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  1. Bybernd

    Public Test 0.10.7 - General Feedback

    I reached rank 1 and now I am stuck at 2/3 of the tier X uboat 750 points mission
  2. Bybernd

    WG Can you PLS map out all the shallow parts on the map?!

    Well I got stuck in my Bayern this week and the poor DD yoloing me got all its torps eaten.
  3. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    For me posting rababble you make quite the long posts with lots of smilies, adjectives and personal attacks.
  4. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    Ok to sum it up: If it doesn't affect anybody else wg should implement it, you just need to make a thread about it - if you find this *logic* questionable you "professionaly suc".
  5. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    I didn't estimate - you said it yourself and now again. We already had the "it doesn't affect you argument" you may continue there. If it's hollow and twisting you may easily debunk it.
  6. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    The connection was your justification for something particular, but I give you that you may have not known about the other thread.
  7. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    Well I saw today that there was also a thread about female captians quite a while ago, so now I would be interrested how this totally not political thing gets the priority.
  8. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    Can we apply this logic universally to terms - like to fedora wearers? Or is it only ok when one side does it?
  9. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    Why in particular? Do you know some demographic "needs" for this game?
  10. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    As far as I know people didn't go in the opposite direction to view homogeneous groups as problematic and sloganeered that "diversity is our strength", or at least it's a reoccurence.
  11. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    He wasn't an officer. He is known for staying with his ship as tourist guide.
  12. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    Sure the selfie-loader won't make them any money, but when they pander to the identitarians they can sell them jpegs and celebrate themselves each time they implement another "underepresented group".
  13. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    No, because you could justify many spend resources with that kind of logic. Because it was the woke crowd who politicized diversity, we already had sombody in this thread claiming how racist all the Russians are. And why are reactionaries the upset ones when by defenition they are only reacting to an issue? And we get another jab, now people are "insecure", well who are the ones complaining that captains don't look like their perfect self image?
  14. Bybernd

    Black captain shortage

    You guys keep imagining quite a lot about other people you derogate, please don't complain about the toxic community next time.
  15. Bybernd

    Torpedoes really are broken

    I have returned to the game this year from a very long pause and this is new, I can't remember that I had so many torpedos I carefully aimed hit the islands.