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  1. Without even a moment's hesitation. The only reason I haven't just remade my account on NA is because of my Yamato, Atago, Tirpitz, Nikolai, and various other high tier/premium ships. Too valuable to just abandon, but god damn if it isn't tempting.
  2. horsememes

    A question for the Supertester

    As far as I am aware, WG goes for supertesters of all skill levels as a conscious decision - this includes dudes that are kinda crappy.
  3. horsememes

    Italian Warships

    By my guess we'll start seeing them in the second half of 2017 and 2018. Priority is probably to finish the Kriegsmarine tree, then the Royal Navy, then the Marine Nationale and the Regia Marina will have their day in the sun.
  4. horsememes

    Where are the complaints from cruisers?

    It's the fear. Cruiser players know if they complain, the BB deathsquads will target them specifically for 20km surprise citadels.
  5. Nobody is going to start playing a game because of mini-events in said game. This isn't going to 'drum up interest' - at best, it'd help retain what they have. And most of the other servers players are too invested into their own in either ship line progress, money spent, or both to simply swap over, not to mention latency issues. That logic is faulty, and never will be anything but. The single reason for the disparity is becaue WGEU's CM's suck, while NA's are lovely.
  6. horsememes

    So, the new captain skills.

    I'm so glad I can hyper spec for secondaries now.
  7. Clearly, NA didn't only need better rewards for Project R, they also needed more smaller rewards on top of them and a second premium IJN DD. Can't have NA feeling under-appreciated, can we? Also, the whole 'NA has a smaller playerbase, so they need more sweet deals over there!!!!" Good gods, this is the dumbest argument fathomable. People who don't play the game over there aren't going to hear about a free destroyer and think "Wow! I should download this game!" Nor would EU/SEA/RU getting those same juicy deals somehow make them worse. Nobody is going to stop playing NA because they don't get special catering over EU. That's absolutely ludicrous, and in reality just pisses off the LARGER playerbase.
  8. horsememes

    Disappointed with my new Japanese battleship

    She packs a good punch, isn't particularly squishy from my experience, and she flies around at a fantastic 30 knots, along with good range. You're not gonna get stuck where you can't hit anything before the game ends with her, not ever. She's one of the four fastest battleships in the game, along with Iowa, Amagi, and Tirpitz.
  9. horsememes

    Disappointed with my new Japanese battleship

    If you liked Myogi, Kongo and onwards is going to be a wet dream. Just remember, BBs get drastically better with their B hulls. I don't think Kongo was so bad at first, but Fuso through Izumo are all terrible stock, then amazing.
  10. horsememes

    Disappointed with my new Japanese battleship

    Kawachi and Myogi suck, but starting with Kongo the IJN BB line becomes nonstop glory. Kongo flies around at breakneck speeds, Fuso is a mobile firing squad, Nagato is basically the purest battleship, with basically no major drawbacks, Amagi is a horrifying fusion of Fuso and Kongo, Izumo is squishy from the side, but a hypertank from the front, and Yamato is...Yamato.
  11. horsememes


    Just gonna point out Izumo is fragile as hell unless she can angle her bow towards everything that's shooting at her, and T9 repair costs are absolutely murderous. ..plus, in my experience with her, whenever I do go in, everyone else just resumes piddling around and kiting.
  12. horsememes

    Project R is up on EU

    So the entire thing is a lottery. GG WG. GG.
  13. horsememes

    The designer who thought Detonation was a good idea

    About 850 games, six detonations. Not exactly the biggest problem ever.
  14. horsememes

    Project R is up on EU

    "I have no idea why." I love how the developers apparently have no idea what the community managers are doing with their game.
  15. horsememes

    Project R is up on EU

    pls wgeu may i have some treasure chests or some credits ectarpls