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  1. What? AP is only good when you can pen. High tier CA have usually 205mm. You can overmatch little to nothing. Any angle will force you to revert back to HE as AP pen on 205mm guns suck [edited]. Thats why German CA sucked before their HE buff. The only guys who are really affraid of cruiser AP are other cruiser! Sure you can hurt a BB with an AP salvo in the casemates but again only if broadside. Thats why UK CL have their special bounce angle, with normal bounce angle they would suck!
  2. Ah okay. I call BS. High tier cruisers are sluggish as [edited]. Their turn radius is around the 800m mark and their rudder shifts are around the 8s mark. No they do not dodge salvos from 12km easily, they dodge jack crap from 12km. They get overmatched by every BB from every damn angle. This is BS and everyone know it. You can do everything right in a CA when RNGJesus says "[edited]you" you get deleted anyway. A CV can kill a CA with one combined attack run, a BB can kill a CA with one good AP salvo, another cruiser can kill a CA with one good AP salvo, a DD can kill a CA with two torpedoes. [edited]recently I hit a Kahba with a 205mm HE salvo, 7 shells hit: 0 dmg... all shatter, [edited]this.
  3. That was a dud?
  4. Optisch find ich sie chic. Für ein IJN BB sehr viel AA und Torpedos Aber das war es dann leider schon mit den Vorzügen. Ich finde sie tauscht einfach zu viel HA-Leistung für die AA und Torpedos ein um wirklich attraktiv zu sein. Außerdem braucht man einen IJN BB untypischen Kapitän, wenn man die AA wirklich ausbauen möchte. Grundsätzlich finde ich gibt es zu viel Torpedos auf Schiffen die keine DDs sind. Ein BB braucht einfach keine Torpedos, schon gar nicht ein BB mit 10x 16“ Kanonen und eine Sort-of-Amagi schon gleich dreimal nicht. Wie oft man die Torpedos wohl einsetzten können wird? Nicht oft. Bleibt die AA. Die ist gut, keine Frage. Aber ist sie all diese Nachteile wert? 5 sec. längerer Reload wird die DPM ganz schön drücken. Dann noch ein Sigma nerf oben drauf damit RNGJesus einen noch toller trollen kann und Pre-Buff-Warspite Trumdrehgeschwindigkeit. Torpedos weg. AA leicht zurückschrauben. HA gleich Amagi minus etwas Reichweite. Dann ja.
  5. DKM: Hans Langsdorff Despite being on the wrong side and in war he proved to be a gentleman and humanist. Special trait could be some minor boost to concealment since during the war he successful avoided confrontation with superior English forces for a respectable amount of time considering basically the entire world was looking for him. Another trait could be a minor boost to turret traverse as during the battle of the river plate he switched target rather than finishing damaged ships. He was not interested in sinking and killing his enemies but rather battering them until they give up and retreat.
  6. No it is not okay. BBs have too much concealment. That NC, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Missouri, Iowa and soon some of the British BBs can even get close to 12km is ridiculous when they can meet cruisers with similar concealment.
  7. Damage model ist still broken. Deal with it. BBs continue to hit pens for 0 dmg and in return you suffer some pen damage for overpens. Equals out just like the MM. Have fun.
  8. Will be done tomorrow not matter what. 13 Duplicates, 13 collected. Which means tomorrow I either get one collectable and can trade 10 duplicates for the missing 2 or I get two duplicates and can trade 15 duplicates for the missing 3. Overall I thought the Hunt for Bismarck stuff was more intresting.
