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  1. Kikkeliina

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    ARP event gave me a reason to quit in december because didn't get Nachi... So personally don't care if need pay and/or give handjob to WG employee for Haifuri ships. No need for them because anime ship collection won't be complete anyways. Q: Why still here then? A: Just doing my monthly~few login while waiting for another chance to get Nachi. Have a nice summer & naval fights all (wish could play too but can't/won't due above reason).
  2. Kikkeliina

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Dissidents are moved to Gulag server for raising their voices?
  3. Uninstalled game some days ago thanks to this nonsense. Killed all fun and motivation, nothing but desperate stiff upper lip grind/YOLO rushes days on end while trying get RU kills. That last push 30.11... whole night/bit morning and got RU kills from 12 to 13. Don't usually see reports popping but managed to get atleast six, guess for reason (insta-leave battle if no RU ships, if RU ship sank etc). Couldn't care less anymore. Then i saw the light, in addition to morning one. Why play a game i don't enjoy anymore because of Nachi mission? Bye-bye warships Some screenshots from time when game was still fun: https://goo.gl/photos/RqcAn3siJfdBvJSG9 Didn't even sail Yamato once, too busy with Nachi mission (no time for fun and games). Removing screenshot folder at the end of month so won't accidentally drag anyone to this EU server misery. Wonder if WG has bone to pick with EU playerbase for some reason or are they trying to turn people to Pavlov's grindrats just for shits and gigs? Well whatever, gl & hf and don't forget to give money to WG so they can really laugh their butts off. Hmm no need for Premium so guess i'll buy some indie game from Steam. For fun
  4. 8/20 so looks like won't won't get Nachi and not going to play without all ARP ships in port. Uninstalling this s*** (formerly known as great game) in December.
  5. Kikkeliina

    Super CONTAINERS and Karma.

    Karma shouldn't play part in anything since its totally pointless if you only play Random battles. During Emden missions someone was teamkilling a person who had the ship because he didn't so imagine when you sailing in Premium ship. Yup, looks like a bot... Or you happen to be alive after fire extinguisher sized Admiral Pro died... Play your ship/class like you want to and so on. Guess only way to get Karma is to ask/beg/milk it in Divisions? And of course make a post after- wards in hopes to get freebies from WG, as if you're done something that would make Private Ryan nod and say "You earned this".
  6. Kikkeliina

    Sabaton music with WWII footage

    These are some 6 years old videos (with lyrics) made by GhostDog780430. Just sharing because someone who likes metal music and WWII footage combination might like them. Midway (1942 Midway, carriers) Wolfpack (1942 North Atlantic, convoy) Panzerkampf (Kursk 1943, tanks) Ghost Division (1940 Blitzkrieg, tanks) Primo Victoria (1944 Normandy, army) The Price of a Mile (1918 Passchendaele, army) New from their latest album on Nuclear Blast Records YouTube channel: The Lost Battalion (1918 Argonne, army) Cheers
  7. Kikkeliina

    I'm the only one that get more credits?

    After today sessions only having positive vibes from 0.5.12. Getting more credits from battles, sometimes barely or slightly negative, but still ~happy face~ overall. So played mainly T8's today which i normally don't unless got -10% repair cost signals. Lexington captain re-trained & AS deck bought, some fights in Bismark & Tashkent and so on. Tashkent battles didn't end up in the usual log off after waitress shows the bill and crawl into Red October mock up in backyard (made from oil drums and stuff) and pretend to send ICBM's to Belarus (beep-blip computer/missile whoosh sounds with mouth) ^^ Think i'll get T8 US CA or BB and play with it too. Atleast until 'good players' complain enough and patch is reversed.
  8. Kikkeliina

    This weekend has been horrendous ...

    Feels like game been shoveling lots of manure in the face these past days no matter what do or try (as an average player). Like some magical switch flipped after got new Skipper's Bundle 5-6 days ago, i.e. "Yes! Now he can't quit and uninstall". Well just wait when i reach "Oh yeah? -click-" tipping point. Guess better take few days break from warships to prevent that. So would have played Sims 3 instead this weekend but Back to Future disk has nasty scratch, yesterday thought i'll install World of Warplanes after seeing Anya in Developer's Diary video but then there was same "XVM but less toxic?" post on thoseforums too and it put me off for who knows what reason and so on. Level of how little i care went so low that i even hopped to Izumo barge to learn fine art of defending base in reverse bow tanking. Few matches were domination but didn't let it stop me from learning. Wish got two monitors for that so could watch anime and stuff while doing it or atleast an old grumpy japanese sensei who would slap back of my head and say "Focus! Camp! Snipe!" when i start drifting closer to enemy for action. With Izumo noticed how being in losing team gives 700~900 xp regardless while rare wins gave lot more, especially one where managed to do 100k damage (there was some economy post about that?) and green team won. Which gave this thought*: Do they link live accounts randomly to public or whatever testing? People who (used to?..) seek glorious or humiliating death in battle and maybe sometimes type "CV move? enemy soon there" etc on chat? Promote teamplay, be an example ~ Get rich with new economy. If so well thanks a lot. If i want to be a guinea pig i'll download PTS client, not pay Premium for it. Not a youtuber who gets hundreds of thousands of Doubloons for free from events (funny what thoughts resurface while sipping Salty Tears Tea). *Regarding last part, think that tinfoil top hat in other post is too fancy for me. Prefer old fashioned half sphere, fast to slap on and easier to eat afterwards. Just to be on the safe side, there might be some thoughts residue hidden at nanoscale wrinkles of aluminium which aliens and others might be able to extract.
  9. Kikkeliina

    Dragon Flags

    Whee, Dragon Flags! (300 for 5000 battles). Hmm, guess better start playing more carefully to get credits for TX ships for 2nd anniversary ^^
  10. Kikkeliina

    Salty Tears Tea meme

    Just for fun with Blender & GIMP
  11. Kikkeliina

    Disable exit game confirmation?

    Always exiting game this way and never had any issues. Maybe gulp some Ritalin if 10-30sec wait feels too overwhelming
  12. Kikkeliina

    New IJN DD, what happens to old perma camo?

    Been pondering that too. Planned to get Premium camo to Bismarck right of the bat but sort of waiting what happens to Fubuki camo and IJN DD's in general. So german babe still sits in port after getting her some days ago. What if it gets 'adjusted' to T4 later on (with T8 Premium camo) after enough "remove OP KM BB!" posts and so on. Biased fanboy section: Whole revamp feels bit stupid, Fubuki is really nice ship (17 point captain and 800k+ xp on it). Why would i (or any sane person) go gunboating on IJN DD when USN miniguns are lot better in that? Hopefully they won't dump captain/camo to Kagero or whatever sad alternative without asking.
  13. Clicked No because of NSA. If pop-up or anything internet related gives "Huh? Whats this?" thoughts its best to decline. Not aimed at WG or sitting here with tinfoil hat on head but there wasn't enough info of what will happen if click Yes. Some new process i don't really need starts running? or? etc.
  14. Kikkeliina

    bayern; get or skip

    After König it feels bit in-between ship, especially when hover cursor over Gneisenau and see all that wonderful green in stat bars, but sometimes it has its moments of glory. So.. a playable ship, personally didn't use any free xp on it (got this habit to Elite ship before getting next tier one).
  15. Kikkeliina

    HIPPER , finding huge problem now

    Hipper is kinda good ship, no regrets for getting premium camo on it. Nice AA, feels maneuverable and can shoot HE at battleships.