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  1. Bybernd

    If there were subs in the game

    Cheaters will love this.
  2. Bybernd

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    Just wanted to state this point: I like the way ranked is.
  3. Bybernd

    Some questions for the experts.

    No, planes don't stack up damage, their HP is just a chance to "evade" and aa damage rating is just a chance to "fataly hit". I heard you can shoot through water but I haven't had luck doing so.
  4. I use the -10 and +20 Flag(having hundrets) with (stocked) camouflage, no or one premium consumable and no premium and I am not losing money on the Zao.
  5. Bybernd

    Destined to fail

    Most likely they will just use the standard RNG library of their framework and that is good enough. People are too paranoid.
  6. Bybernd

    New Japanese Destroyers - a Sneak Peek

    If you don't like the "torpedo board game style" why are you happy destroying the whole line instead of playing another one?
  7. Bybernd

    New Japanese Destroyers - a Sneak Peek

    With so many torpedo shots in the yugumo-trailer you could have kept the line unchanged.
  8. Bybernd

    NERF German BB Armor !

    Maybe because they are the newest line released?
  9. Bybernd

    Fears about the IJN destroyer line rework

    First they screw me over for picking torpedo acceleration as skill and now they are touching my torpedo boats again?
  10. Bybernd

    Any tips about Tier 7+ IJN destroyers?

    No - I got it and then they nerfed the torpedo-ranges.
  11. Bybernd

    Secondary builds are nerfed tommorrow.

    Oh fanstastic, another nerf...
  12. Bybernd

    4th Ranked Season Starting on the 10.06.2016!

    I sold my Tier 7 CV
  13. Bybernd

    Bug Reports

    Shows the right data again.
  14. Bybernd

    Bug Reports

    All my diamond missions and diamonds have been reseted, about 2 days ago.
  15. Bybernd

    Poll - is 0.5.6 AA change legit

    I already avoided the USN BBs till they were the last around and now they are even stronger? Ok.