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  1. HellsingCross

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    HellsingCross Navy Captain Skin Server: EU I would like to explain how this skin works Example Pattern Each star does have volume like this Colours used Background - Navy Blue Star - Gold (metallic) ALTERNATIVE Background - Black Star - Gold OR Silver (metallic) Very badly drawn example
  2. HellsingCross

    Use the Recruiting Station – Get Valuable Rewards!

    Didn't got a box from the 3 referrals I sent out
  3. HellsingCross

    CV Rework Discussion

    Related to post above, I warned that would happen on all the phases of "Reworked CV" testing. Also, what causes the whole uproar is the fact that CVs cant do what they did before. Also problem number 2, (the reason why players get so annoyed at new CVs) Before if a CV wanted in 1 or 2 drops the ship would be sunk, Now its an unrelenting nonstop streaming of low attacks, What does that mean? You may ask, The problem is that now a player knows it is going to sink and keeps being pestered by it over and over, which in contrast with before it will just get more and more angry, compared to before that the said player would go directly to port and play a new round, hopefully with better luck of not being targeted. The fact that the player knows it is going to sink but it just takes way too much time, binds the player into a suffering position with barely any counterplay against. Problem number 3, (the reason why CV players stop playing) When an old unicum CV player finds itself going into matches where it struggles way too much to do more than 15k damage because all the planes instantly dissolve in midair or when FLAK covers the sky with whole black walls its very frustrating to the old unicum player. I used to feel very bad about it... but not anymore...
  4. IGN: HellsingCross Server: EU #WorldofWarships #NavalNonsense
  5. HellsingCross

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    I think you hit the nail right on the head there xD As funny as it sounds its actually the truth
  6. HellsingCross

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    No, you and a lot of people recognise CVs for what they are an important piece on a chess board, the problem is that too many kids don't even bother to WASD or are completely oblivious to if they are about to take a strike or not, which in turn ends up in too much crying over forums and reworking things that didn't need rework, from last year until now, CVs went from Skilled to Zero because of those kinds of oblivious persons.
  7. HellsingCross

    How it Works. Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay

    Just passing by to ask, Did they fix the CVs getting their planes insta-deleted?? Need to know when to come back to the game. :)
  8. HellsingCross

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Well, you are right there haha, for a moment thought you were one of those who dont even play CV or just play premium CVs and came here to say "I tested it and everything was fine" (have seen quite some of those around these topics)
  9. HellsingCross

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Can you explain to us how do you show us those 8.0->8.0.2 showing us 12 games and saying its fine when in reality you just have 2 Midway and 1 Saipan games? Still, you make some good points on the fact that it doesn't feel rewarding now.
  10. HellsingCross

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    You know he's right on the money on that one. And this is also very true, spent my games hunting and spotting DD because I can't strike anyone else without getting all my planes instantly deleted.
  11. HellsingCross

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Also, why do AA can shoot thru mountains? I don't understand it...
  12. HellsingCross

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    I keep getting these games, where planes get instantly deleted before even doing one strike Think I had enough of this "rework".... (also losing my premium time which saddens me even more)
  13. HellsingCross

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Day 3 Is it fixed yet? Still losing all planes instantly
  14. HellsingCross

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Do you have unlimited torpedos when you play your DD?
  15. HellsingCross

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    High tier CVs when matched against lower tier CVs are doing carrier snipes with impunity, soo on top of a broken rework we are getting what you said you didn't wanted to happen?? Because before I could fend off a CV snipe by myself, now I can't do anything about it @MrConway