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  1. Gudgeon

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Nailed the problem spot on. Tier 9 = make very little money/lose credits playing tech tree ships, so why play them unless grinding. Tier 10's can slap a premium camo on and make money regardless of battle result and the player does at least something. Tier 8 gets to suffer as a result of this meta. For this reason the majority of my tier 8's only come out for ranked or scenario's.
  2. Gudgeon

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    OK, last battle of the day......OCEAN map (not seen that one in ages)..... A boring campfest that ended in a loss for my team, where no-one wants to over commit and get nuked due to the lack of cover. My team had no caps for most of the battle. One tier 8 per side. My test is over. I have seen enough. Back to playing DD's at any tier, BB's at tier 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, cruisers at tier 4, 7 and 10. In all seriousness, thank you WG for the patch changes and any work you do on the game in general, as it is a good online multiplayer game, but I am not buying the MM change, if I am honest. Buffing IJN cruisers is more that welcome, but I will only be playing the Myoko and Zao, due to the MM. I think the problem with tier 8 ships is a little more complicated than just balancing the tier's (although I have seen no evidence of improvement of this in any case tonight). Enjoyment of a bottom tier battle is also dependent on the ability of the players in top tier ships and how they can perform, which helps the bottom tier players perform also. BTW, I do understand that shooting higher tier ships gets more XP/money, but there has to be an element of fun in the process at the same time.
  3. Gudgeon

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Four battles. bottom tier three times, mid tier once, top tier never. Four defeats. Bottom tier matches gave me 5-6 tier 10 ships per side. There were 2-3 tier ships per side in the bottom tier matches. I have played one BB game (Monarch), two cruisers (Prinz Eugen and Cleveland) and one DD game (Kiev). The Kiev was the mid tier game. All were solo games. I will play further to get a better sample. If it still does not show a fairer MM balance, then my tier 8 premiums/tech tree cruisers will go back to rusting in port. I like playing tier 8 cruisers, but I refuse to be an tier 8 XP pinata for for tier 9 and 10 BB's/Kronstadt's and Stalingrad's. I hope things balance out. I want to play my tier 8 cruisers, but with tier 10 ships now with enhanced modules/premium camo's, it seems very one sided if you are unlucky.
  4. Gudgeon

    People like Stats but which ones matter

    Points two and three are a contradictory. You want to "farm potato's and not struggle against other good players" but you hate yolo'ing, selfish players. The players you are farming are the ones 'playing for fun' and yolo'ing, but yet you hate them also and wish they were not in the game. The whole business model is to encourage people to spend money and ascend the tiers, regardless of skill level. It is what it is I'm afraid. I think solo win rate (but excluding cv play stats, which can skew overall stats) are the best arbiter of potential player skill. But yes, I agree, that does not indicate if the player is a 'team player'. It might just be that the whole fixation with stats in this game is actually fueling selfish, stupid play, in the quest of just getting kills, doing damage, or what ever the motivation is for that individual. I lock my stats so it is more awkward for me to check them, as I became obsessed with checking 'PR' and KD and god knows what else after every battle and I realized it was actually spoiling my enjoyment of the game. I subconsciously played for stats and got disappointed over a bad battle performance or a loss. I know when I have played well and if a mistake is made, quickly analyse what I did and what I should have done. Ultimately now, If I play OK and win, I am happy. I have 12K battles and 58% win rate overall, so I know I can help team win, if I don't make silly mistakes and gift my ship to the enemy. The only problem in this game are the 40-46% overall win raters in tier 10 ships. That spoils battles for the bottom tier players of that battle. They have to work really hard for any chance of a win.
  5. Gudgeon

    Kicked out of battle?

    The hamster is on strike....the next stop is Siberia.
  6. Gudgeon

    Kicked out of battle?

    Watch the Poseidon cup instead, its an amazing watch.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bless Flamu, he is trying his best to make it interesting.
  7. Gudgeon

    Kicked out of battle?

