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  1. Kysmet

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    The above behavior, with the ship you find in a container was indeed the system used in past xmass loot systems. You could use it to 'entice' the system in giving you a large doubloon payout by buying the ship you expected before opening the containers and getting the same ship multiple times. That is no longer the case, though. I can only speak from my own observations on opening 60 mega containers (3x20), spread out over two weekends; I got a total of 18 ships from them, and the first 15 were all ships I didn't have. The moment the last ship of the roster arrived, I started getting the doubles, which where the last three of the 18. It is certainly possible that that was entirely by chance that the first 15 were not doubles but it seems rather unlikely.
  2. Kysmet

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    I've bought a stack of mega containers and didn't get double ships until I had every single ship listed in the lootbox article. The last three ships I received were doubles; 2x T-61 and 1x Prinz Eugen, good for 21400 doubloons. But more interestingly, in that same stack of containers (a 20 batch), I got the Kron and Musashi, which were the very last ships I needed to fill out the possible loot table. So until you get all the ships from the mega containers, you cannot get doubles, regardless of whether you buy them one at a time or a pile of 20.
  3. A chance for free containers is always a nice thing. :)
  4. Kysmet

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    20 mega got me: 5x Spring Day 5x Asian Lantern 30x Dragon 30x Basilisk 30x Wyvern 30x Ourobouros 60x Scylla 30x Hydra 40x New Year's Streamer 6000 Doubloons Ashitaka Missouri De Grasse Boise Prinz Eugen Marblehead
  5. Kysmet

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Very nice initiative. I want to join the lottery
  6. Kysmet

    Black Friday containers...broken?

    There are premium and regular Black Friday containers. The ones from the mission are the regular kind. These contain less loot that the ones bought from the shop. But they still have a chance for the premium ships. It's how these things always work. Check the premium shop to see what the those can contain.
  7. Kysmet

    Ships you kept

    All of them. I haven't removed a single one after getting it. XD
  8. Kysmet

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    The stats site is not exactly faultless. There are a few ways in which this could happen; either an API error. maybe he sold the ship and got it returned through a ticket. Regardless, if you don't have it right now, you probably won't be getting it anymore.
  9. Kysmet

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    You can no longer acquire these ships, as the licensing deal with ARP has long since expired. If you have them, you can continue to play them. Same deal for the Haifuri ships, actually. Licensing also expired. As will be the case for the Azur Lane coop ships and captains eventually.
  10. Kysmet

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    The Fletcher is the better ship. It has no dead angles for it isn't guns, it has better torpedoes and is more agile. That doesn't make the Jutland a bad ship, though. Jutland is good at defending a spot, but a Fletcher can both attack and defend.
  11. Kysmet

    Directive bug?

    This step is pretty easy in coop mode. :)
  12. Kysmet


    Remember that the legendary mods are alternatives for ships. They might not be an improvement in your eyes. Haru will get hers eventually. :)
  13. Kysmet

    Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    ARP Kongou with the purple neon stripes. :)
  14. Kysmet

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Don't start slinging mud if you don't want to get dirty. :)
  15. Kysmet

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    It seems like a fine in-between-step. I want the Dutch ships ingame, but a full line is going to take a long time to get made. A few choice ships that are parked in the PanEuro line would be fine in the meantime. Stuff gets moved around when needed.