  9. I too am highly critical of the MM. Because of the start, end and noob bracket it is skewed to disadvantage certain tiers (e.g. T5, T8) while give other tiers a bonus (e.g. T7). Additionally, due to player distribution certain classes get another malus (e.g. CA/L) while other get another bonus (e.g. BB) to their average MM placement. If that would not be enough the game becomes irritating when a lot of “counter” classes are present: Games with high amount of BBs and DDs are little fun for the very few remaining CA/L for example. But I can also see the problems of giving us +-1MM with better balanced class distribution as well, at least concerning other regions with fewer players: Wait times would increase for certain classes (e.g. BB) and tiers (e.g. T10). In my mind the +-1MM should be no problem at least in the European region. I doubt it is really that detrimental to wait up to 5 mins for a game. Currently my wait times usually never go beyond 30 seconds, I’m mostly matched instantaneously. If WG wants to avoid an increase in queue time all that badly then they probably face a rework of the tier by tier power creep as far as I can tell. The easiest “improvement” I can think of is abolishing the noob bracket, excluding repair party from the superintendent captain skill and reducing the effect of premium consumable to not give another heal but only reduce the cool down. Then it would be possible to introduce a gradual increase in healing ability to the cruiser lines without breaking entirely for other tiers. Starting with 1 repair party at T7 and maxing out at 3 repair party at T9. This would give lower cruisers better survivability while at the same time reducing battleships survivability slightly across the entire spectrum and high tier cruisers (-1 repair party). I would like to see how this would affect the game.
  10. 1.) No Time Limit. 2.) Premium. 3.) Flags. 4.) Lots of games. Still a lot.
  11. Das zu sehen ärgert mich. Seit Jahren reden sie darüber das Schiff endlich trocken zu legen. Und was ist passiert? Nichts. Die Restaurationskosten werden sicher nicht weniger. Vor ich glaube 5 Jahren waren es „nur“ etwa 25 Millionen Dollar, jetzt also 45 Millionen… Wieviel wird es kosten, wenn sie erstmal abgesoffen und ein paar Jahre auf dem Boden ihres Liegeplatzes lag? Sorry aber persönlich werde ich gar nichts spenden. Ein Land das jedes Jahr 500 Mrd. Dollar fürs Militär übrig hat braucht meine Peanuts für den Schutz ihrer eigenen Militärgeschichte nicht. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt wirklich froh das der Bund es endlich geschafft hat die Rettung der Peking zu finanzieren. Falls es euch entgangen ist die Peking ist auf dem Weg nach Wewelsfleth wo sie bis 2020 restauriert werden soll. Danach soll sie als Museumsschiff gegenüber der Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg liegen. Der Bund steuert 120 Millionen Euro für das Museum in Hamburg in dem die Peking liegen wird bei. Die Überführung alleine kostet 26 Millionen Euro. Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg hat die Royal Navy das Linienschiff HMS Implacable im Kanal versenkt, weil sie den Erhalt nicht bezahlen wollte. Das Schiff war ein Linienschiff dritter Klasse mit 74 Kanonen der Temeraire-Klasse gebaut 1800. Das am meisten gebaute Linienschiff aller Zeiten. Das ist in etwa so als gäbe es nur noch eine einzige BF109 und die steckt man in die Schrottpresse… Die Türkei hat 1964 die SMS Goeben zur Verschrottung ausgeschrieben. Anfänglich wollten sie 11 Millionen DM, später nur noch 8.8 Millionen DM. Bis 1973 fand ich kein Käufer denn auch Deutschland hielt das Portemonnaie zu. 8.8 Millionen DM für das einzige deutsche Großkampfschiff welches die Kriege überlebte waren einfach zu viel… Am Ende ist sie vermutlich für um die 6 Millionen DM verscherbelt und verschrottet worden. Gut Inflationsbereinigt reden wir vermutlich über einen mittleren zweistelligen Millionen Euro Betrag + Restauration aber was sind das für Peanuts in einem verfickten Staatshaushalt?
  12. It has nothing to do with it being the Myoko but everything with it being a cruiser. You see there are less cruiser player than BB players. The MM being what it is fills up games as they come. So he has tons of higher tier BBs but fewer high tier cruisers. The only way he can manage the 5 BB soft cap per team is to fill the slots with lower cruisers. What I’m saying here is: A cruiser has a bigger chance of being low tier due to dwindling cruiser numbers as tiers go up. You can experiment on this. You can choose whatever T7 BB make a 100 battles and look how many battles you will be high, mid and low tier than pick a cruiser and do the same. Chances are the BB will be slightly more high tier and the cruiser will be slightly more low tier on average. Better get used to it because once you hit T8 you will have tons of T10 battles because T10 cruiser quit yet all those T10 BBs need some cannon fodder. Have fun.
