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  1. Orr_Attia

    Zao Commander

    Hello I just got the Ibuki and i want to start building for the Zao any recommendations? Thanks :D
  2. Orr_Attia

    Fletcher Build

  3. Orr_Attia

    Fletcher Build

    Hey so I looked at a few builds but everything is around 8 month ago anyone got any updated good Fletcher build? Thanks :D
  4. Orr_Attia

    Special Commander British Ships!

    Thank You!!
  5. Orr_Attia

    Special Commander British Ships!

    Hello I got this commander "jack Dankirk" I was just wondering where he'll be better Cruisers or battleships and if anyone knows what special skills he's got.. Thanks!
  6. The button is grey it doesn't say how much it costs. (it wasn't like that 3 days ago) I have enough dubloons. and its only on this commander on other commanders it works fine. any one has an idea why?
  7. Orr_Attia

    I can't redistribute commander skills why?

    Last time I saw 144 and 250 and I have 400.... and now it doesn't say how much
  8. I had a few extra points and the "DESTRIBUTE" button was grey I tried putting all my saved up points into skills and it is still in grey with no option to click. what do I do?!?! and I have enough dubloons!! + it only does it on my Des Moines... on other ships and commander it works.
  9. any advice for a good build? thanks !
  10. Looking forward to playing in a good clan as a squad! im playing the baltimore half way upgraded =)
  11. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help

    Thanks =]
  12. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help!

    I'm having a hard time with the modules and captain skills Thank you =]!!
  13. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help

    I'm having a hard time choosing between modules and commander skills any suggestions with a short explanation would be much appreciated Thank you very much!