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  1. Has anyone noticed just how bad the match making is lately, I feel wargaming need to address this, because 3 times tonight I was placed on really bad teams. See the attached image for the last game I had, despite being quite a reasonable decent player in the Massachusetts, i'm definitely not skilled enough to influence a game to carry a team this bad. Yet its not their fault they have poor stats, they should be matched against similar players so they have a chance to win and improve. Not get soundly beaten by every team they play, so they get so dis-enchanted, they give up on the game. The up tiering is also causing issues, as pretty much the only tier 8 BB in the game, I'm really going to struggle against must ships. Its no better for tier 7 ships that find themselves unable to pin the armour of any higher tier ship, as their 152mm guns can only ping 25mm armour, even ihfe only allows 31mm, still not enough. Then there is over pins, so many these days. I've hit ships full broadside, BB's, cruisers, and what used to be a dev strike turns into 6 OP.. It makes a mockery of having big guns on a battleship Question is, what can be done? Will wargaming listen, make changes? What do you guys think? edit: screenshot removed due to name & shame (REDIT: My mistake.. here's the screenshot)
  2. natswright

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I'm just playing the game as normal, but playing ships that contribute towards the objectives. I hope to get to stage 3, but doubt I will. I'm not even half way through the first stage.
  3. Hehe, cant wait, I have to get up super early for this too!!
  4. I'd suggest looking at Royal Navy Cruisers, they teach you a lot about how to play a light cruiser and are just a joy to play! I'd also recommend the Japanese and american cruisers too, all three of these lines have good low tier cruisers. The Italian cruisers are very tricky to play, but very rewarding when you get them right, especially that little tier 4! DD's are more difficult to play, and i'd go for the Japanese line first, although RN and German DD's are a good option. I enjoyed the British and Russian BB's as a good starting point.
  5. natswright

    I need help with cruiser playstyle...please

    Ah, ok, the issue with both those ships is that they have limited counters when used as close support. I've played the Dallas, similar to the cleveland, and would suggest that they are ships that are tricky to use close in. I found that carefully pushing in, keeping guns in range, but, be ready to withdraw, and angle away. A fast cruiser, retreating, while firing is a hard target to hit. Once you have disengaged, check the map, and see where you can push up again to support. Its like a yoyo with being a cruiser, always on the move, taking opportunist shots. Maybe this will help (its a music video, but shows my first game in the Fiji. The British cruiser line is one of the best that teaches you how to play a cruiser!!
  6. natswright

    I need help with cruiser playstyle...please

    Your stats are actually really good, 38k average in a Murmansk is good!! You are struggling with the Furutaka and this is a tricky ship to get to grips with, its strength comes from its speed (36kts with speed signal) and you have to kite in it. It has reasonable armour, but show a sniff of broadside and you're doomed! You play the Atago, which is a similar ship, play them in a similar manor.... I've not played the AL Montpelier, but it seems almost identical to the Cleveland, a deceptively tough little cruiser! I've seen most who play the Cleveland play in a similar way to the Atlanta, as it has high fire arks, so a bit of a camping ship from what i've seen, lobbing shells over islands!
  7. natswright

