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  1. GaCommanderGice

    PSA. Its official. The torpedo bug hasn't been fixed.

    Wg ofc first needs more data..
  2. GaCommanderGice

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

    Hmm not that amazed actually, Coop, Ranked and cb's not really fun anymore and now this.. First time i don't obtain a Dockyard ship, because of not getting dubloons anymore and the overall state of the game, which is not heading into a bright future. Obtaining Missi or Belfast, yeah right.. I'm done spending money and time into this moneygrabbing company
  3. GaCommanderGice


    Yeah, Cb's not fun without double cv, Ranked with sub's, not touching that mode and Coop isn't fun. Randoms with divisions is ok, but pretty sad where it's going overall. Will be focusing on other things i guess.
  4. GaCommanderGice

    Down Periscope

    <--- This must be the iq of developers implementing these subs right. As much iq as a goldfish?
  5. GaCommanderGice

    Auto-navigation of CV for the mentally retarded

    Hmm, thinking of raging about cv's no other way then making two posts about it.. Ah totally missed 'the General Related Cv Discussions", which is first on the page..
  6. GaCommanderGice

    Heads up people!!!

    Wg: were sorry, but you can buy the Missi for 100 euro.. Yeah, no.
  7. GaCommanderGice

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Let's make another one, missed this may i ask? LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program
  8. GaCommanderGice

    WOWS reddit hitting 100k users

    Tbf, i'm addicted to this game and already thought about buying dubloons.. Last half year was really hard and it seems i have some Wows rehab problems.
  9. GaCommanderGice

    WOWS reddit hitting 100k users

  10. GaCommanderGice

    I am done with submarines stalling the game in co-op.

    At one point i had that same solution. Getting bored to hunt them down, saw we had enough human players and headed back to port after only three subs were left. I can fill my time with other things then waiting at subs to surface..
  11. Which reaction? Meanwhile EU is investigating money laundering by WG ;)
  12. GaCommanderGice

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    I rather sell one Bitcoin then ever giving money again to this company! Currently in the denial phase, but enough is enough!
  13. GaCommanderGice

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    After this shitshow i can't only do one thing and that's throw up a bit in my mouth.. Alot of the CC's actually need the stuff the can give away in their streams and now alot of CC's leave, but some can't because their stream depends on it. Met alot of wonderfull streamers as i met players in this game and to see this game dying so fast now really hurts me.. I'm really upset and hope there is a middle way in the end, but think this is just a dying game though..
  14. GaCommanderGice

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    If it continues to go like this i'll think the flow in of money will stop by either gamers or Development which will take us to a nasty point.. Seen this by more online games in the past Pull the plug game stops existing Stopped at around 6 months ago to pump money in this sinkhole (normally 100 euro every 3 months). It's quite sad though