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  1. Well they (paying players) won't have a lot of people to play with, right? By the way, why do you think it's a free to play game? Do you think that's because WG doesn't like money or because maybe they need an actual player base so that paying players even exist? They chose this business model because being free, it brings a lot of players, even non-paying players will bring paying ones. Obviously paying players support the game but time has a value and free players pay with their time, sometimes "paying more" than paying customers. They both complement each other. They are not more or less important. I don't even know why are we debating this as it is a known fact in a popular business model. Now if you are being ironic, it can only be with the way the business model is applied or with it's balance. So far, even with a few OP Premium, i don't really feel there's an advantage if you pay for it. You grind faster, you get stuff faster, you make more credits and xp but you don't really play better because of that.
  2. Sex's only dirty when it's well done

  3. You are wrong. It doesn't work like that in any free to play game. Players that spend money also need the other players, otherwise they would be playing against bots. In free to play games, don't ever think that only paying players support the game. All players have the same importance and all support the game, either by playing it or paying for it.
  4. MS_Surface

    Server down every night for the last 3 days

    Well at least Crysantos replied in a post about the same issue that he would inform the devs. I don't understand how they don't have a server monitoring tool, really.
  5. MS_Surface

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    That's really nice of you! I want to join the lottery as well! Thanks and good luck to all!
  6. For the last 3 days, at around 3AM, when server population is between 2.5k and 3k players the server "dies". Everybody gets a message of "Server overloaded". The server stays down until there's around 1.6k to 1.8k players then it starts working again. Meanwhile, everyone is at game interface chat commenting how they can't start battles and why it's happening without being noticed. Some players, like me, play a lot at night and since this is becoming a rule and not an exception, you may want to take a look at it. People pay Premium time, this is not reasonable at all. Please check this out. It happened today at 3AM, and yesterday and the day before as well, at least. Thanks.
  7. When you're in some sort of WG blacklist, there's no point in even trying. Remember that. Got a bunch of containers, no free xp, no coal, no gold, no ships. ONLY crap camos. Thanks for the Christmas scam WG. You got my money , you are happy, that's what matters for you. I just feel so stupid and ignorant right now for taking a chance when i should have known better.
  8. I wasn't insulting you when i said "young man" and I spot jokes very well thank you. If you are not young and immature, you should know that asking for more after you have been given a gift would make you look bad. Joke or not. If i was Monalie i wouldn't be happy. Come on think about it. It Doesn't it sounds bad, even as a joke? You must agree with this, it's not even something that serious, i thought you would just take my comment as a tip, not as some kind of insult.
  9. Huum, someone just gifted you containers, you even got a ship, and now you are begging for more? Calm down young man, i'm not hating but you should know that it makes you look really, really bad. Why don't you ask people to help other Belgium players instead of asking more for you?
  10. I just wish i knew why WG is so paranoid in giving me Zulu signals. It's almost the only thing i get from containers. I never bought signals, apart from Sierra Mike, yet i have 600 Zulu signals. Ships? I didn't expect any in santa "gifts" as i'm in some sort of blacklist but giving stuff like 4 camos in a mega container (one of the prizes) is just stealing. Somehow WG thinks those New Year Streamer camos are worth more than 1 euro each. It's crazy. From all the containers or super containers that i bought or earned (i play for more than 3 years, 9K battles), i got a Molotov. A crap Tier VI Molotov. That's it. Apart from that, it's usually the lowest prizes available or stuff that i can earn in a few battles. And Zulu signals, hundreds and hundreds of Zulu signals.
  11. The banner took me to a link to buy the containers... but i did get 2 containers with signals, i think 50 of each. You can even get ships on small containers but i wouldn't put my money on it.
  12. Don't be so negative! Just watch YT, you always get a lot of ships... right? :P
  13. MS_Surface

    Earn Your Greatness - Discussion Thread

    Are you ok? Leningrad is one of the best ships in the game... the container price is ridiculous but i didn't buy a single one anyway and i'll never buy a container again. This is WG testing just how much they can steal from kids with dad's credit card. Doesn't work for me but as long as there's players with money buying 40 containers WG doesn't really care about it being expensive or not. For WG, players are worth the amount of money they put in the game. By adding containers with stupid high prices like €4.5 for 1 container (!really!?) they are appealing to the rich player base and "slow thinking" players with no perception of money value. I have a "special" offer, "just for me" to buy Alexander Ovichkin with 15 point for stupid €45 euro, just to let you know what they are capable of.
  14. I went secondary but with main gun reload module. Secondaries are doing great at finishing ships, setting fires and dealing with DDs in the caps.