    Yep, game is bust. Time to play something else. Crappy up/down progress in ranked and now kicked on a peak time has just confirmed it is time to find fun doing something else. Poseidon cup is still running OK it seems, so I could grab some sleep watching that. Wall to wall Stalingrad's on the competitive teams. Hilarious.
  8. Gudgeon

    Ranked Season 10

    A difference in radar numbers per team is a straight up advantage to the team with more. DD's win games. Radar is anti DD/cap denial. Simple as that. How many ranked games do you win if your team losses all their DD's? Not many. Same for randoms.
  9. Gudgeon

    Kicked out of battle?

    yep, locked up while loading a ranked battle, got back in into port.....ship is battle. Cheers WG, there is another star lost. I think the game is trying to tell me something. This weekend is too much.
  10. Gudgeon

    Ranked Season 10

    Too many battles with 0-1 let alone 1-2 or even 0-2 radars when a YueyY is on the enemy team. That is my point. And yes I play YY with radar so at least I know their will be at least one radar on our team, as balance cannot be guaranteed. They manage to match ship numbers per classes on each team easily enough and sometimes the MM even manages to mirror the exact ships across the teams mostly, when the code feels like it. This radar number thing is obviously another MM team win/lose chance multiplier and working as intended. There are more than enough radar ships waiting in the queue to balance numbers.
  11. Gudgeon

    Ranked Season 10

    FAO of @MrConway. Please can you ask that the game coders implement a check to put equal numbers of radar cruisers on each team. Or is there a shortage of radar cruisers in the player queue, that is leading to a difference in radar ship numbers between opposing teams? At least in theory, equal numbers of radar ships means that the best use of said tool will win out. I like a challenge, but this is ridiculous. I would expect that the in game enjoyment is plummeting for a lot of players who wish to play DD's. This is the worst of the Ranked battles seasons by far. Not fun at all on many levels, not just on radar imbalance.
  12. Gudgeon

    Rework of CVs

    It will be D Day for the game when this rework is implemented in the full game. Done badly, it will be a devastating strike on what is already a sinking ship with the current meta of radar, AP bombs, OP ships which only the good clans can earn, among other things. The only class left will be BB's, if the developers are not careful. I am worried that what we have at the moment is very good CV players roaming unopposed in battles at the moment and getting 5, 6, 7 kills at will is one thing. The new class might just become a monster and suck the rest of the fun out of the game. Just like arty in tanks. At least at the minute, 70% of the player base cannot manual strafe, manual drop with any consistency. It might be a case of 'careful what you wish for'.
  13. Gudgeon

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    Exactly this. Potential to be a great game, but now ruined by 43% win raters at tiers 8, 9 and especially 10. Bad win rates at low/mid tiers is not a problem. I have played ranked this season.....and I am now looking to play games I have neglected in the pursuit of this game. It is really in a bad place at the moment. I cannot see how things can improve. You watch all the streamers and they are all spontaneously combusting when playing this game. The more chilled ones play all tiers........not just T10.....I think that tells you something. As a developer, I would be worried, as angry streamers give out a message that the game itself has problems......
  14. Gudgeon

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I think, to an extent, the radar problem is exacerbated by the way the team positions to support the DD, to be honest. Bad games are generally down to a combination of bad support and poor team players. A radar cruiser should be in a very precarious position if he can radar a cap.....but most teams position so poorly, that if the cruiser is spotted, he cannot be wrecked anyway. This whole nerf this, nerf that mentality just generates another problem that will be called out to be nerfed in the future. This is written by someone whole prefers to play DD's at all tiers, so I know what it is like to push caps with F^&* all support at the start of the battle. By some miracle, we need to up skill at least 60% of the player base in this game before more balance adjustments are made, as real judgments as to what adjustment is needed is based on bad data and losing outcomes from poor playstyles from probably 40-50% of a given team. Support to and from team mates wins games. I do agree with using unique symbols for radar and hydro would be a start.
  15. Gudgeon

    A request to Wargaming

    Dear WG, Please can you tweak your matchmaker code to balance the number of radar ships per side. This will make the battles potentially more fair. To me, it seems quite a simple little code tweak to put equal numbers of radar ships on each team during 'matchmaking'. Thanks. Looking forward to it in the next update. You seem to manage it with CV's with no problems, so it should be quite quick to adapt that code module.