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  1. Orr_Attia

    Fletcher Build

  2. Orr_Attia

    Fletcher Build

    Hey so I looked at a few builds but everything is around 8 month ago anyone got any updated good Fletcher build? Thanks :D
  3. Orr_Attia

    Special Commander British Ships!

    Thank You!!
  4. Orr_Attia

    Special Commander British Ships!

    Hello I got this commander "jack Dankirk" I was just wondering where he'll be better Cruisers or battleships and if anyone knows what special skills he's got.. Thanks!
  5. Orr_Attia

    How do I get WoWs updated ModPack?

    I had the 6.1.1 but they dont work anymore and I cant find an updated version.. Thanks for the help!
  6. Orr_Attia

    Looking for a mod

    I cant thank you guys enough!!!!!
  7. Orr_Attia

    Looking for a mod

    I saw on a few youtubes videos that have a display of the ship in angles from you, right below the crosshair what is that? and how do i get it? Thanks
  8. The button is grey it doesn't say how much it costs. (it wasn't like that 3 days ago) I have enough dubloons. and its only on this commander on other commanders it works fine. any one has an idea why?
  9. Orr_Attia

    I can't redistribute commander skills why?

    Last time I saw 144 and 250 and I have 400.... and now it doesn't say how much
  10. I had a few extra points and the "DESTRIBUTE" button was grey I tried putting all my saved up points into skills and it is still in grey with no option to click. what do I do?!?! and I have enough dubloons!! + it only does it on my Des Moines... on other ships and commander it works.
  11. any advice for a good build? thanks !
  12. Looking forward to playing in a good clan as a squad! im playing the baltimore half way upgraded =)
  13. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help

    Thanks =]
  14. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help!

    I'm having a hard time with the modules and captain skills Thank you =]!!
  15. Orr_Attia

    Baltimore - upgrades help

    I'm having a hard time choosing between modules and commander skills any suggestions with a short explanation would be much appreciated Thank you very much!