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  1. Hans Wilhelm Langsdorff Wenn selbst der "Feind" zu deiner Beerdigung kommt und Straßen nach dir bennent hast was richtig gemacht. Nuff said.
  2. Hhmm does not sound that great. I really do like my GC. However the only traits Roma seems to retain from that is gun traverse speed and torpedo protection. I get that GC out performs and WG wanted to avoid that for Roma. GC mostly meets CVs that can only do auto drop and have no AP bombs. So even if GC meets a CV thanks to its outstanding manoeuvrability, torpedo protection and the limited capabilities of the CV it is mostly save from it. Roma does not get that luxury. AP bombs will wreck her, she has no longer the manoeuvrability to dodge most of the drops and CVs will mostly use manual drops. So while GC kind of still shines against CVs despite low AA Roma won’t. GC dispersion is pretty good, reload is normal and the calibre makes sure you do more pens than anything else. Combined with the great turret traverse and manoeuvrability yes that is scary. GC can wiggle around like crazy still shoot, will hit and tends to hurt. Roma does not seem to get that either. From what they say you basically get a pre-SA-buff Tipitz without torpedoes: Inconsistent hit pattern. While GC can punish any broadside cruiser with almost surgical precession on almost any range, Roma will either miss due to bad dispersion or over penetrate a lot due too much penetration power if not at the right range. So you have to stay away to get the penetration power down but if you do your bad dispersion will influence you more. There is nothing I hate more than a salvo that is 100% on target yet splashes all around it with no hits or only an over pen… GC is a well rounded package it basically has almost the speed of a Kongo with the manoeuvrability of a König on a tier in which most BBs are rather slow. On T8 all BBs are rather fast. The manoeuvrability king on T8 is Alabama and Roma really has nothing on her: And that for a trade of mere 2,5kn in top speed. So she will be fun to play due to snappy guns but mostly ineffective because it basically it is a Tirpitz without secondaries and torpedoes but with a rather easy to hit citadele. And WG thought it necessary to reduce the sigma? I don’t see why...
  3. And I think it doesn't really matter. Angled no1 can overmatch it, broadside BB/CA on T7 to T10 get through anyway. The only thing that really matters is the layout of the citadel. Before the "fix" to the Iowa citadel CA could easily pen her on the upper part on broadside beside her having 307mm there. Range varied due to shell trajectory obviously but even 307mm mean jack crap if the layout invites penetrations.
  4. I was against large cruisers for the longest time. My reasoning was simple: They don’t fit current classes and therefore break the MM. If you label them BB then they are rather shitty BB due to the lack of armour, HP and their low calibre. But if you label them as CA they could make other CA obsolete because they have a huge armour, HP and calibre advantage over them. Anyway things changed: WG hinted Stalingrad. When WG implements Stalingrad then I see no reason to withhold Alaska or B65 any more. It is that simple. If one large cruiser can fit the game then all should. Since Stalingrad seems to be another reward ship I would consider it “fair” to make Alaska the next free XP ship. That way people who have no interest in ranked stuff could have a go at a large cruiser not to mention that all free XP ships thus far are battleships.
  5. WR verbessern Frage an die ab 55%+

