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  1. GaCommanderGice

    FPS drops

    Encountered the same issue after the last update. Game freezes and after increasing fps rates it just decreasing too almost no fps then it threw me out even while playing Coop :( (Randoms same issues). Must say it happends alot after new updates and when fixed mostly a day or two later it's running smoothy again. Same rig and nternetconnection and in my opinion my internet isn't the problem here in the Netherlands. Mostly i'll try three or four games, but with the continous lags, freezes and getting thrown out a few times it's time to move on to another game sadly. Ps: Like some say when many things happend at the same time it tends to happen.
  2. GaCommanderGice

    [REQUEST] Signal Flag presets & instant-dismount

    Have to reply to this, incedible it's still not in the game. Getting annoyed by swichting every time 8 flags on/off the ship. I realize WG wonts to burn us flags every game, but since i got hunderds of em it would be nice to have them place on the right ships in a mouseclick on a bb, ca or a dd (don't play cv's). Since ages i have to put flags on those kind of ships and it cost me too much time. Hope this is getting some attention soon, because it's getting annoying sometimes. Greetig GCG :)
  3. Indeed, if your looking for fun and bonusses while playing join :). The more people in our clan the more fun. Greetings GCG :)
  4. GaCommanderGice

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Perma spotted one and a half minute in game, almost zero planes killed by both teams, yet they keep coming and Stealth torps killing me fast. If a cv targets a dd he's dead in minutes so dd's are no fun, bb's are easy targets and good cv players are invincible at the moment. First time it crossed my mind to not only not to open my wallet anymore, but even to uninstall or only just play cvless gamemodes :( Loved this game since it crossed my path, but fun (for me, because i can imagine cv players like this update) is rapidly decreasing last days. O well only pixels so mabye it's time to get another hobby that don't gets ruined by the incredible nerf/buff bs updates like this "cv rework"..
  5. GaCommanderGice

    Servers Down?

    Seems im in again, wondering for how long this time though :)
  6. GaCommanderGice

    Servers Down?

    Goodday all, So yesterday the server was difficult too get in then after two hours it went off again. Just now i got trown off again.. What's up with those servers. I can understand that there is mabye a fix or little update, but trying to get the missions/campaign done is getting almost impossible like this :( Hope it gets resolved soon. Greetings GCG
  7. GaCommanderGice

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Mino, if not citadelled to death in one shot, most fun ship in this game. Gk next and then and then and then etc ;)
  8. GaCommanderGice

    Server Problems

    +1 :) Kutusov is also fine ;)
  9. GaCommanderGice

    Discord/World of Warships crash?

    Server crashed it seems, see topic above yours ;)
  10. GaCommanderGice

    Server Problems

    Same here, no connection?
  11. GaCommanderGice

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  12. GaCommanderGice

    EU server down?

    I'm in game again! Played before the server got down a battle and just logged in at last and got two supercontainer!! One with 14 days prem time and 25 Wyvern flags. I'm content with this, must be a compensation. Getting two supercontainers after another is too much luck. Gj getting the server back up WG! Greetz and hf.
  13. Sounds real nice this call voor new clanmembers, too bad i'm too busy irl to play more professional. (Klinkt goed allemaal, jammer dat ik te druk ben irl anders had ik graag profesioneler gaan spelen). Hope too encounter you guys at the battlefield. Best regards Gijs aka GaCommanderGice ;).
  14. GaCommanderGice

    EU server down?

    Hmm, so server is down.. How do i suppose to get this weeks last mission of The Royal Navy done if there's no server? Will everything gets a day more so i'll can get the last Guinea? Or is the extra missing one for sale in the shop....
  15. GaCommanderGice

    BONUS CODES info

    Thanks gents, even while mabye worthless appreciated :).