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  1. Ion_666

    Secret message from WG in port?

    Just noticed that in front of the ship in the 'Designer's Table' port, there is some kind of secret message from WG (can't remember what this is called). I know how this method of sending messages works, but can't get anything useful from it. Anyone else seen this and knows what it's about?
  2. Ion_666

    Reversing ships in Narai

    Got a bug today in Narai. Enemy bots were reversing and friendly bots either didn't move or sailed around. It made it impossible to finish. Haven't seen that before, but quite interesting. 20200902_165426_PASB008-Colorado-1945_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  3. Ion_666

    All Ships Radar Range

    Here is the difference between radar range and best detection for all the radar cruisers.
  4. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    A ship so trash, it's actually painful to play it.
  5. My mind makes up the strangest things. This is an altered version of The sounds of silence, explaining the experience of a surface ship in this season of CW.
  6. Ion_666

    Pronunciation guide for Swedish DDs

    Giving this a bump since it's relevant again with the full release of the line.
  7. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Here is a highlights video from the playlist above. Some of the jokes are a bit internal, but I hope you enjoy none the less.
  8. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Playlist of our Clan Brawl games from the 1st of April. There will be a new game uploaded every 15th minute until all 24 are up. Enjoy.
  9. How do you pronounce the new Swedish destroyers' names? Let an actual Swede give you some pointers and mix in some history for the ships as well, and you'll be all ready for the IKEA DDs in no time. https://youtu.be/OtBnyuaBfgI
  10. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Posting my suggestion for whether or not to get the Colbert, here as well.
  11. Hi. I'm Ion. and usually I post my videos here. This time I wanted to make a new post though, because I've been playing the Colbert a fair bit since it was released and I want to share my experience in the ship. The first video was from a few days after its release, so it's sort of my initial impressions, but also gives a good view on its capabilities when it is at its best. The second video is brand new. After playing it more, and trying to get it to work, I wanted to give my more experienced thoughts on the ship and also my tip to you whether or not to get it once you've done all the necessary line resets. I hope these two videos have given you an idea of the ship and helped you make up your mind if you think it's worth the effort or not. Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment.
  12. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Khabarovsk is king, and no amount of weekend players or other obstacles can change that.
  13. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Pro tip when playing a T8 CV:
  14. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Hard to play well dakka ship extreme.
  15. Ion_666

    Ion_666 on YouTube

    Some T8 CW tips in this episode of CW tactics analysis.