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  1. Dubble_Dutch

    Consumables under the same keys

    Can we please get an option in the in the setting where we can put the same consumables under the same keys, not that you have to look or thing every time you play a different ship or even worse press the wrong key in a reflex because the heath repair is now under the u key instead of the y or whatever, it is really annoying. Or just make any kind of order and in the setting you choose between having them always under the same key and if the consumable isn't on that ship that key is just blanc, nothing happens or how it is now. thank you. best regard, Dubble Dutch
  2. Dubble_Dutch

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Need I say more........
  3. Dubble_Dutch

    help pleaseee

    If you can't overwrite a command then it usual means that that key of mouse button is already used in an other command.
  4. Dubble_Dutch

    Other Changes

    I don't know if anyone did report this all ready but I couldn't find it but if you are playing a ship with torps and you go back from torp view to normal view, you are completely zoomed in, in stead of just restoring the normal view how you left it, what it always was. I don't know if it's a bug but please restore this as it was or make it an option in the setting. many thanks Johan
  5. Dubble_Dutch

    0.7.1 Controls Broken?

  6. Dubble_Dutch

    Update 0.6.10 Server Issues - Compensation

    Well, ships happens, let's hope it will be solved soon
  7. Dubble_Dutch

    Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    Is the server up? I still won't get in!!
  8. Dubble_Dutch

    Other Changes

    For what reason has WG desided that the spacebar is a HOTKEY????? I've set my artillery camera on the spacebar since the closed beta and I am very much used it by now!! please let me play the game as I like and used to!
  9. Dubble_Dutch


    Any read the today's Challenge? 23.02 - 23.03 In one battle, join the top 2 in your team by experience, Complete the combat mission in a RANKED battle, Completion Criteria TIER V ships. Well, it really is a CHALLENGE !!! Or do I miss something here????
  10. Dubble_Dutch

    Bug Reports

    Volume slider of the gun sounds in the audio settings screen is not working, even set on completely to the left, press apply, has the same volume as on the right side, annoyingly loud!
  11. Dubble_Dutch

    Gameplay Improvement

    I've had the same issue when playing the Scharnhorst, in the thick of thing you pressed 1 instead of 2. I've solved it to set the HE ammo under 4 and 1 is now also AP because if you are playing a dd or cl it isn't as bad of shooting one salvo with the wrong ammo then in a bb. And because I'm not playing cv I have no function for the 5 anyway ;)
  12. Dubble_Dutch

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    I have experienced an increase of lags, specially at the first five min. up to 300-500ms and also it happens more often that I don't get loaded into the game. And why the hard nerf on the isokaze and minekaze on the torp speed?? If I play the Kamikaze R I do a lot of damage just because too many player are keep sailing into strait lines!! plz restore torp speed to at least 63 knots!! There not fun to play anymore like this because there already a one trick pony!
  13. Dubble_Dutch


    Did that a couple of times but that didn't work for me either, and if I checked my internet speed there was nothing wrong.
  14. Dubble_Dutch


    I don't know what is going on with the servers or connection but I didn't had a single game that didn't have lags or started on time, that it happens sometimes, but now it is in every game something, it really start to be an annoyance Please get it fixed very very soon!
  15. Dubble_Dutch

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    I even managed with my Bogatyr HE 130mm to give a Danae 2 cittadels by plunching fire on the deck..... ?