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  1. Sub_Eleven

    So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    I really hope there are gonna be a fleet of belfasts ruining ranked tier 7 forever.
  2. Sub_Eleven

    What premium should I buy ?

    Meh. If you feel investing with the game in its current state is a brilliant idea, go right ahead with shiny horse.
  3. Sub_Eleven


    Eh? Is he SBF on another account? o.O
  4. Sub_Eleven

    What has happened to this game?

    Yeah pretty much, great change huh? And they wonder why their playerbase keeps uninstalling, geez talk about daft
  5. Sub_Eleven

    Even WG contradict with themselves..

    What do you mean by "even" in the title? Shouldn't that be more in line with worlds like especially, mainly or obviously?
  6. Sub_Eleven

    I have a (AA) dream!

    Kutuzov should be still pretty good at swatting planes down. IFHE is also a good skill for her, but if you share the MK captain with some russian destroyers (Leningrad for example) you want to keep AFT anyway. Same as aboom I kept my AA build on the Cleveland (apart from the DM the only USN cruiser with good AA so I'm damn well gonna use it -.-), just to make CV's lives misserable.
  7. Sub_Eleven

    CVs are bad for WoWs

    No YOU are bad for wows. I'd much rather have a healthy cv pool in the game then the fluffin battleboat investation they have going on for far to long now -.-
  8. Why are unicorns not on the top of your list??? <3 <3 <3
  9. I don't think it really matters use the skill or not, the outcome will be the same. If many people use it, wargaming will just claim that it's a popular skill and that the playerbase actually wants or enjoys it. If not many people use it, it's gonna be the skill is fine because not everyone uses it. And that's with ignoring their souper sekrit data documents who are magically always right, yet unavailable to the public. Players have been shafted and / or lied too to many times for me to believe a single word the devs say.
  10. I believe it was an announcement or maybe even in the patch notes. Do some digging and smack support around with that. Like most people I've shuffled most of my captains around prior to the patch, and all were retrained for free, just like wargaming promised.
  11. Sub_Eleven

    the baltimore sucks

    See, that's your opinion. It is likely that you are one of the above average players in this particular ship. But like I said, for every good player there is a below average one. That's the beauty about statistics, it doesn't discriminate, it takes all players into account, not just yours. Seeing the results from all players I'm not sure how you are able to stick your head in the sand? Some of the figures in the video are almost 50% lower then the top scoring ship (whereas the top 3 were only apart by a very, very small margin). That's quite a lot in my opinion. For example, if you almost get outdamaged by a tier 7 ship (!!!), something seems to be off, I don't care how you try to spin that.
  12. Sub_Eleven

    the baltimore sucks

    For every unicum player there is a below average player. Some people just might be better at playing certain classes or ships then others. Some people might have opinion X as opposed to Y. Gather all those together and you have statistics. Statistics paint a telling picture. Some food for thought: (skip to about 8:30 for the Baltimore) Spotted by Admiral_H_Nelson in the Discussion thread for "some interesting info from RU" Going on my own experiences, I'm not saying the ship is "bad". I did find her less enjoyable however then her tier 8 counterpart. Mainly because I feel she is to sluggish after getting used to the New Orleans balerina dance moves, and the worse shell trajectory. But I think it is fair to say she is lacking a bit when compared to the competition. If you love her and do great in her, good for you. The average player player however (including all the worlds super stars and potatoes), has a harder time in it. Not an opinion, fact. And one I feel is neglected for way to long on wargaming part.
  13. Sub_Eleven

    the baltimore sucks

    [quote name= Q: USN Cruisers balance? A: They have better AP and pen angles They have performance issues mostly stemming from Pensacola Sub_Octavian personally doesn't think NO, Baltimore and DM needs a buff Line split is an option to improve the line Don't hold your breath waiting for things to get better anytime soon.
  14. Sub_Eleven

    0.6.1 Equipment changes. Next cash sinks?

    God forbid they actually adress some pressing matters. Well done, great way to spend your limited resources WG