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  1. Ryu359

    Just a reminder to WG to buff back IJN t9-t10 carriers

    The question is more what is intended. What are the real effects and where are the players just doing it wrongly (mainoroblen ar lower tiers is players drving un straight lines and "polluting" the statistics there). How about someone describes What exactly changed. What exactly the problem is and what the exact effects are so that those who dont have this carrier can see wth you are zalking anout
  2. I think it was said that probably a clan warfare will come out also that will feature full 12 ship squads but not sure if that was just a rumor, guess or a fixed thing
  3. I have been there quite a few times with my T7 DD. The cvs gave me only once a hard time. All other times i had no troubles from them. The caa on the other hand got on my nerves in these games. They just had to pop up every time i tried to sneak onto a bb. Sunk a few though. But like i said got no troubles there even against highest tier ijn and us carriers. And the only one one of them got on my nerves i used smoke and got out and into cruiser AA cover until he was occupied and i could sneak in again
  4. Ryu359

    Cruiser damage

    Isnt also the atlanta having this type of turrets? or was it 150mm? (atlantas ROF is almost as high as a st. louis)
  5. I don't even think its damage.......even when I do relatively small damage I tend to get more xp in my CV then when things go wrong with my DD oO Please yes.....I would have quite a day there with my minekaze Only as a comment there.....an exploit / bad mechanic is not that CV as general are OP ;) they can drop a bit too near but still that is still not an indication as to how OP or UP CVs in general are (what this thread is about....again *eyes roll*.......and I still wonder why I have the hobby of hunting CVs with my DDs......... @Trigger_Happy_Dad: Nice statistics......is it possible to also take into account only games of tier 6+? (where at least SOME ppl learned to NOT drive in just straight lines?
  6. 1. Yepp I'm using manual drops since bogue and nope no fighter loadout (never doing that). Beginning with bogue I just had to deal first with the opposing carriers and only then could I torp the ships which is why over half of the battle I'm not even getting near enemy ships at all...using my torps to lure their fighters in and my fighters to destroy those. worked fine even against fighter setups. Additionally more and more DDs slipped through the battlelines and hunted down the carriers......for a bogue quite deadly. If a full salvoe from my planes hits.....about 1/3 to 1/2 if I get lucky of a BB hp gone. If a salvoe from my DDs hit fully....a fully gone BB For the tier 7 DD the main problem is that most have learnt there to go zickzack else the T7 would be my best DD. "As a CV however, YOU have the option to fly around, and decide what is the best target. Destroyer not so much." DD is a bit more restricted due to distances that are travelled but I can choose targets almost freely...sometimes even in Tier X battles.....but problem is mostly the evasion.....as planes just can get nearer more easily (at least with CAs not doing their job) 3. Believe it or not I still see tier 7, 8 BBs sailing in a straight line...and even random shots fired into regions where I guess enemies are sinking dds ca and damaging bbs......even at those tier. but it is WAY more seldom than in earlier tiers (in earlier most of them sail straight lines) Permaspotting: If your side also has a carrier the other one has a problem.....and even if not....I see that only very seldom strange as it is. And last time a carrier did my T7 DD got his whole flight. And as for the more options / more forgiving: That is what I meant. carriers are easier to play than DDs. And due to the planes being able to wait a bit (at lower tiers....at highers they get shot down even by BB AA if they wait for too long) they can aim better at short distances than the DDs...who have to fire at long distances already. Edit: Just a match that happened just now (and that is why I think that CV get more XP than they should for what they accomplish.....and also that most players in the game just have no clue about teamwork nor how to play the game): I was in my T7 DD... My team had: 3 T6 BB, 2 T7 BB, 1 T8 CA, 2 T7 CA, 1T6 CA, 3 DD (6,7,9) Enemy had: T8 japanese CV, 2 T8 BB, 2T7 BB, 1T6 BB, 3T7 CA, 1T6 CA, 1 T6 DD, 1T7 DD The CV got 1.189k XP and managed to kill 1 single ship......and that despite our CAs staying WAY away from the BBs despite getting told "stay with the BBs as they are dead else". No they had to stay away at least 10-20km (watched it on the minimap). And naturally...the BBs drove in a straight line the whole time. Btw I got 2 kills myself (with 2 torps that hit).
  7. Ryu359

    Carriers are op...why?

