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  1. Diminios

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    What kind of a system allows you to track two battles in tier I-IX ships and two battles in each tier X ship - but doesn't allow you to track one battle? I think there's something with the "technical limitations" explanation...
  2. Diminios

    How many 19 points captains do you have?

    0, with the closest being about one battle away from 18 points.
  3. Diminios

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    TBH I'm fine with this event. The Graf Spee missions were heavy on the grind, and you needed the ship to even begin them - WHEN THEY FINALLY GAVE US THE OPTION OF PLAYING THEM in EU. Remember that they actually changed the client to not even show the campaign in the first place? And only gave us the option of playing them after a massive community backlash? This campaign should be piss easy to clear, even without premium account and the Hood. What is it, 39k base xp and 94k total xp in 20 days? Low damage missions? Hell, doing just the Hood missions is probably more difficult and gives a smaller reward overall...
  4. Diminios

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Wait, weren't they 10 point captains on the other servers?
  5. Extended tech tree seems to have a negative effect on the ship carousel. The entire area for the option to show/hide the ARP ships is missing from the filter. It works with just the Extended tech tree mod removed from that list.
  6. Diminios

    How to disable ARPs?

    Hm, good idea, I'll try that. The only port interface mod I have is the extended tech tree mod, and it shouldn't cause problems with the carousel... Edit: Yep, extended tech tree mod, perhaps combined with something else, makes that entire section of the filter disappear.
  7. Diminios

    How to disable ARPs?

  8. Diminios

    Keep milking us....

    Yeah, but how difficult would it be to simply copy what the other servers are getting? Look at the effort here: they edited out 1 minute of the Dasha video, they changed all the texts, they changed the packages in the premium shop... And now numerous players are pissed off. Or, option B: do what the other servers did, with no extra effort.
  9. Diminios

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    So... you give us the ship in the premium shop and then remove the biggest incentive we have to buy it (since not everyone will have the time to do the AGS campaign in time, but they might have bought the ship anyway just to get the T6s, the 10 point german captain and the camos)? And before you say that we can buy it the cheapest in the premium shop, NA/Asia will have that same deal from 9.1. or so AND will still be able to grind the Santa Convoy campaign. Also ran out of likes. And will do exactly what you wrote in the last paragraph. Was also thinking of buying an Atago sometime soon, to have an IJN captain trainer, but... I guess I'll pass on that too.
  10. Diminios

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Heh, here's a plot twist: what if it was actually WG Asia and NA who screwed up and WG EU has actually done everything correctly according to the instructions they received - and are now getting ujustly crapped on.
  11. Diminios

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I don't want to have WG EU tweak anything. Especially given the way they "tweaked" the ARP missions.
  12. Diminios

    About the Graf Spee

    Sigh, this again. We complain because NA and Asia DO get the regular grind ships with some paint. It's even hinted that it's a unique camo, and just because you don't appear to care about it doesn't mean there aren't many others who do. Who do care and have no way of getting the damn thing (as far as we know at the moment, at least, given WG EU's positively stalinistic information distribution).
  13. I asked the question. They cut some of it, but I specifically asked if it was better to hoard the SCs until they implemented premium ship detection (so you wouldn't just get credits or doubloons if SC contained a ship you already own, but would reroll until it stopped on a premium ship you don't own). Here's the quote: This just goes to show how much faith you can put in the answers given in the "Questions of the community" topic.
  14. Diminios

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yeah, don't insult people, even if you think they deserve it. That serves no purpose and just gets threads nuked (which is what they want, of course). No. You need to HAVE the Graf Spee to be able to do the convoy missions (but apparently only the first two missions, though). Which basically means: buy Graf Spee, have a month to complete the missions or grind the Graf Spee through the campaign, have a week or less to complete the missions. Why bother arguing, it's not like WG EU will give us that event, based on previous experience.
  15. Interesting. In our questions of the community thread it says that the contents are determined at the moment the container is received. so which is it?