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  1. Hello Captain Charfield,

    GKXS is an English speaking casual clan, we do not have any requirements. Have look, if you like what you see apply in-game


    1. CaptainCharfield


      Hey, I just applied to the clan, thanks for contacting me

    2. Russ_57


      Welcome onboard Captain, nice to have you here.

      Brexiteer (Ian) is our Commader, and I am Russ.

      See you in battle 


  2. CaptainCharfield

    Looking for Clan

    Hey there, im looking for a clan to join, im active manily through the week due to work on weekends.
  3. CaptainCharfield

    [KOBO] Recruiting

    [KOBO] Kongou's Bongos is recruiting, if you want to join, please message either me or DecrepitSundew3 in-game! We mainly play for fun in random battles, the only requirements we have are that you be 18+ and be able to play on EU servers and speak english.