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  1. Sea_viper

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Despite all the hard work, it is only a 4 star victory.... Spotting the Lair in SeeLowe is not easy at all... on top of that I still have to come back and kill the Rasputin. Fortunately I manage to cycle all torps and sunk her before I got depth charged by I-dont-know-how-many DDs.
  2. Sea_viper

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    The only way to implement sub in random is to do it like WW2 navies: place them in theater in front of anything else. I remember IJN and USN actually did this quite frequent during WW2. Not so much for Atlantic or Med though. Unfortunately, for any WW2 submarine, the speed difference is so great that there is only one chance for a sub to strike before the fleet can pull away. (that is why those trans Atlantic liners, traveling at 20+ kn, run around without escorted)
  3. Sea_viper

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hello, captain obvious! It seems like the explosive animation by WG impresses you a lot. Or else why would you bring up examples of magazine detonation? That should belong to a separate topic. LOL WOWS game mechanics can be tone to represent progressive damage quite well just by allowing ALL modules to be damaged and destroyed permanently (perhaps adding a few modules for FC and navigation positions.), lower the hp of some modules, and leaving the HP as an estimate of ships losing too much personel or took too much water. Oh, the explosion animation can be kept just for the spectacle! Apparently, such mechanic will be unpopular. And I like how you don't respond the points about CV in a CV thread.
  4. Sea_viper

    CV Rework Discussion

    When you say "Ships of the era didn't blow up in a nuclear implosion the second they lost their last hp of health." In fact no ship will blow up because of losing hp lol. Are you implying that ships of WW2 are some how more likely to suffer progressive damage before they finally sink? You can say that you imply no such thing. But I will remind you that because of the advancement of AP shell and torpedoes, ships in WW2 are more likely to sink because of few critical hits than before. Oh, and air power is an integral part of WW2 naval battles, deal with it. To say that CV have no place in a surface gunnery battle because it never happened is like saying the whole WOWS surface engagement setup is stupid because a decisive daylight surface gunnery battle was never fought in WW2. BTW, if the Italians decides to engage the Mediterranean fleet decisively, the set up will almost alway involve a RN CV, which usually sail with the BB. Or If IJN decide to deploy their BB more aggressively when they still have properly manned CV. These are just some random ideas that we would like to play out it the game. So it may not be too realistic, but who cares? You seem to have a massive issue about "not risking to be send back to Port when attacking". I honestly don't know why you are so fixated on the issue of being send back to port when the ships repair bills is no longer related to damage recieceved. To deny that the risk of losing plane is as damaging as losing HP for other classes is funny because CV relies on the planes to do everything while ships doesn't care as long as hp > 0. It is true that no ships can truly counter CV if you define counter as sinking it. But this is just your decision to choose such definition. I would define a WW2 naval game without CV as incomplete. Therefore removing CV is mutilating the game. Now my position is unshakable, just like yours lol.
  5. Sea_viper

    CV Rework Discussion

    I don't care whether you are a BB main, I am just pointing out that you made a false impression about survivability of WW2 ships. And your hatred towards CV certainly made you look like the type of person you claimed not to be. LOL
  6. Sea_viper

    CV Rework Discussion

    There plenty of ships that got disabled rapidly, nitpicking like this is silly. The Italians in Matapan is one hilarious example. Even for BB, go look up what happen to few French BBs when bombarded by RN, plenty are rendered in opt by very few shells. And if you have one ounce of understanding of BB armour VS shell penertration of WW2, you should understand that at the ranges of WOWS, plenty of BB will be disabled by a single salvo. Go look at the drawing of NC and look for yourself the lack of subdivision inside the citadel
  7. Sea_viper

    The CV Captains Cabin

    IJN CV was famous for making synchronized TB drops... USN was famous for DB appearing out of nowhere (after all TB got slaughtered) with freaking heavy bombs... RN never had a big bombing wing, they excel at fighter direction and spotting... RIP CV
  8. Sea_viper

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Basically they just nerf all CV massively and leave CV player with one big bombing squad and a single auto CAP. So everyone plays like the freaking Bouge lol. To compensate for the very likely scenerio that CV will lose all the bombers because the whole wing is just running in circles around AA bubble while few are actually attacking, they allowed planes count to be unlimited! Yea pilot's life are cheap, tell them to die pointlessly and we can grap more from the peasents! AA gunners are also more retarded as ever, instead of attacking the planes on the bombing run, the prefer shooting down planes that are doing nothing!
  9. Sea_viper

