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  1. I generaly already do them just playing regularly. XD
  2. Kysmet

    Proof of WG tampering odds.

    The collection is easy to finish. o_O
  3. At first I despaired when reading that 30 planes requirement. But after five matches switching between Kidd and Monoghan it was finished. If you don't have an AA oriented DD it'll take you a bit longer. It's tedious but not impossible.
  4. Kysmet

    Defensive AA.. Does it even do anything now?

    The flak bubbles are very predictable if you've flown a bit and attacked ships away from each other. Even with DFAA they're pretty easy to avoid. Just learn how to swerve just before your final attack to get them to pop out of the way. The bubbles are going to appear where you'll be if you continue on you current trajectory. So just don't fly straight once you are under AA attacks and you'll rarely get hit. There is no magic to it, really.
  5. I don't like this radar change. The grace period of six seconds is fine as it gives the DD -maybe- enough time to slide behind a bit of rock in order to not be deleted immediately. But that is then immediately compensated by increase the duration of the radar and all the ranges getting standardized upwards (!) instead of downwards. It wasn't exactly hard to memorize or learn the distance you need to keep from radar cruisers. Now you just need to stay away even further from them. I don't expect this change will made DDs any more eager to cap (if they have any sense at all). In open water this is actually a straight out buff to radar users (more range and the radar user will be shooting most likely anyway). We'll have to see how this plays out in game, but I'm not impressed.
  6. Kysmet

    Sorry but i have to say it

    I am not particularly happy with the stealth change as implemented. I expected radar to be tuned down, as it is far too prevalent in the high tier games in the last year. Six seconds of warning for the uncovered ships is nice. Increasing the radar duration and range is not. It turns the whole thing in a net gain (and for some ships a considerable buff). I see people mentioning that with the advent of the new CV, 'This is needed to prevent DDs becoming too powerful'. They are assuming that the current status quo is desirable or even healthy for the game -- and I strongly disagree with that point of view. Radar needs a few good whacks with the nerf bat, not boosting.
  7. Kysmet

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    Lightning, Jutland and Daring are the best of the RN DD line. Especially Jutland and Daring are great at bullying stuff out of caps and defending those caps, but they take getting used to learning their playstyle. :)
  8. The complete distance traveled in game, to put in comparison: 29.055.821.403 Km is: 37793 trips to the Moon and back. 266 trips to Mars and back. 24 trips to Jupiter and back. 1.9 trips to Pluto and back. It's 2.4 times further out than Voyager 1, the record holder of human object furthest away. :)
  9. T8, 9 and 10 done. Not sure if the lower tiers are worth the bother.
  10. Everyone's free to decide wheter to buy the campaign or the ship. Or not. I'm not going to bother. I've spend a lot of containers and feel I got my money's worth of stuff from them. But 50 for access to a campaign (in a bundle to 'justify' it) is too rich for me. Remember, the explanation states that if you, 'at a later time' re-buy the mission, it resets the 180 day countdown. So it'll be back at a later time. Probably without a bundle and a lot cheaper.
  11. Kysmet

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    I am going to have to respectfully disagree. The mechanic governing the WoWS xmass containers is a lot nicer than that of WoT. The only downside this year compared to last year is the disappearance of Premium Time, which was one of the reasons why I bought them in the first place. The WoWS system quarantees you a ship you don't have every 20-25% of the mega containers (on average). WoT's droprate for the tanks you mentioned is far, far lower. Did I spend a lot of money? Hell yes, 60 containers is not cheap. But it got 15 premiums right out of the containers and enough gold to buy the 5 I was missing with some 20K dbs to spare. That's ~10 euro per premium, with hundreds of flags, camo and thousands of doubloons as bonus. However, don't spend money you can't miss. Set yourself an xmass budget and stick to it.
  12. Kysmet

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    The above behavior, with the ship you find in a container was indeed the system used in past xmass loot systems. You could use it to 'entice' the system in giving you a large doubloon payout by buying the ship you expected before opening the containers and getting the same ship multiple times. That is no longer the case, though. I can only speak from my own observations on opening 60 mega containers (3x20), spread out over two weekends; I got a total of 18 ships from them, and the first 15 were all ships I didn't have. The moment the last ship of the roster arrived, I started getting the doubles, which where the last three of the 18. It is certainly possible that that was entirely by chance that the first 15 were not doubles but it seems rather unlikely.
  13. Kysmet

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    I've bought a stack of mega containers and didn't get double ships until I had every single ship listed in the lootbox article. The last three ships I received were doubles; 2x T-61 and 1x Prinz Eugen, good for 21400 doubloons. But more interestingly, in that same stack of containers (a 20 batch), I got the Kron and Musashi, which were the very last ships I needed to fill out the possible loot table. So until you get all the ships from the mega containers, you cannot get doubles, regardless of whether you buy them one at a time or a pile of 20.
  14. A chance for free containers is always a nice thing. :)
  15. Kysmet

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    20 mega got me: 5x Spring Day 5x Asian Lantern 30x Dragon 30x Basilisk 30x Wyvern 30x Ourobouros 60x Scylla 30x Hydra 40x New Year's Streamer 6000 Doubloons Ashitaka Missouri De Grasse Boise Prinz Eugen Marblehead