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  1. Lordofdroid

    Stalingrad VS PR

    Ha! I have none so I can not loan you any. I will get my PR on last day of the event.
  2. Apparently, this has always been like this, as I have been told. So it will be tough to change this long existing mechanism from our side.
  3. Hi @Ysterpyp We are sorry that you are facing this issue. But thank you for reporting this anomaly. This is indeed strange and we will investigate this at our end.
  4. Very unlikely. These are really to give away without any cost to the players or the community. Just come and have some good time with us and get yours for free?
  5. Yes! Get your own by just showing up at the museum and have some good time with the team.
  6. Hello full hack man .Screen shoot   baneed thx


  7. As u might know all teams have a commander, mostly in a BB. Its hard to be a player&commander at the same time.

    So my suggestion is there should be the possibility for an 8th Player in CW without a ship))

    He just can use free mode camera and he can only see what his team mates can see: hes the commander)

    Maybe his minimap should be more precisive for better commanding.

    This should be only an option, so players can play CW as they did before, while others who want to use it can have a Commander with a superb overwiew of the battle.



    Sorry didnt know where to place that idea, so i did here.

    Please send it to developers/or to someone who can dicide such a novum))

    And pls,pls,pls  give me feedback))


    Thanks a lot:Smile_Default:

  8. Hi

    why you have canceled the privileges of Giulio Cesare BB when they had to drop the Dic,. 31 2017?