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I find the the rework lazy and underwhelming. Forcing the CV to only have one squad up at a time is monumentally stupid, not to mention treating Fighters as "consumable". To that end they even tie the entire air wing into AA to wait for one squad to complete their attack, I find it difficult to take them seriously lol. The only silver lining is that they finally started to put thought into AA rework.
  10. Sea_viper

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Perhaps you can try the shokaku instead, it is much more flexible and is able to contribute in various match ups. Being T8, it also has the benefit of seeing T6-7. lol
  11. Sea_viper

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    After all, perhaps there is a point in sailing in formation in open ocean. My heart sank when I saw our Ranger faced an enemy Saipan... I hedged my expectations when I saw 4 enemy radar cruisers... But nothing can prepare me for the impotence of my teammates.
  12. Sea_viper

    Graf zepplin

    Well, if the team fails me when I have provided decent spotting, target selection, TB run on DD/BB, and Fighter cover through the entirety of the game, I can accept that team is too heavy for me The tricks to deal with GZ fighter are 1. Dodge strafe 2. Engage with both squad/counter strafe 3. Cut your losses if you screw up and try again next time If the enemy GZ is defensive with fighters, use your own fighters defensively too. And Shokaku is much better in interception with two squads The trouble with discussing ships like Kaga and GZ is that the ability of winning really hard against poor player does not correspond well with dealing with better players. From what I experienced, 121 GZ is really comfortable to play against. Especially because no one forces you to throw both FT against the GZ FT. By keeping 1 FT alive and threatening his bombing run, your own bombers should have plenty of room to do their thing. If a shokaku captain screw up against a Big E, the fight is basically over. You might as well tell your bombers to prepare for Kamikaze. And pray that your team can use the limited amount of chaos you can create. Shokaku VS Shokaku is like trying to win a game by taking 2 sets out of 3. (not fair and square though, since quality of teammates... varies) Shokaku VS Lex is the case of somebody should be sent to the court martial if the Lex wins.
  13. Sea_viper

    Graf zepplin

    Raw damage potential is over-rated. Shokaku can handle GZ just fine by playing the spotting game, especially against 121 setup. Just fly your DB and spot important targets and enjoy how his one fighter runs around like a headless chicken between bomber escort and fleet Cap. Just trade fire damage with spotting damage when strikes are difficult to make. And click fighting with 2 Shokaku squad against 1 GZ squad is aways worth while since GZ have too little fighter replacement. If he dares to strafe against your two squad, just choose a squad to counter strafe. I almost sympathize with the GZ captain when that happen. Almost. Although there will always be that guy who sailed to a corner alone and got deleted. It that case, just rmb that said guy is probably useless alive anyway.
  14. Sea_viper

    The "new" Cleveland

    Cleveland is the best support cruiser in T8 right now. Period. It is not self-sufficient only when you are alone, perms-spotted by non-DD, AND in open water. With 9.1 km detection range and 9 km radar, it is a free pass for disengagement. The reasons why people complain that it is not survivable in the open either: 1. Have no CE and got perma spotted by DD with superior fire power behind it or 2. willingly opened fire, alone, in front of superior fleet and got deleted. It is inevitable that a ship so strong around island maps need someone else to tank for her in the open. Still, her citadel is still quite troll in case somebody turns their attention to you. (both for and aft magazine are deep under water, 51mm deck that cannot be overmatch, even mid section is very close to water line. When angled correctly, the fore and aft mid section bulkhead that is not covered by the barbettes is tinny.) Just stay angle, go dark, and wait for another opportunity. With the added bonus that the enemy DDs can hardly do any spotting with Cleveland staying in front. Of course one can argue that Cappy is better because of rail gun, longer range radar and torps. But Cleveland have better DPM, turret traverse, Hydro + DFAA, and smaller citadel. I see zero reason to complain about her performance.
  15. Sea_viper

    PLZ GET RID OF the emblems

    The navy do not have a tradition of marking their ships like tank or warplane does. Flags are even more tightly controled due to aviod confusion in flag signals.(unless you want to piss off the Admiral) So please let it be. Also, you do not have to choose aggressive animal, there are plenty of choices.