    Uhm you know that you ALWAYS know where a carrier is at? 90% don't click their returners to another location thus every single craft that spent its ammunition is returning directlry towards the carriers location which means....you always know where the carrier is at. so why should I search him then?
  8. Carriers surviving more often and/or gaining more xp than DDs does not really wonder me. The thing is more that you indicate that carriers are winning the battle all by their own which I find not being the case. But lets see thing by thing (tier 5-7 btw...I just free xp'd over tier 6 DDs and still at tier 6 with carriers). CV Independence T6: 53 battles, 21 victories, 1139 xp DD Minekaze T5: 73 games, 33 victories, 1007 xp DD hatsuharu T7: 41 games, 12 victories, 719 xp Sunk ships: 148 main batteries (at least 10 of these are through DD main batteries, if also secondaries count into this then 2 more from carriers), 71 by aircraft, 155 by torps, 81 by other means Highest number of ships sunk 5, highest number of aircraft killed 39 In total it looks like the CV I have is more efficient than the DDs......that is if I only look at these stats abvoe and not at the sunk ships and don't know the background. 1.) XP difference between CV and DDs: With the CV I usually kill off between 20-30 fighters per game that is about 100-150 XP (up to 200 xp) I would guess. Additionally I manage to bring torps from about 4-5 salvoes into their targets and naturally same amount of bomber hits. With that I manage to sink maybe 1-2 ships in a game....sometimes none at all as they just survive the hit. Only a couple of DDs I managed to outright sink and sometimes a spare CA or BB. The T5 DD on the other hand.....I'm about using 5-10 salvoes per game (with maybe 1-2 hitting the target every 2-3 salvoes) and usually sink at least 1 ship per game. Up to 5 is the maximum I did there (hence the highest score there in terms of kills that was with my DD).The T7 on the other hand..........here I have enemies usually who already know how to zigzag and evade torps and thus the hit rate is appropriately low (even when fired on 2-4 km.............life is sometimes just unfair).Thus the drop in XP here from the T5. Else I would easily have similar stats. So in total I'm doing more hits with the CV and kill more fighters. On the other hand the hits I do with the DDs do WAY more damage when I hit than hits by my planes. Aka I have more hits with the CV and do more damage with the DDs. The CVs still get more xp thanks to the more hits AND the fighters downed (with the DD max. 1-3 per battle). 2.) I'm using all ships (18.1% BB, 20.46% CA, 24.73% CV, 36.64% DD) and I'm not bad with my CV still I only have half the kills by airplanes than with my DDs. My T7 DD is a bit out of line there as like I said I usually play against ppl tehre that already have learnt to evade torps (can't say how many times I ended up in T9-10 battles :´( ). And that despite the advantage I have over my DD. With the DD I usually fire at 7-8 km range (2 km if the target is too dumb to shoot at me or is a BB who is currently occupied on the other side....or a carrier). With the CV I can take my time and drop my torps near to my target. Still despite that I don't manage to kill as many targets as with my DD ...... the reason here is the damage difference. A full salvoe by a DD that goes into a ship is usually enough to kill even a BB (damn RNG who lets same tier DDs survive a single torp by me -.-). While a full salvoe from my planes......it badly damages the BB but it survives and repairs. And if I'm lucky it is still without cruiser cover when I come back. That is for american CVs btw. A IJN cv probably has it a bit easier there as he has 2 more torps than I have (2x 4 planes vs. 1x 6 planes). With that he should be able to sink a BB in one go........that is if all torps hit and that usually is only the case if the BB has no CA for protection and drives in a straight line. 3.) Experience. DDs are harder to play as you need to always think of your cover AND usually need to fire their torps at 6+ km range which means 1 little course correction by the enemy during the travel time and the torps all miss. CVs on the other hand are "move there and drop there". in tier 4-5 there is not much AA thus they can take their time to target which a DD does not have. At higher tiers DDs WOULD be more lethal but by then.......lets face it at tier 7+ if you still only drive in straight lines.....you are a complete noob. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For cruisers and BBs...............BBs at least till and including tier 6 take just too long to arrive at a battlezone during this time a CV usually has made 2 drops already. And CAs they are usually doing long range trades with BBs and other CAs...........and for the later almost every course correcture leads to half of the enemies salvoe missing (if not the whole one)....or they hunt the DDs / CVs. Thus if you think about what they usually do up till tier 7 at least.......I would be not surprised if they gain only marginal xp. But more importantly beginning tier 6 they are the AA of the fleet..........still don't acti like it though most of the time and just try hunting other CAs/DDs instead of doing their job.........half of the time they move to west even and then change course to east again,... and thus for about 1/3 of the match not even enemy contact. While DDs and CVs are almost always constantly in the battle. So what are your arguments there (for reasons) again?
  9. Ryu359

