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  1. GaCommanderGice

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    Hi guys, I would like to join the lottery as well :) All have a great Christmas! Greetz, GaCommanderGice
  2. Friendly fire was disabled, because alot of players would kill off friendly subs (because of reasons).
  3. GaCommanderGice

    Stop crying about subs

  4. GaCommanderGice

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Witnessing the shortest threadname in all of the history of Leo is a joy to read tbf :) Most of the time you can read a whole story already :)
  5. GaCommanderGice

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    ******* Subs!! Sorry gonna lose my temper about this sh**fest WG is rammin though my throat..
  6. GaCommanderGice

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    I'll just stopped playing modes with subs in, not much left though. Being in a clan with nice people is the only thing that makes me stay really..
  7. GaCommanderGice

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Sad to see how the state of the game is, Ranked no fun, Randoms will be with Subs and cb's i didn't enjoyed also. Time to move on.. Think this is the final straw.
  8. GaCommanderGice

    New Code

  9. GaCommanderGice

    What's the currency quiz?

    Hi guys, I wonder how hard it is to get the currency right. Seems WG isn't even bothering to get this correct..
  10. GaCommanderGice

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Still free stuff, as a Dutchie i like free stuff
  11. GaCommanderGice

    PSA. Its official. The torpedo bug hasn't been fixed.

    Wg ofc first needs more data..
  12. GaCommanderGice

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

    Hmm not that amazed actually, Coop, Ranked and cb's not really fun anymore and now this.. First time i don't obtain a Dockyard ship, because of not getting dubloons anymore and the overall state of the game, which is not heading into a bright future. Obtaining Missi or Belfast, yeah right.. I'm done spending money and time into this moneygrabbing company
  13. GaCommanderGice


    Yeah, Cb's not fun without double cv, Ranked with sub's, not touching that mode and Coop isn't fun. Randoms with divisions is ok, but pretty sad where it's going overall. Will be focusing on other things i guess.
  14. GaCommanderGice

    Down Periscope

    <--- This must be the iq of developers implementing these subs right. As much iq as a goldfish?