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  1. A hard cap of 3 BB per side would make the cruisers take their role again, with 5 BB on the other side that can get a lucky pen from 20km away it's not really fun. I found that match at tier 8 and above get fairly boring as there is a lot of camping, BB, CA all don't want to push as you don't want to get focused. Reducing the number of BB would probably help with that to. But WG isn't listening because they don't want BB player to wait in queue, it's a shame, maybe it would make them try another class.
  2. Darloc

    WG (EU) regional disparity

    While you are at it, why can't we get flag bundles of individual flags like RU and NA?
  3. Darloc

    Jingles has quit the EU WG CC Program

    Jingles position was not to drop the CC when EU said that it was an over reaction and that no copyright strike would be issued, and that the treat should not have been made. EU was like "We got this, everyone clam down" NA went "Hold my beer". The fact that NA got involved is really weird, the guy is not even one of their contributor. So they threaten content maker in some else yard, this is bad. Even if EU says it's fine, he can still get a copyright strike by WG NA, as for youtube it's all the same. I don't think it was childish, I think he was right to make a stand and say he won't be associated with this kind of behavior, as this is basically censorship, if they don't like what you did, boom copyright strike. That you remove someone from the CC program is one thing, threatening to kill off their youtube channel is another level. The ball is in WG camp, they should sort out their position globally and make a statement from the top.
  4. Darloc

    Jingles has quit the EU WG CC Program

    Well it does matter when a company decide to attack people promoting their games. They get money out of it sure, but for some of them it's basically their jobs and they also bring a lot of player to the game, kids this day spend their life on youtube. Personally I see this has a PR disaster that will cost them a lot, when you have someone with 1/2 millions subscribers talking about how badly this was handle, it will have an impact. It also show how there is no coordination between the different branches of WG, EU says "It's fine, everyone clam down" and NA (who had nothing in the slightest to do with the situation) decide to go triggered mode ...
  5. Darloc

    A Zen Sunday

    Oh man those game were the spawn is retarded are the worst, happened to me once on hotspot where I spawn south east, in a colorado, with a gnei and the rest of the team was south west. I was burnt down by a belfast, that was as fun as eating glass. But I think you are right krautjager, I tend also not to get mad about a game, I do look at my stat but I don't care much about them, I don't think anyone really does. When I loose or get taken out early on, I ask my self what should/could I have done different to change the outcome, there is usually something I did wrong, sometime it's also something the team did wrong but there is no point getting mad about it, it won't change the outcome. I try to point out in chat when I think someone is making a mistake but I don't get all keyboard warrior. I hate it when people do that. Not so long ago I was playing in the mogami and had a pretty good match, burned down half a montana while dodging it shells and killed another cruiser while defending a cap, then went onto the central cap and make a mistake against a dd, I turned instead of facing him and got torped. A des moines players long dead in chat called me "dumb and stupid" while other joined. I finished third in tier X match with a tier VIII cruiser well above the des moine player. It happen as well with my bayern, contasting a cap against 2 bb and a cruiser, manage to sink 2 and got taken out by the last guy, meanwhile one guy in chat was telling how to play and then when I died, I got the "And now you are dead, well done". And this is what make me rage more than the stupidity of my team, that's why I decided not to be salty in chat, you are not going to make me play better by insulting me... So I don't respond to this type of chat and just try to play better and not get worked too much, if I do, I'll stop playing.
  6. Darloc

    A Zen Sunday

    Glad you liked it, this was one of the worst facepalm I ever experienced in this game. We all get brain fart at one point or the other, and I have done my share of derping but this one.... I understand chasing a kill, I even get why the sharnhorst decide to go for it (but he could have caped before) but the colorado?!? He actually circled the cap circle without entering it. Having finished the colorado last week, I know how painfully slow it is, even if the guns are great, you are not going to catch a French cruiser 19km away. Anyway, was another 97k defeat.... But I had some luck as well, this happened last week-end, was contesting B on neighbor pretty much on my own as the C guys were dead and the A guys were coming but were still far away. A kamikaze r was hunting me and I managed to damage him badly (maybe 100/200hp left) but I took a pounding to. Of course after a while he manage to get a good drop on me, I was going to eat one torp and that would be me done. Oh well, I thought, at least I sunk 2 ships and delay their push on B. Suddenly the kamikaze is spotted and my secondary fire exactly once before I eat the torp. Guess what, that one shell hit and kill him. Never laughed so hard, the guy was quite salty but that was hilarious.
  7. Darloc

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    I like her but I would choose sharnhorst over her any day. Defensive AA is really situational while torps and plane get used in most games. That said, the amount of tanking she can do is amazing, I sat angled having a duel with a Colorado. He was on around 30k, I had maybe 20k remaining, managed to sink him, only taking 8k dmg in return while doing 6 to 10k a pop on him (he was broadside on obviously). He was at around 10km so ideal range for the hood. I also held a flank on fault line with a Mahan when all our team decide to lemmings to A and half there's shown up by C, sunk two cruisers before ramming a Nagato as a last minute defense. She is good a kitting (surprisingly good) with the rudder shift upgrade, as she is big but quite narrow, that [edited]is also quite nice, can get good angle with it. Her health pool is also very good making it a very good late game pusher, as usually you still have more health than most BB. Early game you have to be careful not to get over extended as she is so easy to focus. The issues are that turning circle, the shell made of pudding and her size. Overall it's a fun ship, but if I had to chose between her and the shiny horse, I would chose the sharnhorst, found her more reliable.
  8. Darloc

