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  1. Hatte ja eigentlich vor lagem aufgehört WoWs zu spielen. Dachte mir aber nach einem Video von Flamu über die Werft: "ja vielleicht haben sie ja gelernt, sieht nach einem interessanten Event aus, schaust halt mal rein." Nö haben sie nicht. Um das gleich mal klar zu stellen: Ich habe nie erwartet etwas vollkommen geschenkt zu bekommen. Mir war immer klar, dass da ein Grind sein muss. Aber das gebotene ist einfach nur wieder WG-Whale-Abzocke. Als Normalo ist es nicht machbar das Schiff zu bekommen ohne das man quasi diese 80€ löhnt und dann dennoch noch einen anstrengenden Grind besteht. Selbst Unicorns werden sich das Schiff vermutlich nicht umsonst holen können, vielleicht die die keine Arbeit oder sonstiges Leben haben. Wer das verteidigt hat sie nicht alle. Das ist nichts weiter als eine verkappte psychologische Manipulation um den Leuten Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen. „Sunk Cost Fallacy“ - Wenn man es nicht kennt sollte man es mal recherchieren. Da soll WG sie doch gleich für die 230€ in Shop stellen, das wäre wenigstens ehrlich. Als mein alter WoWs Kumpel davon hörte sagte er gleich „wetten die machen es quasi unmöglich ohne zu zahlen“. Wie konnte ich nur so dumm sein die Hoffnung zu haben dem wäre nicht so. Bin dann auch schon wieder weg. Hat sich nicht gelohnt reinzuschauen. Spiele übrigens STO. Dort werde ich mit ca. 30 min Zeitaufwand pro Tag im neuen Jahr zwei komplett kostenlose T6 Schiffe erspielt haben. Einmal über einen 100% Rabatt-Coupon aus einer Event-Serie und einmal über das Weihnachtsevent. Nur mal so zum Vergleich.
  2. Praxics

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I was always the opinion Premium ships should be subject to balance changes. A OP ship is still OP even if only a small percentage of player has access to it. Sale stops etc. are no balance tool. There was a MMO called Pirates of the burning Sea. It was set in the golden age of sail. Player choose a nation such as Spain, Britain etc. and build ships in a player driven economy. The end game was to conquer the ports of other nations in a big port battle. One of the balance ideas was that 1st rate Ship of the Line were so expansive to build that only few players would be able to take it to a port battle. In the start that worked, however as the game progressed over time it became mandatory to show up to a port battle in a 1st rate. The lesson is that you can not balance something via the economy. I own Giulio Cesare and I recognise its strength. I currently have a 70% winrate in this ship and I had to level my commander on it as it was until Roma my only Italian ship. It is a very strong ship and it may need some adjustments. I’m not against adjusting GC. But as it is with WG: WG uses a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Changing it from T5 to T6 is one hell of a change as it changes to a large part the environment the ship is set in thanks to the horrible MM. Quite frankly at T6 I have enough premium ships, I like the ship on T5. I’m okay with adjusting the ship e.g. dispersion, rate of fire etc. to stay on T5. WG should also take a good look at the players with this ship who make these statistics. I would like to consider myself a good player. Good player + strong ship + low tier/noob enemy = OP. Then again I’m mostly done with WG and WoWS. I’m on my way out so do whatever the [edited]you want… like I care when the burning dumpster fire finally collapses.
  3. Praxics

    Roma is missing lifeboats and truck in game

    Those boats are missing because they would either clip with the turret or impair its firing angles.
  4. Praxics

    Noobs will kill this game!

    I chime in on taking a break part at least from PvP. Haven’t had a PvP match in I think 3 weeks now. Just can not motivate myself to endure other players at this time. It got too much. It is of course not backed up by data but every game basically felt like I had to carry like crazy. The very moment I’m not up there on the top spots carrying at least to some degree it was instantly a lose. The meta isn't helping either consideirng I play cruiser mostly atm. I also find it harder and harder to encounter a balanced match, a match that is not a landslide victory or defeat. I think as long as it would feel like everyone is doing their best and contributing on a head to head race a lose wouldn’t feel as demotivating as it is now. Played a bit of Coop and Scenario. It is kind of amazing what you can witness there. I especially like the guys who start swearing and insulting in coop when there is only one real player besides them in the entire match. I had it several times now that the only other real player started to insult the bots because they are a loser team and don’t support and whatnot. Apparently quite a lot of people are not aware that :Name: signals a bot. Considering I played coop on T8 to 10 I also find it hard to believe that one would play there not having figured out the very basic nature of AI behaviour in this game... Also a fun fact: In those three weeks doing some coop and stuff I got more recommendations than in the last year or so doing PvP… Wish WG would improve Coop a bit. Bigger teams and a proper AI overhaul. Scenario for T8 would be nice as well. Edit: Btw. I think WG should investigate very low WR CV accounts. The nature of the MM for CVs alows for easy rigging. 25% WR is probably what you get for being afk in every match all the time... sounds like a feeder account to me.
  5. Praxics

