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  1. undoreal

    Default Container Option

  2. undoreal

    Default Container Option

    Hey Wargaming guys, I would really appreciate to have the option to select my default daily container type. I sometimes forget to collect the containers or I shut down the computer before I get the XP from the last battle. Then it picks a random container instead of my preference one. It would be already helpful if it would pick the same type I picked up last time when I did it manually. I really like the new option to open all containers at once btw.! I am currently saving coal and each container picked wrong feels like a waste of time so I would be really happy to get the default option. Thanks for your attention and best regards, Undoreal
  3. undoreal

    Legendary Upgrades - How to Unlock them

    Hm, OK. The last time I played the Monti was this morning BEFORE the missions came out. So I am confused.. Will it switch when I play another Tier X ship?? I got it now. The missions will add as soon as you play the ship automatically. Thats a bit confusing, but OK..
  4. undoreal

    Legendary Upgrades - How to Unlock them

    Why the hell do I only get the personal assignment for the legendary upgrade for the Montana??? That is probably thge last one I want to have and I do not see any other mission for my other Tier X ships... What is wrong here or what am I missing??