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  1. GaCommanderGice

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Mino, if not citadelled to death in one shot, most fun ship in this game. Gk next and then and then and then etc ;)
  2. GaCommanderGice

    Server Problems

    +1 :) Kutusov is also fine ;)
  3. GaCommanderGice

    Discord/World of Warships crash?

    Server crashed it seems, see topic above yours ;)
  4. GaCommanderGice

    Server Problems

    Same here, no connection?
  5. GaCommanderGice

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  6. GaCommanderGice

    EU server down?

    I'm in game again! Played before the server got down a battle and just logged in at last and got two supercontainer!! One with 14 days prem time and 25 Wyvern flags. I'm content with this, must be a compensation. Getting two supercontainers after another is too much luck. Gj getting the server back up WG! Greetz and hf.
  7. Sounds real nice this call voor new clanmembers, too bad i'm too busy irl to play more professional. (Klinkt goed allemaal, jammer dat ik te druk ben irl anders had ik graag profesioneler gaan spelen). Hope too encounter you guys at the battlefield. Best regards Gijs aka GaCommanderGice ;).
  8. GaCommanderGice

    EU server down?

    Hmm, so server is down.. How do i suppose to get this weeks last mission of The Royal Navy done if there's no server? Will everything gets a day more so i'll can get the last Guinea? Or is the extra missing one for sale in the shop....
  9. GaCommanderGice

    BONUS CODES info

    Thanks gents, even while mabye worthless appreciated :).
  10. GaCommanderGice

    Server Down

    Server down :(
  11. GaCommanderGice

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    Yes we can keep the british ships, you earned them in missions. Forum is slow, coudn't react faster :)
  12. GaCommanderGice

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    Those are the ships for the missions which ran last weeks. Got them also :)
  13. GaCommanderGice

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    Server overloaded. Try to enter battle later or select another battle type..
  14. GaCommanderGice

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide for 0.6.0

    Awesome 79 ships waiting for new skills jc..
  15. GaCommanderGice

    Disable the chat plz via settings

    Mabye hold rmb for free look? Besides sometimes looking in the chat will be good for tactical purposes? Gl and hf