    A Zen Sunday

    Lucky you, I had one of the worst "how did you f***ed that up" this week end. Map was haven, Situation is we were 3 cap down, about 250-300 point lead for the opposite team, but I just sunk their last BB and they have 2 cruiser left. I cap my cap (north cap) and move onto the next one, meanwhile they are down to one cruiser, we have 4 BB, 2 hood, one sharnhorst and a colorado. We cap the eastern cap, just the southern one is left. But fear not our Sharnhorst is capping it and the colorado is just on the side so we should have it soon. Meanwhile the Emily is flying for it's dear life towards the south-eastern side of the map. This is when the sharnorst and the colorado decide to hand the victory on a plate to the enemy team, first the sharnhorst decide to leave the almost caped circle to chase the Emily and the colorado then decide not to enter the cap and chase after the cruiser as well, in a COLORADO, top speed of 20knots. The other hood and I try to convince them to cap to secure the victory, nope no answer just ignoring the open goal. What happened next is the stuff of legends, we were down to less than 50pts difference, so we could have won as their was a minute left and we had 3 caps, but fear not the sharnhorst eat 3 torps from the emily and goes down 20s before the end of the match handing the victory to the enemy team. So yeah, potato they be potato. I guess this is just normal week-end stuff?
  9. Darloc

    Hoods out!

    First game with her, did 97k, second game was less good 45k, third game I got up tiered and didn't do much. Overall I like her, she is very tanky and has a big health pool. It's big however which make it an easy target. The gun are ok but the AP is disappointing, it seems to shatter a lot on BB but does ok against cruisers, they are precise however unlike the sharn. I think I do still prefer sharnhorst, better utility, torps and plane are better IMO than defensive AA as it is interesting only against a carrier. But she is descent and I will probably play her often, she is more fun than I was expecting, she tanks really well.
  10. Darloc

    Hoods out!

    I am pretty sure they monitored what happened in past released and are expecting to make more money that way. WoW has a older audience that WoT which has a much younger player base. Older means more disposable income, means more likely to buy a bundle if they want to. So I don't think it priced 95% out of their market. Plus a cheaper bundle comes out next week and another one the week after. If you don't want to splash out £85 you can then just wait a week. Value of something is very subjective, some people might consider £85 a lot for a pixel ship but then they might spend the same amount on a night out. It's all have to do with the value you personally see in it. WoW is practically the only game I play at the moment, if I get dozen of hours out of my Hood, I might see this has a good investment.
  11. Darloc

    Hoods out!

    Well wargaming is a business, what do you expect, they want to make money and with a famous ship like the Hood... The bundles are the same for every server with the same release date. It's not like they are locking content away from people who won't buy it, you can still do the campaign, and you can still buy the ship alone at a later date. I don't think it's a bad deal with the 12 points captain, flags that are really good and upgrades. Expansive? Sure but I can see the value in the bundle. If you find it too expensive then just wait....
  12. Darloc

    Rage quit anyone

    There is some week-end effect, seen some weird thing this week-end most memorable moment was when we were ahead on point and shisp, had 2 caps point, I was defending B against 2 BB, 1 dd and 2 cruiser, sunk both the dd and 1 cruiser damaged the other one (2 cit), died. Saw my whole team camp A like champs, 1 Iowa and 2 depritz. The Iowa was tanking bow on on the lower right corner of A doing no damage, one tirpitz was next to me on B when they started pushing but decided that it was best to chase the DD that was hunting our CV. We lost with the top tier BB in our team being second to last on XP. So yeah one potato right there. I also saw 3 tier X BB clustering in a narrow gap to go to a cap, thankfully not on my team, our shima had a field day against them. I never saw that before and still wonder why a Yamato and 2 GK wanted to got there.
  13. Darloc

    I can't do well in higher tier battleships

    I found that you get less top tier match recently, I have a lot of tier VIII and IX match with the colorado. It's a good ship, the main issue is how slow it is, especially at tier VII and above everything is faster than you. I saw a lot of people complaining about that and the fact that you lost some guns, but the guns are so much better I don't understand why... NC is great, just got it this week end and at least you can move around with it!
  14. Darloc

    I can't do well in higher tier battleships

    The other thing no one mentioned, how trained are your captains? Jumping into tier VIII with a rookie captain is going to be painful.
  15. Darloc

    I can't do well in higher tier battleships

    Well it was a long time ago I did the south carolina, my issue was that the gun were so bad that you would miss a cruiser at less than 8km, I had game where I couldn't hit anything because of the dispersion, utterly frustrating. And destroyer could just come up to you and destroy you. I was relieved when I finished grinding it. I wouldn't say the Wyoming is great, at least not when I passed it, I was a preferred target for CV which were still a thing at the time, it was painful, that's why the NY was a so much better when I finally reached it. I don't think there is much to learn with the SC, sure angling can help you but I found that the issue were not other BB but HE spamming cruiser and DDs. You are also so slow that it's hard to help the team on some map. The wyoming could be a better starting point, at least you won't get shafted by the matchmaking and could learn how to positions and contribute as you will be top tier a lot of the time. A lot of people are complaining about the colorado after the new mex, I found that it has amazing guns but is still very slow, which can be painful against german BB. However the sigma is good and the gun are accurate, which makes him deadly against any class. Just have to watch out your positioning. Edit: I grinded also the fury taco when it was a piece of garbage, sure I did learn a few things but nothing more than I would have learned with the Aboa. Unless there is a specific things you need to adapt to, I think some ships are not worth the time and energy. There is a reason why they reworked the fury taco.