    Nach dem ja die meisten nur Käse hier schreiben mal back to Topic. Der IMO schnellste und effektivste Möglichkeit seine Stats etwas zu pushen ist in Division zu spielen. Deine Divisions-Partner dürfen da aber natürlich kein Fallobst sein. Die Regel ist diese: Zwei gute Spieler die sich aufeinander verlassen können und ihre Spielstile kennen werden schnell zu einem Unicorn. Ich spiele selbst meist nur mit einem Freund, weil das Game alleine einfach scheiße ist. Wir sind beide solo gut aber zusammen sind wir sehr gut. Seit geraumer Zeit bewegt sich unsere Gesamt-WR daher nur noch in eine Richtung: Nach oben. Ich rate hier auch dazu einen VoiceChat zu verwenden. Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Discord was auch immer. Eine weitere Möglichkeit das Spiel für sich zu beeinflussen ist das richtige Tier zu spielen. T8 ist wegen der WW2-Schiffe beliebt aber T8 sind zu oft LT und haben daher weniger Einfluss auf das Spiel. T7 ist daher besser, weil man dank der Noob-Speere auf T4 mehr HT ist. Die andere Möglichkeit ist Schiffe zu wählen die Spiele entscheiden. Wenn kein CV im Spiel ist werden die Gefechte oft von DDs entschieden oder bestimmt. Wenn man selbst also kein DD sein will sollte man einen CL/A oder BB wählen das mit DDs umgehen kann. Radar, wendig, schnell und geringe Aufdeckung sind so meine üblichen kriterien. CV sind wenn vorhanden oft spielentscheidend. Das Problem: Es ist sehr oft ein Duel. Daher wirst so einige CVs finden die 70% WR haben und andere die gerade über die 40% kommen. Die treffen ständig aufeinander. Bist du gut im CV kannst du damit leicht deine Stats pushen, bist du es nicht gut wirst du oft einfach nur gefarmt. Schiffe die Spiele-Diktieren müssen so schnell raus wie möglich. Das betrifft z.B. jedes Radar-Schiff da sie die eigenen DDs einschränken. DDs mit geringer Aufdeckung wie Kamikaze (R, Fujin) welche besonders prädestiniert sind zum Cappen und Scouten. UK Kreuzer weil sie die eigenen DDs abschlachten und Nebel ätzend ist. Zuletzt gibt es da noch Premiums. Hohe Kapitäne liefern einen nicht zu unterschätzenden Vorteil. Darum versuche ich immer eine Kamikaze (R, Fujin etc.) so schnell wie möglich zu töten denn ich muss davon ausgehen das da ein Schimakaze-Fahrer Sealclubbing geht. Warum? Weil ich das selber mache. Auf meiner Albert, Tirpitz und Scharnhorst sitzt der 19 SP Kapitän meiner Kurfürst. Meine Alabama, Missouri, Indianapolis und Atlanta nutzen alle den selben 19er von der Montana. Atago? Der 19er meiner Zao. Sprich selber Premium mit hohen Kapitänen nutzen und davon ausgehen das der Gegner selbiges tut.
  6. Tier 10 Cruiser Choice

    Imo HIV is just bad. French CA in general are only a nuisance and hardly decide any game. Stay at favourable distances and positions and fire as much HE at the enemy team as possible. When every enemy ship in range has at least one fire you did you job, the only job your good at. Saint-Louis is just better at that than HIV. No reason to get the TX. This is reflected in stats as well. SL is second or best in all relevant stats on T9 while HIV is only middle of the road on her tier. Same goes IMO for Moskva as well. AP is nice but the issue is obviously that the AP only really works on broadside. So if you are forced to use a lot of HE then Moskva gets out DPM by Dmitri Donskoi. In DM you can even from time to time surprise someone with torpedoes. The lack of those makes Moskva in brawl situations outright useless not that you ever want to get into one of those with this [edited]. As top bonus DM has way less profile than Moskva and is more agile… Stats show a little of this as well. DM sits comfortable right at the middle on her tier basically all the time while Moskva is a bit more over the place with trend of being inferior. Hindenburg is nice upgrade from Roon. Unlike the other two mentioned here the Hindenburg is the only TX that makes the T9 more or less obsolete. The bonus in HE pen makes her despite lower HE damage a potent HE spammer and the AP is murder if the enemy ever shows broadside. On the down side she sluggish and visible from somewhere around Pluto. AP are hit and miss. To me even rather slight angles makes it useless. No game deciding consumable on the ship. DM, Moskva and Mino have access to better consumables and it shows as they have better WR than Hindenburg despite considerable difference in Dmg. Their impact on the game is probably greater by denying DD the room to operate. Another clue would be that with less dmg they have more kills hinting the fact that their dmg actually counts for more and Hindenburg players like French cruiser players are more of a nuisance than game deciders by dmg stat padding. You have German cruiser hydro but with such a [edited] that gets seen from everywhere how often do you get to use it offensively to flush a smoke ship from hiding? Compare that to Radar… no competition there IMO. So my recommendation would be: Des Moines. It is just more useful than the others. You have Radar against the DDs and Def AA against sky cancer. Win – Win. You out DPM anyone and your concealment and agility are alright. The only disadvantage is US shell arcs and no torps. But the shell arcs may work in your favour if you master the art of firing over islands...
  7. Es ist schon eine recht einseitige Situation derzeit. Nelson = BB = Free XP Missouri = BB = Free XP Musashi = BB = Free XP Black = DD = Reward Flint = CL = Reward Stalingrad = CB = Reward Salem = CA = Reward (?) Warum also nicht als nächstes ein CL/CA/CB als Free XP Schiff und dafür das BB als Reward? Wäre da für dieses kleine Schiffchen als Free XP Schiff:
  8. fiji and going forward

