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  1. Gendomaoken

    Thank you, Wargaming

    Thank you for another wonderfull event, full of gambling boxes. Once again, after all the fat cash i have thrown at you during my whole game time(well above 1k euro total), i have pleasure to get bit fat [edited] from lootboxes, while i watch people all around(even in my clan) rubbing their luck in my face. Ive knows people that won 1, 2,4 ships from just latest black boxes. All i get is THREE. LITERALLY THREE camos, or AT BEST 5k FXP. The hell is this crap? Sorry for the rant, but at this point i am disheartened, and i need to vent it somewhere... I have supported this game heavily since the beggining of open beta. I have tons of premium ships, and about 25% TX ships all with premium camo. And at this point i feel heavily disheartened, watching players(very often free ones) all around get chain luck... Am i just stupid, feeding WG with my cash, to get nothing at all? Cause atm i do feel like a total donkey... Sorry for the rant, take care WoWs community.
  2. Gendomaoken

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah, and bullying people in CV should be considered cyberbullying
  3. Gendomaoken

    CV Rework Discussion

    I would like to personally attack whole CV players. People, who love to play god in matches, be everywhere, and kill everyone they can... Disgusting ship, and only vocal minority of players want to keep it. And io was replying, NO no keeping CV, no keeping this broken crap, that can be abused with impunity...
  4. Gendomaoken

    CV Rework Discussion

    Two minutes into the match, when we barely left the spawn??? Do you really have balls to defend broken ship class?
  5. Gendomaoken

    CV Rework Discussion

    I hope you lose your precious god-tier killer for good. I just got killed out of match with Harugumo, where Hakuryu immediatly started scouting whole map, and began to murder all DDs. I died within TWO MINUTES. CVs in current state dont deserve to exist... Oh, TX has plenty of AA? How about Balanced things like Saipan??? NO, CVs dont deserve to exist in current state...
  6. Gendomaoken

    I'm the BB that pushes. Not anymore. And I love it!

    Amen. Its best tactic: Just slug it out, thin enemy ranks, and than join the fight. You cannot count on the team, so theres no reason to go in. As both a BB, and Cruiser captain, i can also say, that theres no incentive for pushing, only swift death by a thousand citadels. Game doesnt reward being first one to push, and pity.
  7. Gendomaoken

    Friedrich der Grosse - What am I missing?

    Personally, when i was grinding FdG, i kept my secondary captain, and modded ship for main battery+reload exclusively. Fried is too fragile, to try to approach enemies in TX, and you have to be efficent at range for half of the match. Worked fine for me.
  8. Gendomaoken

    Player quality

    I agreed, people, that are still learning should not be picked upon. But, when tier 8+, AND ESPECIALLY TX, does amateur mistakes, indicating they have no clue on how the game works, and have not gotten any better thruout the whole grind. Thats what rustles my jimmies.
  9. Gendomaoken

    Comrade Stalin sends reinforecenents

    Wow, thats lots of dakka for T5. Would be trolly to have TX with 16 guns in 4x4 setup, 35 sec reload... damn, i should shut up, esle WG will hear this, and use it...
  10. Gendomaoken

    The players of this game

    The truth, mate, is that player level has dipped since the times of OBT... Even worst potatoes had time to die their way to TX. And now,aswell, we have an army of sniping Bismarcks, from the hunt missions... Worst players give worst advices, and often all the potatoes listen to them... Today, after evenening after-work session im getting pretty much fed with this game.
  11. Gendomaoken

    We are looking into ways to reduce the BB population

    Making penalties to play specific ships wont make people play them less. Other ships must be more fun to play. This is the sole reason most people stick to BBs: relatively easy, have range, are tanky, at higher tiers have cruiser-like speeds. FUN. (that, and ofc fame of the battleships) Something needs to be done either with BBs range, or with other ships' gameplay. And for gods sake, we dont need a new line of paper-armored,sniping cruisers, that can scoot fast from the battle(i am looking at you, french cruiser line).
  12. Gendomaoken

    Team (doesn't) work

    This is fantastic post! It really should get stickied, so it stays on top all the time, and people could join brainstorm. PS. Kudos for drawing skill. Comics are fun, and are a good portrayal of issues you speak about.
  13. Gendomaoken

    A plea to my fellow forumites

    CA/CL actual nicknames should be BBaby milk or citadel magnet. Who gives a damn that BB cries from fires, when he can citadel cruisers from outside of their gun range. In that manner only t9-10 bring any semblance of fairness, with cruisers not being BB food, and capable of shooting them back... DDs - yeah, it actually takes skill to predict, wether BB is a retard, and will sail straight into torps, or will he turn, alarmed by ANYTHING. It actually takes a brain. More than figuring that you need to turn, when theres probability of DD/CA/CL sending torps. On the side note, 75% of games in BBs? You barely played anything else, yet you complain about skilless game? And yes, if you want to have valid opinion, you need to have experience to back up your argument. Hurt feelings dont work as an argument from logical perspective.
  14. Gendomaoken

    IFHE on Bismarck: Yes or No?

    Looks solid, and same as mine, actually. Last point i invested into Preventive meintenance, stacks with secondary and AA protection modules, and saves main battery quite a bit. Solid choice for last point.
  15. Gendomaoken


    Nah, it wasnt increased, its just RNGeezus saying