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  1. Good to see module damage gets ignored in this discussion.
  2. Richtig so! Mach es nichts. Dies [edited] gegängelte Geld auszugeben sollen sie sich quer in den [edited] schieben!
  3. Falls es interessiert Yamato - The Last Battle ist bei Amazon Prime erhältlich:
  4. Working as Intended.
  5. Overmatch exists because autobounce exists. If you remove overmatch and leave autobounce as is the game becomes even more broken. We had a similar situation when AP was broken and cruiser could charge BBs for point blank torpedo attacks with little risks. Someone here already mentioned that a BB is in a bad spot when it cannot overmatch the bow plating of a cruiser, the example was 27mm cruiser bow plating vs. 15” BB guns. But this situation only exists because autobounce exists. Any armour will deflect any shell at <30° angle unless calibre size 14,3x armour thickness. So what really should be reworked is autobounce. As far as I know, no such thing exists. In my mind it should be more of a function of shell weight, velocity and effective armour thickness. In this scenario BBs could still penetrate cruiser or even BBs bow plating but it’s no longer a fixed relation but becomes a variable depending in gameplay mostly on range to target and angle of impact. I’m no game designer. Maybe it would be even more crap. I don’t know. However currently it is also crap.
  6. The only thing he said I disagree with is firing people over this. Which is a side note. However, I too think stuff like this should have consequences for the staff responsible. And I’m not talking about the 3D artist, texture artist, animator etc. those guys did a good job. I’m talking about the people in charge of the project who actually decided that this is a release ready state. These people should in fact not handle a project like this in the near future but rework their methods. Criticising him for telling people to request refunds because it causes workload is so much horseshit I can’t even comprehend it. I like people being more of a consumer advocate than a marketing tool. Anyway I hope it does not hit him too hard in terms of revenue and I hope the CC do not back down. Sometime a company needs to be told that their product is crap without sparkling diamond dust spread over it.
  7. No. CA in general have no point. Play BB or DD.
  8. What? AP is only good when you can pen. High tier CA have usually 205mm. You can overmatch little to nothing. Any angle will force you to revert back to HE as AP pen on 205mm guns suck [edited]. Thats why German CA sucked before their HE buff. The only guys who are really affraid of cruiser AP are other cruiser! Sure you can hurt a BB with an AP salvo in the casemates but again only if broadside. Thats why UK CL have their special bounce angle, with normal bounce angle they would suck!
  9. Ah okay. I call BS. High tier cruisers are sluggish as [edited]. Their turn radius is around the 800m mark and their rudder shifts are around the 8s mark. No they do not dodge salvos from 12km easily, they dodge jack crap from 12km. They get overmatched by every BB from every damn angle. This is BS and everyone know it. You can do everything right in a CA when RNGJesus says "[edited]you" you get deleted anyway. A CV can kill a CA with one combined attack run, a BB can kill a CA with one good AP salvo, another cruiser can kill a CA with one good AP salvo, a DD can kill a CA with two torpedoes. [edited]recently I hit a Kahba with a 205mm HE salvo, 7 shells hit: 0 dmg... all shatter, [edited]this.
  10. That was a dud?
  11. Optisch find ich sie chic. Für ein IJN BB sehr viel AA und Torpedos Aber das war es dann leider schon mit den Vorzügen. Ich finde sie tauscht einfach zu viel HA-Leistung für die AA und Torpedos ein um wirklich attraktiv zu sein. Außerdem braucht man einen IJN BB untypischen Kapitän, wenn man die AA wirklich ausbauen möchte. Grundsätzlich finde ich gibt es zu viel Torpedos auf Schiffen die keine DDs sind. Ein BB braucht einfach keine Torpedos, schon gar nicht ein BB mit 10x 16“ Kanonen und eine Sort-of-Amagi schon gleich dreimal nicht. Wie oft man die Torpedos wohl einsetzten können wird? Nicht oft. Bleibt die AA. Die ist gut, keine Frage. Aber ist sie all diese Nachteile wert? 5 sec. längerer Reload wird die DPM ganz schön drücken. Dann noch ein Sigma nerf oben drauf damit RNGJesus einen noch toller trollen kann und Pre-Buff-Warspite Trumdrehgeschwindigkeit. Torpedos weg. AA leicht zurückschrauben. HA gleich Amagi minus etwas Reichweite. Dann ja.
  12. DKM: Hans Langsdorff Despite being on the wrong side and in war he proved to be a gentleman and humanist. Special trait could be some minor boost to concealment since during the war he successful avoided confrontation with superior English forces for a respectable amount of time considering basically the entire world was looking for him. Another trait could be a minor boost to turret traverse as during the battle of the river plate he switched target rather than finishing damaged ships. He was not interested in sinking and killing his enemies but rather battering them until they give up and retreat.
  13. No it is not okay. BBs have too much concealment. That NC, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Missouri, Iowa and soon some of the British BBs can even get close to 12km is ridiculous when they can meet cruisers with similar concealment.
  14. Damage model ist still broken. Deal with it. BBs continue to hit pens for 0 dmg and in return you suffer some pen damage for overpens. Equals out just like the MM. Have fun.