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    My experience as a new player

    Agree with whats said about repair costs, in order to promote team play I think it might be a good idea for WG to waive repair costs for a winning team , afer all the credits don't actually go anywhere so its not costing WG anything . At the other end of the sale , in a bid to get players to actually stop camping and get involved they shouldn't give anything to anyone who "Hasn't proved " themselves in battle.I recognise that at times one doesn't always score hits but that's the way the cookie crumbles , win some lose some .....
  2. Hornblower_RN

    Team kill penalties?

    Sorry but you are always going to get teamkill , its a fact of life, one nation , who's identity I shall withhold have a history of "friendly fire".As far as torps go , well , you aim your torps , you check for friendlies and you let loose , OMG a friendly comes into view and he's steaming straight across the path of your torps ,sorry but that's just hard cheese ,if I have the chance to get a good shot off against a valuable target I'll take it , calculated risk, as long as I know that at the moment of release there's no friendlies near then am happy. What are the options? Hang fire and get blown out of the water because you hesitated? Think one just has to be more vigilant , look around more often and spend less time looking through binocs !!
  3. Hornblower_RN

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    How the Charles Dickens can you justify saying that? Are you drunk or what? The WR depends on the success of the team right, this isn't , as yet , a proper Team game , it just throws 12 players together and allows them to battle it out .having a 42% WR says nothing at all about the individual and its certainly not down to idiots such as you to make such disparaging remarks!
  4. Hornblower_RN

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    Bismarck's historical dispersion at 20k was 150 yds , so WG's current dispersion is well off the mark and puts Bismarck at a serious disadvantage.
  5. Hornblower_RN

    Italian WW2 Warships

    The Battle of Taranto (Nov 11/12 1940) proved that's its not just having the ships but also the courage to do something with them.Italian philosophy of the day forbade any direct attacks on the Royal Navy preferring instead to keep their feet safely tucked away in Taranto harbour , or so they thought .Okay it can be argued that the lack of radar didn't help but no sane Admiral keeps his fleet altogether at anchor , a fact born out at Scapa flow, a fleet at anchor is a recipe for Naval disaster , no matter how well protected it is
  6. Hornblower_RN


    The Italian SM79, carried two 450mm torpedoes
  7. I hope to god that the scavengers manage to set off any explosives that are still lying around ....(how do you manage to steal a 15 ton propeller without anyone noticing?)
  8. Hornblower_RN

    But we don't even get XP for that [edited]

    You make some good points and I do agree with you when you say it works both ways , its a difficult decision to have to make , do I use my fighters to keep enemy bombers and Torpedo planes away from my team mates or do I use them to defend my own attack squadrons? Only the stupidest of Carrier commanders parks behind an island , a ship that doesn't keep moving is a dead ship , sooner or later ....
  9. Hornblower_RN

    But we don't even get XP for that [edited]

    If you lose the fight because you have allowed the enemy to gain air superiority then you get even less XP..........
  10. Hornblower_RN

    But we don't even get XP for that [edited]

    I have to totally agree with you,most players have little or no concept of the meaning of the phrase "Fleet Action", each element of the fleet supporting another. Many times in my carriers I have been attacked by surface vessels and there have been BB's and CA's within strike range but they just blatantly ignore the threat to the carrier
  11. And this from an Alpha tester!! Just bears out the point of this entire discussion......
  12. Hornblower_RN

    Midway: We're we better than the Japanese or just luckier?

    To jump into the Force Z debate,,one battleship, one battle cruiser and four destroyers against a combined Japanese strength of some 88 aircraft,I don't think it really matters what the condition of the ships was, against that amount of air power .Repulse was only armed with 2x 76mm AA guns so basically it was down to the Prince of Wales to provide AA cover for the fleet. In comparison take the crippling of the Bismarck , a super modern ship versus a wave of antiquated , outdated Swordfish bi planes ,one strike from a torpedo effectively ended her career, there were some 30 plus modern torpedo bombers present at the sinking of Force Z,,the outcome was obviously evident
  13. Hornblower_RN

    This is sooo much fun

    Hang in there with those torps , I suck also but yesterday I managed to hit two ships with one salvo , a DD which sank and the CV that it had wandered in front of ,well pleased!
  14. Best thing about co-op battles , you haven't got a "know all" shouting "noob" at you every thirty seconds or some hash tag players slagging the team .... And yes I too am guilty of overly playng co op at the start, comes in useful for new vessel familiarization though
  15. Hornblower_RN

    [Guide] Advanced Carrier Guide

    Very very useful , we need more Guides like this , thanks