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  1. Jacob_J_Weebs

    Is Yamato the worst T10 BB ingame now?

    Ah someone is comparing T10 BBs, calling one of them the weakest, surely he has a lot of experience playing all 4 to make such a claim. Opens profile. Only T10 BB OP owns is Yamato. Why am I even surprised?
  2. Jacob_J_Weebs

    Deepwater Torps?????????????

    Jesus, this is such a huge part of the problem isn't it. You think you know what you're doing, but looking at your stats in your highest tier BBs it's obvious you are HEAVILY misplaying. Lets take a look at your BB performance; The most glaring problem I spot here isn't the terrible damage across the board, but the insane survival ratio! 85% Surv on a Missouri, a ship you only have a 45% WR on! This combined with the abysmal damage tells me you are exactly the *WORST* kind of BB player, the backline sniper that sits in spawn being useless all game, trying to land desperate volleys at 20km, afraid to tank for the team and if necessary go down for the team. Yet we see this kind of stuff all the time, especially among BB players when something kills them. Your knee-jerk reaction is to complain about how impossible it is to counter and how your only option is to quit, yet your stats clearly tell us we could put a bot in the helm of your ship and it would perform better. This right here is a text-book example of why games should *never* be balanced based on the lowest common denominator, it screws up the game for anyone trying to actively improve. Here is a BB player that is completely misunderstanding his role, fundamentally misplaying, yet the first place he looks for a solution to his lack of performance is not in guides or tutorials, but in the nerfing of another class.
  3. Hi, out of curiosity, how come you don't use TA on Gearing? Wouldn't it be a nice trade over AR? (even though AR is really good too)

  4. Jacob_J_Weebs

    The Best T10 Destroyer?

    I got tired of being asked which T10 DD I thought was the best, so I made a video featuring both the play style and general strengths and weaknesses of all the T10 DDs, helping people decide what line they want to aim for. People seemed to quite enjoy it and found it very helpful, so I decided to share it here as well.
  5. Jacob_J_Weebs

    The Best T10 Cruiser?

    Since I so often get asked which Cruiser I think is the best one, I have compiled a video featuring both the play style and general strengths and weaknesses of all the T10 Cruisers, helping people decide what line they want to aim for. This one just like my T10 DD comparison has been very well received, so decided to share it here as well.
  6. Radar on a BB is straight up the dumbest crap ever. Cruisers are supposed to be the utility class, but we've gone from hydro being added to them to Def AA and now radar starts popping up. Another one of WG's great attempts to lower the BB population no doubt.
  7. Jacob_J_Weebs

    DD need a nerf

    Hidden profile
  8. Jacob_J_Weebs

    HMS Hood AA test

  9. "Latest snapshot not available. Either the player has hidden his or her statistics"
  10. Hello everyone! In celebration of 10k Twitch followers and already approaching 30k subs on youtube I decided to host another competition, this time in the form of landing torpedo hits! Send in your entries at http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com before 18/03/2017 12:00 CET and have a chance to win an Okhotnik, Halloween camos, or both! All the details can be found in the rules section http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com/#rules ! Reminder, no co-op battles please! I chose the Okhotnik as the prize as NO ONE has it yet, so everyone will want to add it to their collection, not to mention it's straight up one of the most fun Premiums WG have released in a long time! Good luck! Also I'll probably be playing some of the top entries(replays) live on my stream next Saturday (18/03), will make sure to youtube highlight it as well for those that miss it!
  11. This is a Premium Ship Preview, not really a final review as this ship is going to be changed a fair bit before release. Tbh the biggest issue this ship has right now is that she's T6, which means constant garbage MM. If you are willing to overlook that then it seems like a really fun prem. Change notes for this ship for live; o Increase rudder shift time from 19.2 to 17.9 (confusing, as the actual rudder shift is already lower, but these are WG notes) o Decrease loading time from 35 sec to 30 sec o Decrease turrets’ rotation rate from 3.3 dps to 3.8 dps (once again confusing, as they are increasing the turret rotation rate, but once again, WG notes are WG notes)
  12. Haven't posted on the forums in a while, but seeing that the new patch has thrown things in a bit of a disarray I decided to share one of my new favorite builds. It also works great on the Gneisenau. The German Berserker is a build that awards you for aggression, making you more powerful the more the enemy damages you! It also happens to be insanely fun to play! Tirpitz gameplay at 14:53 and the build itself at 20:21
  13. Jacob_J_Weebs

    Bastion Poll 2.0

    Bastion has become such a massive pain in the arse that I no longer know what I dread more, standard battles or bastion. Both are absolute garbage.
  14. Decided to cover both the upcoming T7 DDs, the Shiratsuyu in the "gunboat tree" and the Akatsuki in the "torpedo boat tree". Neither ship is bad, the Shiratsuyu especially is pretty damn great, but the way they have designed and placed these ships into the trees makes no god damn sense at all.