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  1. Hello all, With the new patch coming up and the introduction of naval bases/team battles, I finally start to see the reason of being in a clan. Are there any English speaking clans out there looking for more members? I'd like to join alongside a friend.
  2. K3FFIE

    Searching for Dutch casual players

    I think I can help out with that. I can fill in about any tier (expect for 10, but getting close!), my in-game name is the same as here; K3FFIE. Feel free to invite. :)
  3. K3FFIE

    Long loading times and rendering issues since 0.6.9

    I don't have the solution for it and sorry for bringing up an ''old'' topic. But I am happy to find out that I'm not the only person who is having issues since the last patch. However I've only started to notice the issues a few days back. I first noticed it when it took longer than normal to load ships in port, amount of time it took for me to get in game and when playing with the carrier that my planes stayed in place (also enemy planes), while my friend could see me moving my planes around. I tried reinstalling the game, without any effect, defraged my drive, change settings, no result.