    I need help with cruiser playstyle...please

    Cruisers are a very utility based unit, by that I mean that they have a bit of all roles in them. Some things I've learned from playing them is that they fall into one of several play styles. Destroyer cap/support Quite a risky play style, as Cruisers are vulnerable, especially early game, however the HE firepower support is invaluable to help your DD's early game. Many have good concealment, so you'll be looking at using ships like the Leander, Fiji, Perth, Atago, Edinburgh and so on. Survival is important, so use Island cover where you can, to block crossfires. If you have smoke and hydro, use them, as you can fire from the safety of a smoke screen. Hydro will give early warning of torpedoes of course, but be aware of the map. Look out for the radar cruisers and make sure you have an escape plan to get out of there. Never over extend in a cruiser, or you will get punished for it. Close support is usually easier with Light cruisers that are nimble and can avoid incoming fire. Later game play/kiting away Some cruisers can play quite well by camping behind islands and spamming HE when a ship comes into range. This is fine, but can limit your contribution to the game, as like a spider, you are waiting to trap a ship that comes into range. The danger is that you get ambushed yourself or spotted via radar or aircraft. Another style of game play is to maximize the usage of priority target. Kite away from the enemy, using island cover to minimize exposure. Lay fire down, HE to set fires, but plunging AP is also effective. If targeted, maneuver to avoid as much damage as possible. The new Italian ships are ideal to practice this as they are very easy to citadel, so you can use them to practice avoiding incoming fire. Torpedoes Mainly, cruisers should deploy them for area denial, or when you get an opportunity to safely fire them. This is because you usually cant stealth fire them, and have to show a lot of broadside to deploy, leaving you vulnerable. There are exceptions, heavy cruisers like the Prinz Eugen have a lot of Bow armour and angled well can bounce 15in shells. So late game you can get up close with some of the heavy cruisers and use those torpedo. Be mindful that if upreared, 16in shells will over match tier 8 cruisers, and 15in shells will over match many too. Conclusion Use the strengths of the chosen cruiser, The Irian has a great fire chance and good gun range, so is a great kiting ship. Its torpedoes have a huge 13.5km range so it can be great for delaying a BB push up a flank. The Fiji or most of the British cruisers are very nimble and have great concealment, plus smoke. Then can provide close support and their AP is deadly against Cruisers and DD's. Hydro makes then good at defending caps too as they make great DD hunters. Heavy cruisers can afford to be a little more aggressive, but still benefit from a kiting style of play. With a cruiser, its generally better to keep moving, be a difficult target to hit. Use that Priority target to avoid incoming fire. Late game a cruiser can afford to push in more aggressively, use your hydro to protect the BB's. You are a true utility ship, and your job is to support both DD's and BB's. Use map awareness to avoid incoming fire and position yourself accordingly on the map. Dont worry about damage early in the game, stay alive, cruisers really come into play later in the game, although there are exceptions. You should always try to support your DD's unless they overextend to the point when you have to retreat. Hope this helps, its what i've learned in the 6 months i've played ships, and only recently has my game play improved, as I changed my cruiser play style! Managed a game the other day in the Perth, hit 85k !! Had another in the Molotov, and managed 95k. Especially with the Molotov i'd have tried to hide behind islands, but this time I kited an pushed in towards the end of the game when I could take full advantage of fewer ships. Even then, I lost map awareness momentarily, and almost got deleted. Fortunately I managed to kite away in time and set 3 fires on the Sinop, burning them down!
  8. natswright

    DD Tactics for first 5 minuets

    Quite the big thread this one! So, A few things I've learned while playing DD's As the game starts, note what ships you are up against, this defines your early strategy. CV and radar? Use caution advancing! Ideally you need an 11 point captain to be effective PT, PM - LS - Superintendent - CE (3 points minimum, with PM or PT and LS) Priority target is very useful in a gunfight with another DD, you can engage if not being targeted by other ships, other than the DD Know when to disengage from what you are doing. Have an escape plan. Use the Mini map, where are the Radar ships, the DD's, does the DD in the same cap as you have hydro? As others have said, a DD spotting on the flank is very handy, you don't always need to immediately secure a cap. I play cruisers a lot too, and use concealment to push in and support friendly DD's, this is very useful, but often only happens in a division Use Premium consumables, that extra 30 seconds on smoke reload can be the difference between survival and sinking! Dont be selfish with your smoke, as well as hiding in it, you can drop it to cover advancing ships, then spot ahead! Above all, remember you are playing with a bunch of random people, things don't always go to plan, so COMMUNICATE!! This list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps. I'm not the best DD player, there are the hardest class to play I reckon.
  9. natswright

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Thanks, I never heard of that, but understand what it is now!
  10. natswright

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    On the CV front, try playing a tier III DD with 3, yes 3 CV's a side! I think any game under tier V should have 2 CV's max....
  11. natswright

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Err, yes, I was bottom tier, and I sank a top tier ship, I fail to see your point? Are you implying the Tirpitz was a poor player and thats the only reason I sank them? I cant really see what point you are making here, I was a lone wolf too?
  12. natswright

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    You know, I had a super fun game the other day, in an Acasta DD. It was my second game in that particular ship and I said in chat that I was new to this DD. The game was brilliant, if I can find the replay, i'll post that too. What happened was that I pushed into the cap with cruiser and BB support and we kept pushing. I dropped smoke to hide our advancing ships, and then spotted beyond that smoke. It worked to great effect with the enemy ships retreating constantly. When they did make a push to defend their cap, I was able to ambush an enemy Tirpitz as it emerged from behind and island. In the end, I didnt do much damage as a DD, about 20k I think, if that, but I did over 50k spotting damage and we won! I think the issue sometimes is players aspire to be top of their team, with maximum damage and team play is not really encouraged with the game mechanics. If a DD is going to spot in the way I did, I have to accept that my damage output is going to be low, especially when I cant stealth torp. So I was opportunist in my use of torpedos, and it payed off. I finished lower mid table, but got a few +1's and compliments in chat! We won of course!
  13. natswright

    [UPDATE #2] PSA: Genova Compensation Issued

    Thanks, do I have to raise a ticket at all, or will the Doubloons just appear in my account in the next 24hrs or so?
  14. natswright

    Genova dabloon bug

    Thanks for the info guys, I bought the Genova to review, then literally opened it in a crate an hour later!! Least I can bag the Exeter when I get the 4000 doubloons!! Anyone know when they will be credited?
  15. natswright

    Genova dabloon bug

    Won the ship in Italian event, already had her in port, but got no doubloons? Is this a bug?