    Fiji is better than Belfast. Edinburgh was good to me. Better Fiji with worse MM. Nightmare for DDs. Neptune on the other hand... haven't played to Mino because of her. No fun at all. Basically the moment someone spots you instantly explode.
  9. Missi oder Musashi

    Ironie: Man meint das Gegenteil von dem was man schreibt.
  10. Missi oder Musashi

    Ich liebe Flamu einfach! „fairly aggressive position, right next to the B cap“ Zufällig auch gleichzeitig neben oder auch mal im D Cap… dem Startpunkt... "didn't really take too much damage" Kein scheiß Sherlock wenn man in über 12 Minuten nur drei mal beschossen wurde... Ich empfehle eher Notser. Der bewegt selbst dieses Schiff auch mal etwas weiter als 2km... Wie dem auch sei: Ich würde die Missouri empfehlen. Spielt sich aktiver und in Kombination mit Radar gibt einem das mehr Möglichkeiten das Spiel zu beeinflussen. Außerdem scheiß auf CVs. Musashi ist am Ende des Tages nur eine schwächere Yamato der alle handvoll spiele mal das Glück hat 7er zu verprügeln.
  11. DW (anti-cruiser) Torpedoes

    I tend to agree with OP. A too high BB population is supposed to be the problem, while CA population is considered too low at higher tiers. Yet the new weapon does not make a difference between CA and BB. This has nothing to do with sonar or general situational awareness. These skills affect all DDs or torpedoes at all times. They are highly irrelevant to the point made. The new torpedo is apparently supposed to increase hit ratio, therefore torpedo damage, by reducing reaction time of players who are unaware of an imminent torpedo attack or at least the details of the attack. However it will do this equally for BB and CA and that while CA are not the issue. I don’t like that. But the effect on the game has to be seen. After all DDs do not draw huge numbers of players similar to BBs.
  12. Indeed reading comprehension is a rare skill these days. Despite it being blatantly repeated and hammered down to a bloody puddle you want to ignore the core of the matter for some reason: Balance before everything. You made an example how WG sticks to reality which I simply countered by an example how WG shits over it. Small examples however are irrelevant all in all. Nobody here asked for outlandish changes yet you appear to think we want to create some sort of UFO. The suggested changes are rather miniscule. Mogami is 198m long on the waterline and WG fixed the turn radius at 750m. MK is 205m long on the waterline and WG fixed the turn radius at 760m. Eugen is 199m long on the waterline and WG fixed the turn radius at 770m.
  13. Yes that's exactly what I mean and you are right WG would never increase an armor like bow or stern from 25mm to lets say 27mm on ships that never had that for balancing reasons. After all WG deeply cares about reality as you mentioned... Let's call it the "lets make crap up as we go" rule. When will people accept that it is a video game and balance goes before anything. Just because WG uses some very scetchy rules to lay down preliminary stats does not mean they have to stick to it like napalm to your skin.