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  1. As far as I'm concerned the charity stream was a massive success. :)
  2. Kysmet

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    Can confirm, I just had the same today. Bought Gorizia and bought two boosters from doubloons I had lying around anyway before the building started. If you're very fast with finishing the directives and don't miss a daily, you can be done by today. (Still have to wait for the build to finish, of course). Entirely by accident. Now I can ignore directive 4.
  3. Kysmet

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    No, I don't think I will. I love the design concept of building a ship over longer time and doing things in-game to speed the process up. I dislike the time-gated concepts that force you into some pretty harsh/nigh impossible grinding work. I'll see if I can get the Gorizia and leave it at that.
  4. Kysmet

    Make AA great again

    Contrary to popular belief, ST doesn't dictate anything -- we have no control no final say. We just test the stuff that the devs put up and give feedback. That's it. They can listen or not, as they are wont to do. If I could tell the devs to do something and they'd listen, all the CVs would be pink and their arrival would be heralded by the My Little Pony soundtrack. :) That said, the devs read these forums and others as well (Such as Reddit), so you can be sure that many of the things people talk about are noticed.
  5. Kysmet

    Make AA great again

    There really is very little to no skill involved in using rocket planes. Let's not delude ourselves here. That said, a CV that actively uses rockets against DDs is missing the option of using the same rocket planes to strip cruisers of their AA suites. Rocket planes are intended to screw over DDs, but they have more uses. I also hope that we get the 'panic' back on DFAA. That was useful.
  6. Kysmet

    The yellow exclamation mark in triangle

    Wait, there are mods that show you that a ship activated speed boost? How is that fair. c_c
  7. Nothing should be immune to balancing changes, both up and down. I think WG should have pushed through the GC change because it needs to be taken care off. Regardless of how you acquired the ship. (And yes, that includes the ships I actually paid money for).
  8. Kysmet

    What is the best Coal ship to get now?

    A steamboat. :)
  9. You can already play with Dutch voices if you switch the game to Dutch. :)
  10. Kysmet

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    Wait and see. :)
  11. Kysmet

    gamescom 2019 - What to Expect

    Looking forward to it! =)
  12. Kysmet

    About the earnable USS Texas from that mission...

    You get 1.5M credits if you already own her.
  13. Kysmet

    Decrease accuracy in smoke

    Smoke isn't armor. It's just a penalty on your accuracy since you can't get a lock on your target. Nothing beats nailing a Minotaur in a smoke cloud with a few citadels. DDs are no different. If he's stupid enough to continue firing, you can easily see where he's at -- aim between the little lightflashes and some of your shells will probably hit. If you're lucky you might even kill him in one shot. If not, it usually tends to shut them up when they keep getting hit even in smoke. If you have the opportunity and the spine, sneak up on the DD/CL in smoke that keeps firing. You'll spot it before he can spot you and nail him in one salvo. They rarely expect that -- but it comes with a risk. ;)
  14. Here's my view on it. I think it's fundamentally a nice idea to promote re-playing the lower tiers. There's nothing wrong with that. Since in the stream it was already stated that the actual rewards are still not set in stone, I'll just touch on the one problem I have with the NTC design as it is presented right now: - I do not want to lose access to a line in order to regrind it. There are ships in that line that I will probably want to play before getting there. - I understand that this is in part intended as a money sink, but I don't mind paying half the ships' credit value of the entire line to trigger this mission. - Please add a new XP bar to each ship in the line you're regrinding -- and once all the bars on all of them filled, you're done with the regrind. - That way you keep access to the ships, so you can play them with your friends when you feel like it, and you can 'regrind' the entire line at your leisure as well. Marketing this mechanic as 're-grind' is not even trying to give it a positive feeling. Name it 're-visit' or 're-experience'. But above all, don't ask me to give up an entire line and lose access to it in the meantime. That isn't fun.