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  1. At the start of the year I had played around 13k battles over four years. I have played relatively little in comparison this year (200 randoms give or take). That is the current level of satisfaction in the game for me at the moment. I suspect my frustrations are the same as list above. The core of the game is good, but there are so many niggles that frustrate (as listed above). Too many grinds now, all in the name of keeping players active in the game. Be it prize ships, steel reward ships, free XP ships, most of which power creep the existing tech tree ships and make players feel that they need to grind to remain competitive. Grinding does not equal fun at the end of day. And I have done my share of grinding, but the PEF missions broke my enjoyment of the game. That is where the rot set in for me, and the CV rework was a nail or two in the coffin.
  2. Gudgeon

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    You forgot to add that the DD got nuked the moment he was spotted. GG.
  3. Gudgeon

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    So as a DD's I'll be able to hunt submarines, while being detected and shot at by the rest of the enemy team? Sounds fun. Just like being potentially spotted by air, by CV planes within 1 minute of the battle commencing. Again, just like the CV rework, I just don't see how this is going to work and be fun. Still, these submarines may become the class that hunts the main class of this game, favoured by the players who cannot play DD's and cruisers........BB's. Oh dear.
  4. Gudgeon

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    For me, it is not just a loss in itself that is the problem. You can perform well in a loss and feel good, but in recent times, the players on your team seem to be so bad, lack core skills that you would assume be learnt in the lower tiers, and are so bad that it seriously compromises anything you are trying to do. You cannot do anything except have a bad battle. This is what has killed this game for me. I find I have no fun, just frustration for 80% of battles. Battleships are too forgiving when mistakes are made. Too many lowered citadels. If you show side, you should be HEAVILY punished. This might make players learn game mechanics in order to survive, not derp about getting away stupid mistakes and positioning many times during a given battle. It might even encourage team work. Again, I think the distribution of the tiers of the ships in the battle queue at high tiers are way too top heavy, like 60% tier 10, 30% tier 9 and 10% tier 8. I have found tier 7 to be pretty bad these days too There are too many tier 9 battles in a tier 7 ship. I cannot think of a solution to the problem. It is too far gone and the in game economics are mostly to blame. You can run a tier 10 with a premium camo and make money regardless of how badly you play (or certainly not lose 100-200K a game). I used to think tier 10 camo's were great, but now I wish the world of tanks economy existed. If it did, people would play a lot more tier 8's to make money. This would finance battles in tier 10's, if this tier was not so lucrative for average to poor battle performances, when running a premium camo. The MM for tier 8 would be so much better too, as there would be larger numbers of tier 8's in the battle queue, hence more tier 8's put into a given battle. These views are from an experienced player with 13K battles, 57% WR. I started playing in July 2015. I have unlocked all tier 10's except the Russian BB line, as I have not played more than 50 random battles this year, so I have not been grinding. I want to play the game again, as at its core is a unique (say even niche) video game that covers Naval history and warfare. It has been fun in the past and I am hopeful it can return to its golden era between 2016-18. I might then play again, other that a battle here and there.
  5. Gudgeon

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes, I agree. I have barely played this year, but I suspect the same problems exist. Tier 8 is pointless as it is an instant tier 10 match due to this game being so top heavy with 'premium tier 9's and tier 10's meaning that it is two tier 8's v's 9's and 10's per team. And most of those higher tier ships are captained by 44%'er's. Basically I blame premium camo's on tier 10's and the crazy amounts of premium tier 9 ships that exist, or are imminently going to appear in game. It has broken the game, along with bad players getting to tier 10 with the minimum of problems, just a large amount of time and battles to grind the XP needed. Skill based MM is not the solution either. That has killed other games in the past. I cannot actually think of a solution tbh.
  6. Gudgeon

    HMS Rodney.....

    Technically, by the tradition of this game, like say using the 'North Carolina' as an example, HMS Rodney should be the Premium ship and Nelson should be the in the RN BB tech tree, as the Rodney and Nelson were 'Nelson' class battleships. But they could not shoehorn in the Nelson and King George Battleships into the tech tree for some reason. So we ended up with Nelson as the premium instead as they had no other way to use it in game.
  7. Gudgeon

    Premium/Alternative ammunition when?