    Fehler und Probleme mit 0.7.2

    Hatte gerade ein Spiel in dem ich würde sagen mindestens 6 Spieler nach etwa 7 Minuten allle gleichzeitig einen DC hatten... na WG isn Server abgebrannt?
  6. No it is really not. That man is one gigantic [edited]. "3rd party invloved" you bet it is lawyers.
  7. 2x US (BB, CA) 1x GER (BB) 1x IJN (CA) I'm not as dedicated to one captain as other apparently... I have a lot of captains around 16 -1+2 SP though... to me everything beyond 15 or 16 is susally only nice to have and no longer required to play a build.
  8. Praxics

    Segal's departing

    Glad to read this. I will not miss this hack. I do however lament WGs decision to rename the captain to John Doe… I get that this is place holder name in English. But why do you need a place holder name in the first place? Replace him with some actual historical figure. I don't get why the only historical captain is Yamamoto atm. How about Arleigh Burke? Seems well distinguished. I also don't get why Jack Dunkrik instead of John Jellicoe...
  9. So Hipper and Eugen finally get another buff. About bloody time. While I recognise that other cruiser struggle as well e.g. New Orleans it is the German cruiser who lacks presence on the battlefield. New Orleans is a threat to UK CL and DDs due to radar, no one fears a Hipper. (Except a 15” BB at 6km without backup...) Long reload and bad AP pen angles make the danger it poses rather situational. People also seem to avoid Prinz Eugen, for good reason. 7,5k Battles in the last two weeks… the ship is as rare as a pink unicorn farting rainbows at this point. Steven Seagal will get removed from the game: To the surprise of not a single person who knows anything about this hack of a wannabe actor. This guy is a scam. WG falling for him just demonstrates how stupid some of WG decision are. I bet Seagal wanted royalty from WG for his “continuous” appearance in the game… As for the stats about T8 MM… I have no stats of my own but it “feels” wrong. I think I read a post of someone recording his own games of some time. The result was apparently not as bad as I and others make it out to be but was biased a bit to being more low tier than high tier in T8. Edit: It may have to with class as well. Lots of BB so an abundance of T10 BBs as well, no place to fit lots of T8 BBs. However lack of T10 CA probably forces more T8 CA into T10 battles... overall it might be correct but on class level it might be screwed up.
  10. Who cares... the overall ship loss by deto wont change much, DD will still be the main class to suffer them and BBs will still be the class that suffers them the least (aside from CV which cant deto which btw. proves all histroy arguments invalid as WW2 saw several CVs sunk by magazine detos e.g. Glorious which was basically crippled by a magazine detonation of aircraft ammuniton and the resulting rampant fire by an early shell hit from Scharnhorst). Deto need to die, there is no other way. Never was, never will be. But people are idiots so they stay. And WG wonders why their games have 0 chance to become popular in esports. Whatever I don't play DD much, die you pest. Detonated a Kidd yesterday from ~60% HP, won the flank by doing so, back to port sucker play BB next time.
  11. Praxics

    Poll: Ship Class for Stalingrad & Kronshtadt

    Sad to see these results. Then again people vote for what they want not what the game needs. Kronstadt should be T6 or T7 BB with the 380mm German guns. That is what they started to build and that is what WG would have needed for the RU BB line anyway. Instead we get a blown out of proportion cruiser. Same with Stalingrad and ofc Alaska. I would have preferred them as BB. I think as BBs they would have done less damage to the overall game balance. As cruisers I imagine they will mess up MM even more. But apparently WG already made up their mind… so where is my T10 Alaska with radar and Def-AA?
  12. Praxics

    Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    I don‘t know why WG is doing this. To me it would have made more sense to give it the German 38 cm SKC/34 Guns and put it into the Russian BB tree on T7… with according armour and HP values... Or maybe they will still do that… anyway we will now have two large cruisers on the same nation that can be considered paper ships before we get the only one that actually set sail: Alaska. Btw.. Ship looks "meh". Dispersion is not good, sigma is low end and lacking important utility.
  13. Praxics

    Noch eine CV Idee

    Nur weil der Dev das so macht muss ich nicht damit zufrieden sein. Willst diesen scheiß Diskussion-Stil so fortführen oder kommt noch irgendwas mit Inhalt?
  14. Praxics

    Noch eine CV Idee

    Weil LoS ein System ist das so in Videospielen noch nie gab, gibt oder so
  15. Praxics

    Noch eine CV Idee

    Verbrauchsgüter richtig einzusetzten und noch mehr Micro-Mangament ehöht für dich nicht das Skill-Ceiling? Für mich schon. Radar und Hydro sind Verbrauchsgüter, damit ist ihre Anzahl stark begrenst, sie sind nicht immer aktiv und haben eine Cool-Down. Nicht das gleiche. Katapult-Flugzeuge haben Proxy-Spotting: 4km. Ich will nicht das der Kreuzer hinterm Berg stehen kann und Flugzeuge mit AA runterballert die auf der anderen Seite ist. Nein das Schiff muss dann auch LoS zu den Flugzeugen haben. Fair muss es schon sein. Dennoc die aktuelle CV-Spotting-Mechanik ist scheiße. Du weißt schon das dies ein Videospiel ist oder?