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  1. Kysmet

    Battle Pass in Update 12.1

    10K RP is what you get for free when you unlock the research bureau for the first time, if I remember correctly. Getting 10K 'for free' (you're paying for it) is not exactly a thrilling prospect to work towards.
  2. Kysmet

    Public Test 12.1 - General Feedback

    Found a bug! The icon of the game changed again! Poor thing. XD
  3. Kysmet

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    Did that, worked like a charm.
  4. Kysmet

    Regional Holiday Stream Schedule

    I see Seraphice managed to escape the madness. Too bad. :D
  5. Kysmet

    What happened to the players this week

    Madness will continue until people are done farming their snowflakes.
  6. Kysmet

    admiral tokens

    It'll be available for coal in a while. The Tromps I ran into thus far haven't impressed me - just evade the airstrike and pew-pew it down. :)
  7. But subs already take DD slots in the MM?
  8. Kysmet

    General Submarines related discussions

    Nice catch. He messed up, though. If you find them that easily killed, go for it. But no support, no spotting from other people and within range of the enemy team and your experience will be very different.
  9. Kysmet

    General Submarines related discussions

    Well, WG introduced a new class. Something that was never around before, that was never balanced around and somehow it must now fit in the existing framework without utterly destroying it for the other classes. 1. Homing is, thankfully, bound by limits. If you try to fight against them, you're in for a disappointment. You need to learn to use them. Homing stops a (very) short distance from the ships so they will do their best to throw them off. Homing doesn't mean auto-hit. Use it on ships that are broadside to you - running at you or away are a lot harder to hit with it. 2. Check the captain skills. Homing torps have a fairly low base-damage. You can use captain skills to increase the damage significantly. Or use the dumbfire torps, if your submaine has them. 3. DO NOT GET SPOTTED. Do not betray your presence if you can help it. Homing torps can be fired and hit without a ping just fine - they just do less damage. Learn the underwater radar range of each submarine type - it varies. 4. Subs have the best stealth ingame, bar none. Above water it already is better than most destroyers (save a few torp oriented). At periscope it is only 2km. It doesn't get much better than that. Hydro doesn't work on you underwater if you're further way than 2km. Or at all of you're at the bottom depth. Radar doesn't work on you. Getting spotted is completely a subs own fault. Go get the captain skill that warns you that you'll surface into a place where you will get spotted if you need it. 5. Yeah, that's pretty odd, but it is what it is. Realism is not an argument in these balancing discussions. 6. Technically, not every ship, but most do. They also have fairly short ranges, so if you get too close, well, bonk. See answer 3. Learn to ping sideways, be sneakier. 7. The DCP can be used to remove the homing, but it also means that it can then not be used for damage fighting. Besides, your ping will be available 6 seconds later again. The advantage is solidly with the subs here. I'll admit that I dislike subs with a passion - their design is terrible and they have been hammered into the game in such a way that it damages the position DDs were left in significantly. DDs are pretty much lame ducks when it comes to fighting subs because their ship-launched DCs are in most cases a suicide ride and they out-stealth many DDs with easy - without having to pay for it. DDs invest heavily in trying to not be detected. Subs get it for absolutely free. Subs are by no means overpowered, but they are unfun to play in my opinion and just as unfun to have to deal with if you barely have the tools to 'interact' with them. You have to wait until they mess up before you can do something against them.
  10. Kysmet

    General Submarines related discussions

    It's just a matter of time. They are slowly infesting the tiers as people make their way up the submarine tech tree. Unfortunately.
  11. Kysmet

    Takahashi feels broken

    Takahashi is fine. You just gotta play it to it's strengths. Don't get spotted - it's a massive DD. I've had 180K matches in it in the past two evenings that I've taken it out for a spin. The guns are mostly to finish off targets - the torps are where it's strength lies. :)
  12. Yeah, no. This was the original idea behind Research Bureau - infinite improvement of captain/ship skills 'with small steps'. It was shot down so hard by the player base that the devs were sore for a year and redid the entire concept to what is now the Research Bureau (replay existing lines). We don't need something similar back.
  13. Kysmet

    Supertest – FAQ

    If you want to become a CC or Contributor, you'll have to head over to https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/contributors-program/ If you want to join ST, you'll have to sign up for ST Academy as described in the FAQ at the start of this thread.
  14. A quick question, do you earn points for every step of a daily mission you do, or do you have to finish all the daily missions in order to get the 10 points? It isn't really clear from the description. I expect you get points for each part of the daily - up to 10 -. :)