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  1. Noobsgonewild

    7 times rank 1 rewards?

    " In case you already received the "Ultimate Mustang" camouflage for Flint and "Ultimate Crocodile" camouflage for Black, you will be issued 6 Copper less. " But i didn't receive them. So i should've received 6 copper more?
  2. Noobsgonewild

    7 times rank 1 rewards?

    but bro...i am 7 times rank 1 without sprint. take a look and count for yourself: https://wows-numbers.com/player/529260199,Noobsgonewild/?type=rank
  3. Noobsgonewild

    7 times rank 1 rewards?

    i am 7 times rank 1 without sprint season and without test season
  4. Noobsgonewild

    7 times rank 1 rewards?

    I probably missed an anouncement or something, but where are the camos we should've got for 7 times rank 1? All i got was 1 copper. How am i suposed to buy 2 camos, that cost 6 copper, with 1 copper reward? As i remember, i should've got both the camos for 7th time rank 1.
  5. Noobsgonewild

    Payed in premium shop, got NOTHING

    that settles it i guess
  6. Noobsgonewild

    Payed in premium shop, got NOTHING

    So today i was navigating the premium shop, thinking on buying premium time, when i saw a cheap Smith, and thought "hey, i could buy it and get some gold, since i already have it". And so i did. And i got NOTHING. Well, not actualy nothing, i got a level 3 commander, a port slot and 4 flags. NO SHIP, NO GOLD. What a total RIPOFF. I know it wasn't expensive, but i still got ripped off. I payed money for...nothing. I couldn't care less for 1 port slot, a level 3 captain and 4 silly flags. I want my money back or the gold! P.S.: am i to get the nothing if i buy another premium ship that i curently own? What if i buy Bismark (since i already have it), will i get nothing? Can i apply this logic in all cases? You can see the attached print screen as proof. No ship, no gold!
  7. Noobsgonewild

    Unable to connect to update service

    i can confirm. starting the game and logging in, works. no need to connect to update center unless you haven't patched yet
  8. Noobsgonewild

    Suggestions thread

    why isn't this a thing already?
  9. Noobsgonewild

    2 day old Newbie.. what am i doing wrong??

    Here's some pro tips: - Never shoot your guns untill you're in smoke or behind cover; i've seen tier X (Minotaur) shoot right before they smoke up, then die in smoke from all the incoming fire they atracted - Never reveal yourself on your way to cover General rule in british cruisers: if you're spoted, you're dead.
  10. Noobsgonewild

    Summer sales

    the final bundle will be a destroyer bundle
  11. Noobsgonewild

    Summer Sale Disappointment

    tomorrow's bundle will be a destroyer bundle. t6,t7,t8, in a single bundle.
  12. Noobsgonewild

    End of the year in-game contest results

    i see. so i was doing it wrong after all. i am sorry sir.
  13. Noobsgonewild

    End of the year in-game contest results

    let me break it down. so i got 5121 xp. it multiplied with my premium account resulting in: 5121*1.5=7,681.5 Then i multiply that xp with 2 (the bonus for the first battle of the day) so it got from 7,681.5*2=15,363 So my 5121 was from what bonus exactly? Come on....do i really need a screen from team panel? I didnt count i would need that since 'the data will be automaticaly gathered from our servers'. meh what ever. what's done is done. maybe i'm doing it wrong
  14. Noobsgonewild

    End of the year in-game contest results

    so you're telling me, that on my account, the xp showed is with modifiers BUT on his account the xp showed is without modifiers? really? i was playing alone. anyway:
  15. Noobsgonewild

    End of the year in-game contest results

    I have 5121 experience on my gearing with no team damage. I have the screenshot and yet i was not included in this Wth If you look at Funkel, on the last place, at his destroyer, he has 3735 xp and 99,045 damage . If you look at my account, at destroyers, i have 5121 xp and 160,752 damage. So you're telling me his lower xp and damage got him top 15 and my 5121 xp and 160k damage got me nothing? Even my Benson or Fletcher have more xp than Funkel's destroyer. I call this rigged What ever