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  1. Gudgeon

    IJN CL incoming

    Yes, they really do not like the Zao. It must be something to do with most of us already having the ship, so little income can be gained from people grinding up the line to a "new" tier 10 ship. Power creep and neglect in a nutshell.
  2. Gudgeon

    IJN CL incoming

    This cruiser line (along with a few others) would be much more attractive and playable if unbalanced cruiser lines from a certain nation were adjusted to be more in line with the rest of the game. Plus the steel ship. Plus accurate BB's at high tier. Only masochists' play cruisers at high tiers these days. It is far too easy to slap cruisers at high tier with BB's. Power creep has ruined this game tbh. The problem is, recent new lines introduced have not been able to compete or add to the power creep and you do not see that many ITA DD's or Pan Asian cruisers in battle. I cannot see this line bucking the trend. The game is in such a tangled mess of unbalance and power creep that it is impossible to unravel now. The best advice for high tier play is to play BB's or destroyers that can torp/gun from the edge of the radar scourge range and then hope your team gets an advantage early on and then the range can be closed to start closer battling. Or pick an RU cruiser and use an island to protect you side and farm with rail guns.
  3. Gudgeon

    IJN CL incoming

    In the game of World of high tier accurate/favorable RNG Battleships, tooting around in a HE spam/torpedo cruiser at high tiers and no gimmick like smoke to try and hide in is not really the best way to get gaming satisfaction in this game. A pass here I'm afraid. Add in the RU cruisers at high tier with rail guns and armour, this line looks dead in the water before they even hit testing.
  4. Gudgeon


    Proof that balance by spreadsheet is flawed if the formula to calculate "balance" is 2+2=5. I find submarine battles very balanced as you can a) ignore the sub and get homing torpedo's on you constantly, or b) attempt to hunt the sub with the "comprehensive" ASW weaponry supplied, that is totally RNG based, and basically get yourself sunk by the rest of the enemy. How can anyone think that this is not anything but fun? Even better when your sub player is munching on his keyboard, while the enemy sub player can at least push the keyboard buttons. Chuck some CV's into high tier submarine present battles (either RU or super CV's) and you are in for some really tactical, engaging, gaming fun.
  5. I'll be serious now, I'm afraid the player base has generally found its level due to the game mechanics/interactions, in game economy allowing bad players to make money at high tiers, lack of tutorials, no real need to improve at the game but yet it is still possible to progress to the next tier where only time is the players limiting factor, and yet still these players are having "fun" (I don't know how), so they keep logging on. Sadly, if the players this thread is aimed at no longer wished to play the game, I'm afraid this game would rival world of warplanes for player numbers. That is sad. It is possible to tolerate bad teams (you can do more yourself in a bad team) but for me it is the CV nonsense and the new joke class, submarines, ruining the game more. Adding in broken supership nonsense also and consider why, generally, the worst players on the roster are always in the superships....).
  6. I know your pain.....you want a nice convoy game and someone brings a Cherbourg to the party
  7. They are all different play styles. Do you like gunboats (Black), torp boats (Z-44) or a something that does a bit of both (Neustra)? I think the USS Black has been powercrept from release. Too many 12KM RU radars, subs and Cv's now + tier 10 DD's with radars. All are good in their own way, but none are game breaking. Choose the one that fits your preferred play style.
  8. Gudgeon

    WG please show CV players some love!

    OP, what you suggest would mean that you would only have bots to play against in your CV, as I think player numbers would plummet if we have a scourge of CV's, added with the other fun class to play against........submarines.
  9. What has actually changed? Taking six torps in my Nelson from a sub with little counterplay, seemed familiar from the last "public test".
  10. Gudgeon

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    The only game that keeps introducing classes and mechanics that erode game enjoyment.
  11. Gudgeon

    Here we go: New monetization scheme for rare ships

    I got the Gremmy out of a XMAS "giftbox" during the very first XMAS event. It is a good ship, but you do have to know how to play DD's to get the most out of it and it is very commander dependent as the gun turrets need some WD-40 along with other commander skills. It is not a mindless OP ship that does damage and gets wins, the player controlling it still makes a difference. These days, I don't think there is anything called seal clubbing in this game as new players are few and far between, in the old sense at tiers 3-6, and technically all seem to rush to tier 10 ASAP, so tier 10 appears to be seal clubbing territory as much as anything now. You have to get your fun in any way you can now in this game, and the odd mid tier match I play now feels more competitive that high tiers most of the time.
  12. Gudgeon

    Jinan costs 235 EUR, will anyone buy it?

    What can 235 euro's buy you in the real world? Is this line really worth even grinding for free, compared to the other ships, tier for tier? There is your answer.
  13. Gudgeon

    Do these lines get any better?

    These days, to me, the general rule of thumb is: tier 1-7 ships in a new line are generally "meh" to equal to the existing tech tree competitors. Tier 8 is "OK" with caveats/match making, Tier 9 is competitive and tier 10 is "good", so people might spend cash money jumping to tier 9 and 10 and skipping the rest. Hence all the "early access" events for every line released.
  14. Gudgeon

    Suggested changes for Submarines

    Yes depth charging a submarine should be lethal. In this implantation, depth charging a sub is similar to hitting an EBR with a 120mm shell..........not very much, as with EBR's you quite often just buckle the wheel.....and subs just take a bit of HP damage.....a joke when you take into account the homing torpedo's dealing citadel damage.
  15. Gudgeon

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    At least a TD in tanks plays like a TD in real life, in most cases. Submarines are just another grief class introduced to make cash, with very little counter, unless you like trying to "counter" the sub and getting sunk in the process by the rest of the enemy team. A broken implementation. A better analogy, if we are talking tanks, is to compare Submarines to EBR's, to be honest. Look what EBR's have done to that game.