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    High School Fleet Collab is official now...

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30698640 I'm pretty sure it says here that they tried to ban anime and magna. But couldn't. Nevertheless any sexually explicit or provocative anime with underage characters is disgusting and perverted. "Everyone knows that child abuse is not a good thing," Hide says. "But having that kind of emotion is free, enjoying imagining some sexual situation with a child is not prohibited." If you think this is fine you're a paedophile.
  2. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Where is german BB ın publıc test?

    It says soon in the title, then specifically says "with the next update" Anyone looking at this would assume they'd be out in the next update, it's not bait at all.
  3. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Where is german BB ın publıc test?

    I wasn't aware this announcement said they'd be out around gamescom http://imgur.com/a/N5tra Being serious though, WG need to stop honeydicking us.
  4. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    I think my convert xp is blocking me from getting a ship

    So i'm in the colarado, i have 72306 ship xp and both hull upgrades, but when i go to research the north carolina it tells me it's going to take 47694 of my convert xp. I was always under the impression that paying for the hull upgrades made the research price of the next ship go down by the amount the hull cost, is this not the case or am i being trolled by convert xp?
  5. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Does everyone get these "offers"

    I wish i got free stuff
  6. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Does everyone get these "offers"

    My friend who got his has had premuim before, he did get his offer when he had no premuim though. Do you think that is why i haven't got one yet, because i have premuim running?
  7. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Does everyone get these "offers"

    I've seen people getting them and a friend even got it pop up for him, but i got nothing as of yet, is it completely random?
  8. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    So when everyone was complaining about bundles...

    Dw man, As you can see they have just given us december deals, Cant wait for my flags yipppy
  9. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    So when everyone was complaining about bundles...

    I was just chilling hoping that change would come, Looks like i was wrong, I really love this game but i think it was never ready for release, The game has so much wrong with it but it never gets fixed, nothing new ever comes and when it does its a worthless bundle, Maybe i'm impatient and have not played enough, I think i have played quite a bit seeing as this isn't the main game i play. I cant see myself playing much or at all with just how the game works, The grind is just not rewarding and missions and lack of good ones is just infuriating, again maybe its just me and i'm impatient, The only reason i have not pushed to the top tiers is with everybody saying how bad it is. Sorry for this post if people have had similar ones or you think i'm crying. I just have not had the urge to open the game and play and it makes me kind of sad
  10. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    A store without bundles everywhere? Just Boycot. There is no other way.

    Another premium ship with a bundle, do they not listen to the community.
  11. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Why can't we queue with more than 3

    So adding more teamwork is somehow going to break the game, yet every other online competitive game has team queues, purely because if the game is objective based to win you need teamwork.
  12. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Why can't we queue with more than 3

    Implying a queue of three isn't already having an impact on the game. Someone who queues alone should be aware that their will be considerably less teamwork than if they were in a division. People already group up and form battle groups when pushing an objective, effectively doing the same thing a division of three or five would but without being in the actual division.
  13. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Why can't we queue with more than 3

    Apparently the reason you can't is too much impact on the game which is nonsense, at higher tiers you need teamwork.
  14. Brownie_Stain_Chow_Mein

    Do i get more ship xp with a premium account

    Just wondering as i get about 600 a game if we win and i sink like 2 ships takes a lot of games to get to 45,000 for the next ship