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  1. Rianabi

    How much time left for supercontainer for T10 ship?

    Same, just played a few T10 games aswell, no super containers.
  2. Fun event overall, but why on earth dont you get an outline of enemy ships or partly see through filth or something as a carrier? Manual drops are basically impossible against enemy ships as you cant see where they are going, speed or how they are turning, later in the round when loads of ships spawn outside of the filth it's fine i suppose, but it really makes it frustrating to try and drop the enemies inside the filth. Just give them an outline or something and it would be perfectly fine.
  3. Rianabi

    Bismarck Event permanent camo.

    My apologies, i will do so in the future and i thank you for the quick reply.
  4. Rianabi

    Bismarck Event permanent camo.

    Quick question, after i'm done with this even and i've earned the 2 permanent camos and the bismarck, if i later sell and re-buy the bismarck, do i still have the 2 permanent camos?
  5. Rianabi

    IJN Destroyer line changes and compensation.

    As i wrote in the original post, i can buy the Shimakaze IF i sell the Kagero, i'm missing about 13m credits for it.
  6. Rianabi

    IJN Destroyer line changes and compensation.

    What i was considering more was that if i keep the Kagero, wouldn't i receive the new tier 9 DD, where as if i buy the Shima, it'll be unlocked, but i would still need to drop the credits to buy it.
  7. I just finished the Kagero, wich was one hell of a grind and i can now buy the Shimakaza IF i sell the Kagero, but with the upcoming changes to the Japanese Destroyer line, what would be the best way to go about this? I have finished the research, so i can buy the Shima... if i just leave things as they are, will i get the new tier 9, fully researched and still able to buy the Shima, our would simply my Kagero go down to tier 8 and i would have to buy and redo all of tier 9 again? Or do i sell the Kagero, buy the Shima and get the entire line unlocked when these changes hit? (i'm assuming if i do that, i wouldn't get the new tier 9 since my Kagero is sold.) Anyone know? Would be really annoying to mess this up after so many painful Kagero games (went through the entire thing without premium account or flags)
  8. Rianabi

    Königsberg HE question.

    I guess that's what happened, didn't know armour effected HE that way (i mainly play DDs and BBs) Yeah it was a new mexico, so pretty decent armour, didn't think that mattered against HE hitting deck and super structure. From now on i suppose i'll just stay away from T6 BBs then. =)
  9. Rianabi

    Königsberg HE question.

    It was a fresh BB, full hp, and all the shots were plunging down on the deck, hitting the superstructure and deck.
  10. Rianabi

    Königsberg HE question.

    I just had an... interesting game, got stranded on one side of the map against a battleship, he was angling well so i figured AP would just bounce, so i started lobbing out the HE spam, hoping for fires and some damage. At the end of the game i ended up with -85- HE shell hits on him, totaling a grand total of 4100 damage, that's an average of 48 damage per shell... What on earth? I know the german cruisers have bad HE, but sweet jesus not THIS bad, am i missing something here? During the game i noticed that alot of the hits were doing ZERO damage, but knocking out things (AA and secondary guns mostly it looked like) What's going on here?