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  1. Bladezfist

    upcoming smoke change for british cruisers, why?

    I really don't understand wargaming. They want to make BBs (The easiest class to play) easier to approach. - Immune to citadels - Insane HE - Cruiser concealment - Insane heal They want to make one of the hardest cruiser lines easier to approach. - Smoke change that does nothing to prevent a good BB player blind fire killing you due to your insane ROF giving everyone an accurate position of you at all times nor does it help you deal with the smoke nerf. Balance?
  2. That's because they can still be very effective at range. Especially in a BB heavy meta. In a cruiser heavy meta I imagine people would be screaming at cruiser players if they still played super passively. Now island hugging and concealment is the only strat at high tier cruiser play.
  3. Bladezfist

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    I haven't found the will to play since the update and came on here hoping to find a good reason to get back in to the game and just found this post :/
  4. Bladezfist

    Anniversary Supercontainers - I am so spoiled

    I got 30 days premium and 50 Gamescom camos. Which actually helped as those combined made the 500k credits in a TX game much easier. Trying to get that without premium and camo would probably have caused tears.
  5. Bladezfist

    Obligatory MM/BB overpopulation complaint

    I'm not seeing any games with 5 DDs but every game has 5 BBs. Wasn't there just another thread complaining about how low DD pop has dropped? Maybe they all went to find OP.
  6. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    So now the average BB player needs to not stay still in smoke, so no change. The only time they enter smoke is when they decided to ram a friendly destroyer or RN CL to their deaths while tunnel visioning ahead.
  7. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Yes it will, take a look at how aggressively Flamu plays in his latest Neptune video. Do you really think he would do that post-nerf. He would have been spotted in the first 2 mins of that game. This nerf will make RN CLs play more passively.
  8. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Then why have we been discussing their spotting ranges? I feel like RN CLs are designed around getting dangerously close to enemies. I mean just look how close Flamu gets to the enemy in his latest Neptune video. He would have certainly been spotted within the first 2 minutes. Engagement ranges will have to increase that's for sure and I don't see that as a good thing.
  9. Bladezfist

    So the terror of Tier 5 is finally getting a nerf

    Unfortunately this comes with a 50% chance of a crash landing.
  10. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    I just had a close quarters battle versus a Fiji and Belfast on a cap in my Belfast and killed them both by popping radar from behind an island and then sliding out after they had retaliated with Radar and spamming them to death with HE. I think people underestimate just how powerful a tool detection is against RN CLs. There is no way I should have won that fight. At least this thing wont work behind islands, but smoke spotting smokes will be just as frustrating.
  11. Bladezfist

    Is it time for DD to receive some love?

    Buff IJN so I get another DD line I want to play.
  12. But the Fletcher is a TX ship
  13. Bladezfist

    BB Bias, TX Powercreep and RNG Rig are ruining the game

    Or just improve the player, cybermen style. It can do massive damage to cruisers and destroyers with AP. Why should it not take massive damage from torps? What should it take massive damage from?
  14. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Can we note this down in case it comes in handy later
  15. Bladezfist

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Most RN CLs at T9+ will not fire in bursts anymore but instead hold down the fire button while rocking back and forth. This is because it's super easy to just blind fire kill them in something like the Missouri if they fire in bursts as it shows you exactly where to aim. This does mean however that these ships are constantly firing and will constantly be lit up. Edit: Another good reason to do this if you don't already play the line at high tiers is that it makes it easier to track your target when you have a constant stream of shells.