongos too ! and sometimes, whenlighting conditions change i recive a rendering error... and a dump of 3gb attached to the error .. (for me this patch killed pretty much the game)
  4. thx for following me , yes i'm still working on it : ) but i have still to do some rework to fix some of the memory issue. I expect to post some results in the next few days
  5. VampireNeko

    Ship Rebalance

    the difference is not so big (3k damage difference on max damage doesn't justify a gap of 1.59km on the spot range) ... they have to hit to do damage... and 3.62km give to much reaction time
  6. VampireNeko

    Ship Rebalance

    For me the " Rebalance " It is another attempt to make the Japanese DD useless... cause there is no balance ! Gearing have : 16.5km range ,66 knot and ONLY 1.4km(2,03km maxed from skill+module) of detect on those torps .. Shimakaze have : 20km range , 62 knot and 2.5km(3.62km maxed from skill+module) of detect on the mod1 config ... so, the americans have better Main battery range, fire rate , better AA and NOW better TORPEDO !? put an higher value for the Gearing or lower a little the value for Shimakaze, only then we will have a Balance
  7. Tried a Clean install of wows and now the game is much smoother , but somtimes still had some crashes at the end of the game(at the score page), so i tried to roll-back my drivers back to and it's running pretty fine seems, for now, i dont need to do a rewrite , but im still working(on my free time) on a more recent and edited version of sweetFX
  8. i noticed recently(5.4.2) some crash(one every 8 games) on my machine too , the cause seems some new shader files from WOWS team. i have to do some testing and rewrite a custom shader to fix it probably(it's going to be a pain). but before i want to try a clean install of wows (my folder is from the old open beta launch and it's somting like 19gb .-. ) .
  9. thx for the feedback , so the problem is win 10 as always , have fun with your new graphic ! Have Fun xD
  10. yup , you are running out of graphics memory cause probably you have a Low/Medium performance grapich card , or mayabe you are using a custom skin for a ship and it's include a glow effect ? if you are using a custom skin try to go in res_mods and look for a folder named shaders , and delete the custom PBS_ship_camo_skinned.fx if present if the problem is the graphic card you have to manage better your graphic resources: - Disable Soft particles from game settings - Set a lower level of Post processing , Sky quality and Effects quality - if you are using Nvidia card, go to the CP and set the PhysX to work on the CPU (can help sometimes if you are using a good CPU) - try to NOT use a transparent theme for your windows while gaming - try to use a little more of Paging and use this guide if you dont know how : http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/simple-ways-to-increase-your-computers-performace-configuring-the-paging-file/ - Disable useless process while gaming -> easy mode : use programs like razer game booster try to launch again the game , if it give error again it's probably too much for your system
  11. VampireNeko

    Is there a Mod that can force Anti Aliasing ?

    Well from what i know there isn't but you can still do something from Nvidia cp: Activate from cp : FXAA , MFAA and triple buffering. those settings resolve most of the graphic imperfections.
  12. VampireNeko

    [MOD] [5.1+] Shimakaze Kantai Skin

    you're welcome , have fun~
  13. VampireNeko

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    very cute skin~ now go and sail your waifu xD
  14. pretty basic change the prefix(/it-it/) of the links from www.microsoft.com/it-it/download/ to www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/ example : DirectX End-User Runtime -> from: https://www.microsoft.com/it-it/download/details.aspx?id=35&SearchToggle=true to: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35&SearchToggle=true if the fix " Remove dxgi.dll and dxgi.fx " dont work try to post there the log file generated from the program , it's a simple tex file named log(example)