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  1. natswright

    natswright, twitch streams, discussions and more!

    Hope you guys enjoy, still pretty new to ships and just getting my youtube channel off the ground! Feedback and comments appreciated! Find me on twitch.tv/natswright too!
  2. natswright

    Scharnhorst - a good pick?

    She's a good ship and and easily capable of holding her own in a game. The 11 inch guns can be a problem at range with BB's, but she absolutely deletes cruisers and that fast reload and turret traverse make her deadly. As a secondary build, she gives DD's something to think about, and she is a good brawler. Get in close with her speed and maneuverability and torp those slow BB's She does take time to learn, I had a terrible time early on and thats reflected in my poor win rate on the ship, which is slowly improving. She is just a fun ship to play, especially if you play to hear strengths. Despite a smaller HP pool, she is well armored for what is essentially a Battle Cruiser. I did this video when I started to improve with the ship, but I was very much still learning! The early part of the video I dont do much damage as I let the map evolve and move into position. I've since hit much bigger scores in the ship! ,
  3. natswright

    [WITCH] Night Witches clan looking for new players!

    Requirements wise, Ideally a win rate over 40% (i'm only 42% on EU, 60% on NA :D), and 250 battles experience, however it'd be cool if you'd come and hang out if the Discord and Twitch when i'm live, so we can kinda get to know prospective members!
  4. natswright

    [WITCH] Night Witches clan looking for new players!

    Just an update to some recent requests to our clan. Please post here first if you wish to join, say a little about yourself, and what you expect from joining. If you've already applied, same applies, please post here first!
  5. natswright

    Coal ships - armory

    Actually, the Aigle is not that bad for Coal, she is an ok Gunboat with decent torpedo's that do a lot of damage. She has smoke too. She is quite big, but I dont know why so many people say she's a bad ship. As a free premium, shes ok and with a 10 point captain, concealment is manageable. Just dont go rushing into a cap as many DD's at that tier will have better concealment.
  6. natswright

    I’m thinking about buying my first premium ship

    Welcome to the game. If buying a Premium ship, i'd certainly recommend playing it in PvE and Operations initially, till you get a feel for the ship. Like others have said, up tiering is a really big problem. Do take the time to grind out some of the standard ships too though. Having said that, premium ships have advantages like moving captains freely between them, cheaper servicing post battle and a camo with perks like better concealment.
  7. natswright

    Karma- What's the point?

    I'm still fairly new to ships, but the Karma system is totally broken and completely pointless. As others have said, I've been reported for playing a CV, not following someones instructions, I even plated a ranked game, had to avoid torps from a friendly DD, who was less than a km away and and firing from behind. We then passed either side of a small island and I met 4 torps that crippled my DD, from the same player. They had 17k battles under their belt too! Anyway, they reported me as I should have avoided the torps, plus they claimed they couldn't see me. Basically, you friendly fire, you get a warning, that should be it. Give us the ability to mute players it chat too. But, Wargaming, please remove the karma system!!
  8. natswright

    World of Warships Privateers Program

    Interesting idea this! I'm working towards becoming a CC, but this could be a stepping stone! There are so many videos and content out there too, and this might just help with raising awareness!
  9. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    Quick update guys, i've not yet read that last posts, some very detailed ones, thankyou! However a few kindly "vereran" players took me under their wing last night and we worked on positioning and strategy. Now my damage output wasnt great, as I was focusing on the strategy, such as recognising a flanking action, informing the team of the problem, calling support and then delaying the flank, weather in a DD with torp area denial, or a BB kyting away while laying down supressing fire. You know what, 10 wins on the trot! 10!!! So, i'll be working on map awareness and not focusing as much on damage output. For instance, one game in my Sinop, i killed 4 enemy ships, 3 were DD's and my damage output was not very high, but I pushed into s cap, with support, taking out key targets.
  10. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    I understand I made mistakes, but you make it sound like I made all the mistakes and the defeat is entirely my fault. That is not the case, as a team we simply were not strong enough to win, and we lacked a few good players to carry us...
  11. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    @DanSilverwingThanks, these are really good points and in hindsight I could have done things differently. The Yorck, I was worried about hitting the friendly, and that i'd miss the citadel on the ship, I needed to be sure of a kill, I felt shooting earlier had more risk, but then sometimes risk is needed as I had torps to finish the ship of should my guns fail to get the kill. There was a chance to save the game at the end, had I not turned away and launched my spotter. Had I charged the DD and Lyon, I could have taken them both down. I had nothing to loose! I Understand more now and really appticiate these points!
  12. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    I probably should have helped the Cruisers with the Scharnhorst, but I saw the Lyon as a Threat, so chose that. I Also could have used my spotter. I'll post my build and captain as soon as a get a change, bed time now!
  13. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    I did consider the brawl, but as two friendly ships had engaged the Scharnhorst, I though i'd position to take a shot at the Lyon as it was broadside on. Had the friendlys succeeded it could have been a different game!
  14. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    Here is a better game, a victory and a good team too! https://youtu.be/8ObVIzvDns0
  15. natswright

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    Game play video as promised, played ranked today, been on the winning team twice, probably 10 or more defeats. I've lost all my confidence playing this game https://youtu.be/dFh2Ntgs38M