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  1. LucasTheOne

    Service is currently unavailable

    Thank you! :)
  2. LucasTheOne

    Service is currently unavailable

    Hi! Client stopped and this is all i see when i launch it again. What's going on?
  3. LucasTheOne

    Ranked and Team Battles

    Hi! Just a question....why can't we have ranked or team battles more often? Why we have only random (unplayable) battle, where each stategy is useless and there are bots in almost every game?
  4. LucasTheOne

    Khabar fire range nerved WTH?

    That is a nonsense thing discussed a lot in the past, but still is an issue and nonsense, even if Khaba is strong enough to carry on
  5. LucasTheOne

    HUD lost during battle

    I did not press CTRL+G but my HUD started flashing during the battle, it end when battle was over.
  6. It happened to me. After battle i was completely sure mission was over, but didn't. I tried again but it doesn't work. Impossible to complete that task,
  7. LucasTheOne

    10 things I've learned playing WOWS

    Totally agree!
  8. LucasTheOne

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Christmas Convoy mission missing is really outrageous and a really shame. Too many things are not good now ( i will not mention here), this is the last drop, WG probably doesn't care about my complains but really things like this, completely disrespectful, bring me to say goodbye to WoWs.
  9. LucasTheOne

    Epicenter mode

    Love it!
  10. LucasTheOne

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    I voted no, i like bastion mode. What i don't like are areas to cap, too much similar to domination mode and so strategy is similar too. I would like a different placement of areas to cap and increased damage caused by bastion.
  11. LucasTheOne

    Popping smoke

    I can confirm, it happens to me very frequently, many times i loose a lot of hitpoints because of this delay.
  12. LucasTheOne

    Supercontainer, a dream

    Well, thank you all for the replies, i see it's not only a problem for me and it's not fair, but it is a choice by WG so we have to deal with that. However i tried even to choose more credits and i got 50k credits...start thinking that TYL is best choice by far because flags are more useful than 50k credits. Good game
  13. LucasTheOne

    Supercontainer, a dream

    Hello! Opening the last 26 containers, i've never got supercontainer, try your luck they say...Do they still exist?
  14. LucasTheOne

    Unbelievable (teamkilling agony)

    Hi everyone! I got teamkiller status with my Gearing while i was inside MY smoke and friendly dd, who was 85 total hitpoints left decided to enter MY smoke and HIT me. That's really unbelievable and unacceptable. WG, please, let your developers use better their brains and fix this absurdity. Have fun
  15. LucasTheOne

    Are you having fun in Ranked ?

    I got rank 5 then i tried to play but for my actual rank i had only 2 games in 1 hour...1 lost and 1 win...how should i get rank 4 with only 2 match for hour?? I think i'll not do ranked in the next season.