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  1. Admiral_Wolf

    Game Balance

    Youre smart as your Profile Picture. In case of my work, I can only use a mobile Internet Connection with 1mb/s download Speed, it lags in coop, thats ok because bot Performance compensate that, but in pvp it would be too frustrating, as you see i tried 4 rounds pvp too, but I guess it is out of your intelligence range to ask why and start offending me Little kid.
  2. Admiral_Wolf

    Game Balance

    I like coop mode more then pvp. Thats why I recommended a coop campaign in my suggestions thread without mixed Teams, USA vs Japan Even if it is arcade, Torpedos make much dmg too, cruisers can use strong turrets and Torpedos. Thats quite realistic and thats why the battleship get out of Service, but at the Age of U.S.S. New York and WW1, the Dreadnoughts where the best ships. Because Torpedos where expensive and had much malfunctions even in WW2. So, the Torpedo Performance is science fiction, while the ship Performance of turrets is pretty realistic. It Needs more balancing.
  3. Admiral_Wolf

    Game Balance

    So developers Here is a Feedback of an old naval game expert, I played Silent Hunter 1-4, Jane's Fleet Command, 688 Hunter / Killer and some other naval games. First, it seems like you want to give your game a touch of a Simulation, but therefore, the battleships are unbalanced. It is just unrealistic, even if the ship cost 30€ , that a 127mm cannon makes more damage then even the first battleship 300mm turret. The T5 ship, New York, is real unbalanced, you dont have any Progress between Tier 4 and Tier 6, all ships are nearly the same, even the USS Iowa, with may the strongest artillery ever, just get a 68 Rating? The New York also has 56, so the turret difference of regular T5 and T9 is just 12 Points? Why the Iowa dont get an artillery Rating of at least 80 or realistic 90? The premium ships are overpowered, even as "premium" member in a regular ship, you just get the Feeling of "I got tricked" why i waste 10€ for the Membership if you have more benefits of spending 30€ in a single ship and dont pay for premium? It seems like there is no sense in exploring the tech tree, you just wait for the ship of your choice in the premium store, buy it and use it for battles. But with the free exp, why you should explore a tech tree if the premium ship beats everything? So regular premium Players have to spend much time in exploring a tech tree, what may takes 3 months, so 30€, and you have more benefits by a single premium ship of the same ammount? If you Keep that balancing, I wont buy anything for real Money even more. Just my personal customer opinion
  4. Admiral_Wolf

    Änderungsübersicht für Update 0.4.0

    Ich hätte da eine generelle Frage, was ist denn für die Charakterlevel 9-20 geplant bzw. wann werden neue Level freigeschaltet?
  5. Admiral_Wolf

    Seriously now?

    I never seen someone testing torpedos in the spawn area. If you want to be safe, stay behind the torpedo ships.
  6. Admiral_Wolf

    collision damage .. plea for tiny bit realism.

    Well actually it is realistic that your ship exploded. You may damaged your front battery ammo Depot by the Impact a Shell fell off the storage and well, your ship sunk. Circling around targets is more wisely.
  7. Admiral_Wolf

    Friedliches Kriegsspiel? Aber Warum?

    Man sieht oft im In-Game Chat Frust und Ärger oder wer hat den größeren...Verbalspiele. Naja wenn man einen Fehler macht und stirbt hat man verdammt viel Zeit für den Chat, oder man spielt mit einem Sekundärschiff, was aber unlustig ist. Warum gibt's eigentlich keine Option den Chat zu deaktivieren? Sprachchats kann man auch stummschalten wenn man will, wieso keinen textbasierten Chat?
  8. Admiral_Wolf

    Torpedos too op

    Play Silent Hunter 4, learn how to torpedo targets, watch especially war ships reaction on your attacks, copy that to World of Warships.Cheers
  9. Admiral_Wolf

    South Carolina

    If you command a battleship you need a good strategy and planning. The movement is not as big as you might think, open the map and imagine a triangle (/\) of your starting Position. Each straight represents a course to an objective (a,c) and the third straight combines all 3 (a,b,c). Also on a map with only one objective, the triangle course System is necessary for the battleship. Turn your turrets everytime towards the enemy, if you want to switch the direction and change your turret layout plan that early or drive a small extra lap around an Island to do that if youre unsure to have enough time. If you meet another battleship, fire only anti armor projectiles, approach straight, fire front, turn sideways to fire a broadside, turn straight again, until youre at 3km distance. Then turn in circles around the other battleship. High explosive is good against small ships, with less armor. The South Carolina is a good ship to learn the battleship mechanics. If a cruiser or destroyer surrounds you, focus on torpedo getaway and secondary artillery range. Cheers
  10. Admiral_Wolf

    Improvement Ideas

    Hi Developers World of Warships is a great naval combat game so far, but since I've started playing, I've seen a few things to take care about. - Capture the base gamemode A real Island base what can be taken by Team red & blue and has to be defended for a couple of minutes too. - Coop Campaign A campaign Japan/Axis vs USA/Allied, gamemode without mixed Teams. - German Submarine A Type IX Submarine was operating in the pacific, implent it and waterbombs to destroyers/cruisers/battleships. - Ship Horn Horn by pressing h (very useful when you coop with beginners who dont watch where theyre going.) - Crew Management Similar to Silent Hunter 3 / 4 Crew Management Feature Thats all of my ideas so far Cheers Wolf