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  1. 100% agree with the OP. There are better, more intelligent ways of doing these kinds of things, WG just need to look around at the industry. Unless they really do think there is always another new player around the corner to replace your burn't out regulars?
  2. Mikado_BB

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    This is probably going to look like they are the GOAT or something but: I have been with this Clan for well over a year now. There are a great mix of people from all walks of life playing together in BOTS. Discord can be very entertaining and it is nice to look forward to catch up with after a very busy day at work. The folks there have been great to listen to, learn from and team up with. Plenty of help too when you ask for advice, sound board ideas, etc. There is even the occasional competition and event thrown in to spice things up as well. Never really a dull day with this lot. I do highly recommend this Clan. Thank you BOTS.
  3. Mikado_BB

    Public Test 0.6.10 - New Effects

    The gunfire is a step in the right direction for historicity and visual impact. With more tweaking like some suggestions already have mentioned it would be a step further for immersion. It is true about the weird rain effect not touching the sea in stormy conditions. Could do more with that. The audio and visual improvements definitely add to the atmosphere despite suggestions they are dated, in HD they are really great to watch and I have gone into full BB Brawl setups to get the best out of it. First time I bothered to take screenshots of the game. So don't stop improving this, I hope you can do something about sea spray to add further effects to the motion of the ships and work on the fluid effects of the water to add further to the immersion. Especially things like wakes and such like. Definitely more of this please.
  4. Mikado_BB

    Graf Zeppelin: a brawling carrier?

    For a CV. Having longer range seconds is just an earlier warning that you have not been paying enough attention to your mini map!
  5. Mikado_BB


    There are some impressive wave models out there. For example a Ukrainian games company has a beta naval game atm with one of the best I have seen so far. Fortunately for WG the Ukrainian game is set focused on 18th Century naval warfare. It would be a tough call to turn my attention to them over WOWs if they focused on 20th Century warfare instead. As it stands the lack of diversity with sea, wind and wave in game was the very first thing I was disappointed with in WOWs second to missing out on getting involved earlier in things like CBT and early Alpha etc. It was a surprise to me to see a more or less AAA product being so behind having experienced better naval game environments elsewhere that even potato computers could do reasonably well with it. Still WOWs has it's ol' charm despite some real highs and real lows with RNG and language barriers among teams.
  6. Mikado_BB

    Ship relative angle, mod.

    If people perceive an advantage, however small or well intentioned that modifies an element or elements to a competitive game then there will be an significant proportion of people who perceive these as advantages that will consider it the equivalent of a cheat. Even more so when real money and time are involved. I this long standing debate reflects more on cultural differences on what is considered "cheating" to be at play here. So it is probably a put up or shut up situation for those who feel in some way shape or form that their opponents are using these modifications to gain a direct advantage on their opponents. People who play WG products are just going to have to accept it as the parameters of the game.
  7. Mikado_BB

    Vanilla WoWs and MM

    Any chance WG can implement a MM that matches pure Vanilla Players together in the name of fairness? I just caught the tail end of some unpleasant discussion about mods and cheating, aim assisting etc can this ever be eradicated or resolved? Could this be a solution for peace of mind that if your playing the game its among people in a game purely unmodified and unassisted outside the content of the original programming? As I have stated in my meagre posts in the past I'm new to WG games, do I have to go to the "dark side" to keep competitive if modifications are the "norm" for these games? Why not just ban mods full stop!?
  8. Mikado_BB

    Black Friday on EU server

    This Black Friday non-event does exemplify what I have witnessed since getting involved in WG games in general. My first experience with this Games Company through WGEU is somewhat bitter sweet, despite loving the game to a significant degree, which can distract me from other games, it's how things have been managed on appearances that does off put you into deciding whether or not to throw more money at it if your predisposed to do so. It has been the bugbear of WGEU from what I gather and from personal experience of the lack of strong and or significantly impactful and spirited leadership on community content and direct sales opportunities. That's my opinion btw from what I experience ingame and have read. There have been a few exceptions to this and hats off to those in WG who 'made it happen'. I personally am a collector casual occasional hardcore (time willing) type and I have found it frustrating getting hold of the different ships that have been sparingly and for such short times placed on sale. I completely missed the boat on the CB pre-purchase Destroyers and some other ships. I just get the impression that things here are being run into the ground, like the 'powers-that-be' do not want EU to be successful or someone up stairs has taken their eye off the ball on what their employees are up to?!? People have money to burn in the EU and the lack of a well stocked comprehensive shop compared to her rivals (ironically in contrast to WG servers worldwide who I thought all ship their hard earned cash to Central Command vis a vi Cyprus et all) for a F2P appears complete fiscal madness to me. I take it this business is not a share holder PLC? I am not sure what the logic is on this. If ever WG do unify so you can move servers with your electronic collection intact, I would seriously consider moving to the NA. I was such a noob in all things WG in general that I did not realise there was an NA server I could have gone to. I should have done my research more, though I did not expect such a significant contrast in how each server team of WG Staff operates. The NA team 'appear' to demonstrate sound fiscal punch and initiative when it comes to the community there. For one the unified language of English does not present a barrier that I suspect hampers EU. Maybe things will improve... I sure hope so I do love this game, it has a lot more to offer which I hope they do capitalise on in the future. Judging from all the passionate energy put into forum threads like this a lot of people love this game too!
  9. This is where submarine warfare would have kicked in vs higher tier ships and the DD became an anti-air "Flak Wagon" and anti-sub nightmare. But I see Submarine warfare was discounted in this game so I can understand why you have players saying how pointless DDs get after a certain tier given what people are saying of higher tier gameplay with the other ship roles and their current build. Shame these Devs did not know how to make Sub Warfare fun in this game compared to other naval comp games; it is a missing element. It can also point out I suspect the size of the actual playing field has a lot to do with how playing different ships and their respective role paradigm perform too. I know of a game being developed in the Ukraine for 18th century naval warfare with huge maps that really make a BIG difference and they are absolutely beautiful to boot with some spectacular weather effects. How you make use of that space with your fellow Captains, with what ship you have can make for some very interesting challenges. Lets hope there is a lot more to look forward to as the game gets developed further.
  10. Ahoy there! I just started more or less in the OBT being a complete noob to Wargaming.net games. I am a little concerned about whether EU is just going to "miss out" especially if ships are not available for certain regions. If your a collector of the ships I am wondering if I have "missed the boat" on pre-orders etc and these ships are limited runs not to be seen again? I agree to some extent with the OP that from my point of view I have a creeping feeling EU is a poor cousin to the other servers re- shop offers, competitions etc. This makes me a little hesitant of spending money on the game. I usually always have a skim over a forum for a game before deciding to invest time and money into it so I would not discount the feelings, concerns and attitude of posters from a business point of view as it is another form of social media advertising as skewed as it might be on the current state of a game. I guess I'll go fill in those surveys if they do get read seriously... I do look forward to more maps too, I notice you get newer ones as you tier up? Tbh I just wish you can access all no matter what the tier to avoid the map fatigue. Anyways that another topic entirely. I also look forward to EU Community Team pulling finger and making things interesting for the future.