    DDs UP?

    Additionally if 2-3 dds are in a division and have TS..........lets say it so they could coordinate enough so that they can make at least 1 clear kill per salvoe. Thus if DDs work together they should still be able to make kills
  10. Ryu359

    Abusing the map border lines.

    What is the solution there? I'm not on the PTR but intersted still thoguh
  11. Ryu359


    At higher tiers DDs have problems as ppl know alrady what to do there. at lower tiers its an easy game for them and cvs. The simple is reason: CAs and especially BBs need to turn immediately (either into the direction of or away) when they see a DD or a torp plane nearby. That way you dont present your broadside and can easily evade the torps. Easier with IJN BBs but also possible with US BBs even. And one thing too...when you see torps in the water also vary your speed that way you can more easily avoid them even in case he gets you from the broadside.
  12. Ryu359

    Planes out of map

    If you look up threads that has been mentioned a few times. Mostly done on purpose though. Seemingly outside the map your planes do not show up on the minimap. There is said that something will be done there but I'm not sure what exactly
  13. And we also know that at lower tier over 90% of the players and at tier 5-6 60% (minimum) and less at higher tiers of the players are not able to steer at all.....even getting hit by 1 torp squadron that drops without a manual drop. Maybe if players would get that they should turn into / away from the direction torp planes are coming from instead of driving in a straight line even when the torps are in the water.....that the ratio decreases. hell what I REALLY dont get there......torp planes are visible from FAR away...destroyers not.....but even with auto drops its easier to hit with planes than with dds.............someone is really doing something wrong there. (and its not the cv/dd players). That aside at tier 4-5 its the lack of AA that makes other cvs the only threat (aside from dds who know what they do and go for the lone enemy carrier instead of trying to hunt cruisers) to the carriers planes. At tier 6+.....in all honesty there is no excuse for a CV having an easy game as that means the cruisers did not do what they should have......teamplay to protect the fleet from the nasty planes. And btw why do you bring winrate up?.....could be they got lucky........seen it often enough that ONE player manages 6 kills but his team still looses as the others just played like complete and utter noobs. so that says nothing sadly
  14. Ryu359

    Incompetent Bombers and Fighter capabilities

    Shift normally switches "Just" into 3rd person almost turret like view for planes
  15. Ryu359

    Carriers are op...why?

    1. Now look at all the classes and their abilities again........in case you didn't see it.....CAs have a nice little ability that most ppl call a panic button. It hugely increases their AA ability and makes them able to shoot down whole flights within seconds. Even if said flight is from a carrier 1 tier above the CA. Furthermore while the 40s this is active (cooldown 2 mins) are going the bomber accuracy and torp spread are greatly reduced in 5km around a CA.....now tell me which shipclass can achieve that again? (with my atlanta I once managed to kill 2 flights within 10 seconds.....not sure my ranger can do that). 2. Wrong. 1. its most of the time other DDs....after that it depends. And as you stated "run into early on". If dds play wisely they stay out of the main areas and ship around them ..... that way they can move around the other dds (hopefully) and the CAs and get to the tasty BBs and the CVs (done it often enough myself and worked most of the time.......at least when I didnt have bad luck and ran into a group of dds that had the same idea as me). And if you read my original comment right I'm not talking about DDs attacking CAs that are in their way to their target but instead they try to HUNT for CAs......not even using gaps in the enemy formation to get to the BBs and CVs and instead try to go there where they KNOW that the WHOLE CA group of the enemy is at.