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  1. DigitalMan16

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Good stuff can't wait when this will hit the retail! Leonadios, on 27 October 2015 - 06:57 PM, said: How the heck can a huge hole in the side of a ship not cause flooding? We call that balance! GeneralHorstPital, on 27 October 2015 - 07:08 PM, said: The only thing I like about these patchnotes are the new maps. I am mildly annoyed that carriers got a buff... I could not agreed more carrier still [edited]op even people try to deny it I was in a game a cv player killed 8 ships obviously that's pretty normal.
  2. DigitalMan16

    Glitchy smoke squares [BUG]

    Seem like in the latest patch a visual bug have been introduced. When you fire there's two smokes color first white and black but the the white smoke of the cannon is represent by little squares. I tried many settings in the graphic but nothing work. Video proof :
  3. DigitalMan16

    Login screen

    I can't combine Aslain mods and the mod.
  4. DigitalMan16

    Login screen

    OK Thanks I will try that.
  5. DigitalMan16

    Login screen

    I think will be great to be able to have one unique launcher where I can select more than one region for the server. Because some people have more than one account like me I have a EU and NA account. Why limiting the login screen to only one. If anyone know how to enable the other severs location will be much appreciate for you. Thanks !
  6. Don't anymore for me with the latest patch. How I can fix this anyone know? Thanks!
  7. DigitalMan16

    do carriers need a rebalance or not?

  8. I can see my teammate ships on the small map but not on the big one for some reasons. I don't know if it's suppose to be play like this.