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  1. Gudgeon

    Hyuga in the Armory

    So this ship should get buffed hard considering it is basically a Fuso that will face predominantly tier 8 and 9 battleships. Nice camo though which can be admired for the short time spent in battle. Not worth the cost just for a reload booster to try and balance it with higher tier BB's.
  2. The secret to this mode is to ride the crest of the wave, which means that you need to get in early and keep progressing and keep going up the ranks ahead of the 40%'ers, no offense intended. If you don't, you will probably end up stuck in a quagmire of win/lose/win lose etc. That is my opinion on this mode anyway. Unless you want to farm steel in bronze league, it is best avoided.
  3. Gudgeon

    Whats your favourite Port?

    The same. A chill port.
  4. Gudgeon

    Had it with rampant toxicity in the game

    I'm afraid that you have two options if you cannot take the toxicity in this 'game'. You can disable chat or disable the game. This game is more toxic that WOT. Remember, people blowing off in chat are normally doing nothing to win a game. People blowing up in chat are usually BB players. People blowing up in chat are normally 40-45% WR players who contribute very little to the match. Or people with entitlement problems who think they are the best players in the game and we should all bow down to them each battle. If the abuse is too distracting for in game enjoyment, disable in game chat completely. The hot keys still work, you just will not see the bile being spouted from people who have probably watched certain twitch streamers who set bad examples for behaving decently, in what is, A GAME.
  5. Played four, won four and each team I was on seemed to co-operate with each other too.
  6. Enjoying playing the Asashio twins :)
  7. Evening supper in the Asashio B :)
  8. Gudgeon

    Is this the worst state of the game ever?

    Since the commander rework, I have pretty much avoided tier 10 and stuck with tiers 7, 8 and 9. Sometimes the MM is not fair, but I have not missed playing tier 10 one little bit. The game has been more fun for this reason.
  9. Gudgeon

    And this is why I am turning off Chat

    Generally, the more a player types in chat, the less he has contributed to the actual battle. Ignore and move on.
  10. Start the day right.....Asashio with BB's and double CV's per team Breakfast time :)
  11. Gudgeon

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Another class that is being shoehorned into the game regardless of the consequences.
  12. My biggest achievement today was tolerating a four CV funfest. Luckily damage farming overrode everything else for the CV's, so I survived to the end. Not big damage but damaged one of the enemy CV's and surviving the battle in a no smoke DD, seems like a good achievement.
  13. Gudgeon

    CV complaining

    Well, they are still as broken AF on many levels and not just when you are firing rockets or dropping torps or bombs. This current iteration has been designed for mediocre players to still be able to farm damage. The main skill you need now is enough patience to play such a boring game mode that dumps on anyone who attempts to play the game objectives. No wonder very few players play for game objectives now. This class is the reason. Ask the question, why did Kings of the Sea ban CV's from that competition?
  14. The Kronshtadt had to party in the epicentre and hunt DD's
  15. Gudgeon

    Why annoy battleship players?

    Yes, it comes with floating sea mines, not torps!