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  1. Added preview mouse over to the recommended builds for easier viewing. Preview the Spec, you can then click the spec to load it into the calculator and either vote for it, or use the spec as a starting template.
  2. seems there was an issue with the new captain calculator displaying on Firefox, should be fixed now. Sry about that. Again, i know the top recommended build system is still primitive. But it was pumped out in a weekend so you all could have something to start with spec wise seeing many were asking for build advice. It will get better, been doing this almost 2 years now (1st Warships site), And after all this time, I am still improving. Got lots of plans I am excited about, The captain calculator is part of a bigger plan. The integration of Modules, Upgrades, Camos, Flags & Captain Builds into Ship Stats is what I really want next
  3. Yes, Total Captain Points is a factor in the save/vote. Plan to expand the optimal builds so you can filter by captain level
  4. Updated the Captain Skill Calculator over the weekend. Not only does it allow you to generate a Build URL for sharing via social media/forums, but now it also has a Recommend Builds by Ship based on community submitted specs to the site. If someone submits the same build for that exact ship, it will upvote the spec. If you load a recommended build, you can then also upvote it or modify that build as a starter. Right now the system is brand new so the top builds are limited. I am asking the community to help populate it by submitting their favorite builds by ship and also upvoting the good ones. This is just the start, wanted to get it out soon as possible as many in the community are looking for guidance on what builds they should use. http://ShipComrade.com/CaptCalc P.S. plan to add a mouse over on the builds & optimize some code (to speed it up) in the near future. Also plan to add these top builds on the individual ship pages in our ship trees.
  5. ShipComrade

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    Btw, there is also a build URL that you can share with others after you have set your skills. Just click on the build URL, it will load the save URL, then you can copy & paste the url from your browser address bar to share it, or save it as a browser favorite for later. Example: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/10000000001000000000010010001001
  6. ShipComrade

    Alabama ST API Ship Stats

    Added the ship stats for the Alabama ST. enjoy Stats Here ------------------------------------ Also added additional ships stats to our Ship Trees. Battle Tiers Upgrade Slot Count. Secondary Artillery Firing Range Total Gun Barrels Gun Name Shell Types Max Shell Damage Rate of Fire Reload time Shell Speed Shell Weight HE Burn Probability Survivability Torpedo Damage Reduction Flood Chance Artillery Reload Time Shell Weight Shell Speed Torpedoes Torpedo Visibility Range Aircraft Plane Tier Prep Time Gunner/Rear Gunner DPS Average Damage Bomb Weight This restructure will allow me to start integrating Modules, Upgrades, Captain Skills, Camo & Flags into the Ship Stats. Modules are pretty good, currently working on Upgrades. Should have it ready soon. Also added a mouseover on the ship modules.
  7. added IChase's promotion video to OP. Collection of them now (all fantastic)
  8. Updated main post with Keviseeb's Video.
  9. Lets not get too serious here all. This is more about fun then winning. If you read the stream details you will notice this isn't really about who is stomping who! Live Stream Details A Fun (non-serious) live stream with Wargaming CC's playing matches together along with Wargaming staff from both NA & EU. Again, this is a just for fun event and is more about having some laughs with our NA counterparts & introducing NA viewers to EU CC's & EU viewers to NA CC's
  10. Gotta love IEarlGreys' response video to NoZoupForYou. Lmao
  11. NA vs EU Warships Community Contributor Battle "Battle of the Atlantic" October 8th 2016 (10:30 AM PST | 1:30PM EST | 7:30PM CEST) to (1:30 PM PST | 4:30PM EST | 10:30PM CEST) Twitch.tv/Wargaming EU Team NA Team MrConway (Team Captain) Mighty Jingles PointyHairedJedi Strefs IEarlGrey Crysantos Flamu Deserte Aerroon Strangers123 Izolate ClydeThaMonkey LadyTorpida Aetam ​Ph3lan (WG staff) *tentative Quemapueblos (Team Captain) IChase NoZoupForYou Notser Mejash TitiuBlack LittleWhiteMouse ShipComrade Slai47 (android app) Lert Keviseeb CookieTheGrill WastingSomeTime Trevzor (WG staff) NikoPower (WG staff) *tentative Live Stream Details A Fun (non-serious) live stream with Wargaming CC's playing matches together along with Wargaming staff from both NA & EU. Again, this is a just for fun event and is more about having some laughs with our EU counterparts & introducing EU viewers to NA CC's & NA viewers to EU CC's Stream Match Schedule Round 1 12 vs 12 Mikasa Round 6 12 vs 12 Yamato Round 2 12 vs 12 Shimakaze (torps only on ocean) Round 7 12 vs 12 Flint Round 3 12 vs 12 Leningrad Round 8 Normal Battle Tier 6 Round 4 12 vs 12 Bismarck (secondaries only) Round 9 Normal Battle Tier 8 Round 5 12 vs 12 Fujin (close to halloween) Round 10 Normal Battle Tier 10 Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Let's see if we can break Twitch Other Videos promoting the event. (will keep updating with more videos through out the week) The Mighty Jingles @25:25 seconds
  12. ShipComrade

    I spy in the Warships API: Prinz Eugen

    I can see this info being released prior to us releasing it. The thing is that ShipComrade is a EU & NA Wargaming contributor. We do not data mine the test client or leak stats as it would wreck our relationship with Wargaming. This information was released last night via Wargaming's Developer API. This is why we are just releasing it now. These other sites might be releasing before us, but i can assure you, Wargaming will not work with them. They despise people that leak.
  13. ShipComrade

    API Stats German BB's & French BB (0.5.9)

    That makes sense...but, Wargaming API "Fire Control Module Data" did not change dispersion, only range last time I checked. Same applies to hull modules, only increases health & AA gun count. Can only display what they give me. Will double check it later to make sure it didn't change.
  14. ShipComrade

    API Stats German BB's & French BB (0.5.9)

    Yea, had to change slightly so we could get it out. Database did not like that ß or ü at all. Will look at fixing it, but for now
  15. ShipComrade

    API Stats German BB's & French BB (0.5.9)

    Stats for the entire German BB Line & the Dunkerque (tier 6 French BB) stats were released via Wargaming's API yesterday. Enjoy!