    WOW's does not need skill ammo. Push '2' for a 'skill boost'. It is just a convenient sticking plaster that gives the option to circumvent the balance problems that lower tier vehicles face against higher tier vehicles. It promotes lazy game play/bad habits regarding aiming. WOW's had a lot of good things going for it for a long time. Sadly they are all being eroded in the name of fixing a game that was not broke in the first place. If you are not careful, the game will be destroyed completely. WOT is comfortably in a much better place than WOW's. now. I never thought I would say that.
  8. Gudgeon

    Look, I just want a game about old warships ​​​​​​

    People like you want it all .....a game about ships, fun engaging game play, uncomplicated upgrade paths, no mega grinds to unlock super upgrades that give you an instant advantage over more casual players who want to play for fun and relaxation. A game with tactics and interesting thought processes that engages the mind. No broken ship classes that make playing others a misery. Sorry, you have come to the wrong place.
  9. Gudgeon

    Paragon System

    So basically, I can grind six times to get max upgrade and then in theory, come up against a new'ish player playing the same ship in 'stock' form and wipe the floor with said player as my version of the same ship is superior. I am not sure which player would be uninstalling the game first, me or him. Surely, no new player will want to get involved with the game if the playing field becomes so lopsided against them. e.g no new players coming into the game. Speechless. At least this deflects attention form CV's.
  10. Gudgeon

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    I play all classes. My best class is DD followed by cruisers with BB's and the odd CV last. I have 13K battles over 4 years with a 56% WR. Get your little brain around the fact that CV's have been and still are a minority class. BTW, I play a game based on if it is fun, win or lose. It is that simple. I do not need to stat pad, play OP ships/classes that allow me to crap over the player base or any other nonsense. I am not a CV hater.....I hate what CV's have done to the game. The sad fact is, the RTS style may as well still exist, as a good CV player wins the battle over the bad CV player on the other team. That aspect has not changed. Just now, CV's break the spotting mechanic (and always will) and most importantly, do not counter their counterpart on the enemy team in this version.
  11. Gudgeon

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Yes, lets pander to the minority of the player base. I take my hat off to non CV playing people sticking with the game for the last six months. I could not justify playing to myself, if I am honest. You on the other hand, quit at the moment you cannot farm as you wish and might have to participate in a data gathering exercise for a few days.....these hardcore guys have been on the receiving end of this fun fest for six months.......yes, delete CV's I say. How can a tier 8 CV be fair to tier 6 AA and tier 10 AA? THAT IS THE PROBLEM, CV's ONLY EXIST AT EVERY OTHER TIER. HOW DO YOU BALANCE A TIER 8 CV AGAINST THE TIER 6 TO TIER 10 SURFACE SHIPS IT CAN POTENTIALLY FACE? SORT IT OUT OR DELETE THE CLASS.
  12. Gudgeon

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Hallelujah, this exactly. The class is completely broken and once it almost becomes almost balanced against the other ship classes, we get a couple of days of data gathering before a hot fix.....instead of practically six months of misery for all other classes. As the CV's players would say, perhaps the bad CV players should 'git gud' instead? Don't worry @MrConway, I have not been inconvenienced, as I stopped playing with any regularity in February, as I did not wish to be a guinea pig 'to gather data', when it has been patently obvious on how unbalanced the CV rework has been, PRIOR TO ITS RELEASE. The CV class is favored by players who wish to farm hard against the rest of the player base, regardless of if they are destroying the game in the process. There is no fun in CV games, as I expect you have been told at the 'CC' conference this week. I am going to be interested what will be said on the CC twitch streams in the near future. Has the broken CV spotting mechanic got a hot fix coming? Perhaps to allow DD's (and cruisers also) to be played, instead of having to be a masochist when playing the class for the last six months? And why should CV's have a refund? If people bought a premium CV after the rework implementation, did they not realize that parameters may well change, for better OR WORSE? Just a quick question, how do you balance anything in this game, with the great difference in player skill, from 35% WR to 70% WR's? Just because a proportion of players cannot cope, does not mean that a given class should be buffed to allow 40% WR players to compete.
  13. Gudgeon

    CV Rework Discussion

    Why is this still being discussed after 204 pages? Ask yourself the question and you should be able to draw some conclusions as to what the future is. I did three months ago.
  14. Gudgeon

    CV Rework Discussion

    I have not played seriously for three months, except a little bit of ranked so I could get a little bit of steel and spend my steel store on a Flint. Sounds like it is still the correct decision. I'll do a bit of sprint ranked for a bit of coal, so I can use the store up on a Salem (Tier 7 NO CV's..... :) ) See you in three months, if the game is still active.