  13. You have to ask what the issue is? The issue is: Most BB get 16" guns at T7, cruiser can only bounce 16" with an angled main armour belt. If the BB hits anything else than the main armour belt, which they will, the overmatch mechanic will make sure to wreck the cruiser. BB player know that cruiser cannot, even when played right, defend in anyway against 16” shells. That’s why BBs will ignore other BBs and fire on cruisers first even if they are the more difficult target to hit. Reason is simple: Cruiser can often be sunk with few, even one, good salvo and then the rule of number advantage will kick in while BBs usually will take quite a beating not to mention they can actually auto bounce 16” shells with angled stern or bow plating. If you are in a cruiser with almost 42% of the game being BBs you can be sure to be fired upon being spotted from basically any angle, direction and range no matter how many friendly BBs are around you. Additionally, the manoeuvrability of cruisers diminishes at higher tier. Rudder times and turn circles increase while speed does not. This makes higher tier cruiser react more sluggish than their lower tier counterparts. Combined with being shoot at from basically everywhere the cruiser is left with few choices: Hide in smoke where BB can simply fire at you muzzle flashes and you are in grave danger of a torpedo attack. Hide behind an Island which BB with sufficient shell arc e.g. US, may still fire over not to mention JP, Ger and RU cruiser may not be able to shoot over islands due to their own flat arc. Or stay as far away as possible in order to increase shell flight time to a point where they have enough time to make significant course correction in order to avoid being hit most of the time. Since smoke is not always available and islands may hinder your own play I guess most cruisers will opt most of the time for the third. Then there comes the storm. In a cruiser you can either go to the edge of the map and wait till it is over or you can get sunk by a BB. At 8km range you just dead if the BB captain has any idea what he is doing. Having said that of course sometimes you will get away with a torpedo run, suicide attack or finishing an ultra-low HP opponent but I guess most of the time in a storm the BB will just run you over laughing. Cruiser players are not stupid. They see getting the short stick all the time. That’s why you see fewer cruisers at higher tiers. Battles fought the last 2 weeks acc Warship.Today: T8: BB: 125 890 CA/L: 97 215 < Way more ships to choose from yet considerable fewer games T9: BB: 54 881 CA/L: 42 430 < More ships to choose from yet again fewer games T10: BB: 51 454 CA/L: 47 198 < Twice the amount of ships to choose from but again fewer games
  14. I never said it was. However someone from WG said during the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau issue that WG is not happy with large caliber jumps within a tech tree and tries to avoid it as much as possible. I think its a bit different with cruisers as they do not really benefit from the overmatch mechanic. On top of that even with the French and Russians the ranked tiers T6 to T8 and the high tiers T9 and 10 all have steady caliber progression in the tree. Within the cruisers the only exception is the German Yorck with its 210mm guns, which amounts to nothing.
  15. I guess it will be okay. It is the same issue as we have seen with the German tree. WG wants steady caliber progression however KGV breaks that. So I guess they would like to go with the 15" 15D design in order to limit the influence of having a smaller caliber in the progression. After all some cruiser that T8 BB can meet can already bounce 15" shells. 14" would be even worse than that. Granted Scharnhorst is doing alright but T7, torpedoes and sloped armour may be the difference here. I guess we get the same situation as with Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: Tree ship that has a more steady caliber-progression due to a fictional configuration and a premium with historical guns. However what worries me more than that is the concealment of British BBs. In particular, T8 and T9. If I see this right a concealment built of these BBs will beat many T7 cruiser by a considerable margin... not good since the cruiser will be right in the "dead zone" of 11km.