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  1. Joined @Just_Cheg and @Seraphice during the birthday stream (15.9.) for a spin on the new operations got named and shamed on stream ( ... just kidding ) and all i got was this plushy torpedo
  2. Cpt_Andre

    I have expendable camos i can not sell.

    we all have....
  3. try to turn on "post-processing" (and something like "addional lighting sources" from "off" to "low") not 100% sure and currently not on PC, but i had simlear lightning problems with the night map in the new operations. It seems that the light sources of these maps are not defined global/constant but are defined dynamic-wise and this dynamic can be turned off in the settings
  4. Do you play/start the game or do you only visit armoury.wows.eu? I received on both accounts the coupon with an in_port_message.
  5. Cpt_Andre

    First steps of a great idea

    worked like a charm
  6. Cpt_Andre

    First steps of a great idea

    Just bed 2 of my 2,3 premium days on that flag. Will revoke my bed on saturday evenig/sunday morning and get 2 days of premium i can use on Sunday and Monday (German Unity Day)
  7. Es werden ja nur insgesamt jeweils 500 Superschiffe über die Auktion verteilt, natürlich gibt es die später ganz regulär.
  8. Cpt_Andre

    Suiciding by someone own's weaponry, how is it possible?

    0 games played in CV, how to you know?
  9. Cpt_Andre

    more fun in game

    Use a battleship, reverse, angle and shoot every 30 seconds, guess what you can do within these 30 seconds with both hands ^^
  10. Cpt_Andre

    Difference in damage scoring "live" and post-battle

    First i thought i has something to do with damage of time (fire, flooding) and the information process between server and client and/or live-server and replay, but you haven't done damage over time... Strange... Interesting find.
  11. Cpt_Andre

    how to play smolensk?

    1) At the beginning of the shot a salvo at max range to show the red team where you have spawned. They will leave their opposing map area after they spot you. Be prepare of incoming fire but enjoy free cap and free flank. 2) Use smoke mostly to bait torps. Islands are your friend, smoke is torpedo magnet 3) press [+] to maximize your minimap. Line of sight is very important. good hunt
  12. Brawl T8 Edinburgh eating AP in smoke: on one side:, but how does he (6400 battles, WR 48% , 50% BB, average tier 8,3) never experienced this before...
  13. Zur Not die Seiten extern im Browers öffnen; https://armory.worldofwarships.eu https://dockyard.worldofwarships.eu/en/ https://warehouse.worldofwarships.eu/ https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/
  14. Cpt_Andre

    Unternehmen Narai und so...

    Er kam nicht zu spät zum Ausgang, 80% des Teams haben sich vorher weggeschmissen (inkl. mir), so dass nur noch du (D7P), ein Schlachtschiff auf Sightseeing-Tour und der Träger, der das ganze Spiel von dir durchbeleidigt wurde und sich hinter einer Insel versteckte, übrig waren. Als dann alle Supportschiffe abgesoffen waren haben die Bots dann den Raptor aufs Korn genommen. Und wenn du schon 800%-Booster in Ops verballerst, dann lass den "Druck" nicht an deinen Mitspielern aus, indem du schon ab Matchbeginn wild die Map pingst, F11 spammst auf Schiffe die sich Breitseiten fangen und den Chat vollspammst mit Beleidigungen im Hauptgeschützintervall... Bei solchen Mitspielern vergisst man plötzlich die Reparatur zuziehen und sich hoch zuheilen...