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  1. Tr1umph

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    Are u kiddin me? That is like common knowledge by now, every player, streamer, youtuber i know has that very exact opinion. And my point is: read my post. what a [edited]worthless comment srsly.
  2. ... is the power creep on any kind of AA. Originally CVs were meant to be the counter to BBs not to DDs. In the real world the introduction of CVs to the battelfield made BBs obsolete. Right now there are so many ships in the game that are basically immune to any strike its ridiculous. The only thing that a CV can do right now is kill DDs or strike the enemy CV, attacking BBs is suicide, with a only few exceptions and if there is a cruiser around then its over. Just flying fighters in spotting range of an Alabama or minotaur and your entire squad gets wiped out. So many BBs have so much AA now and almost every cruiser has defensive AA. You wait 2 minutes for your squad to fly into position just to get completely wiped out by a single ship. Considering that any CV that is not T10 gets matched with +2 tier ships constantly things get even worse. Any rework of CVs that will not adress the recent AA power creep and matchmaking imbalance for CVs will fall short. Right now DDs counter BBs, which is completly historically inaccurate but it makes the current gameplay a big camp fest because any BBs that actually pushes gets punished by deep water torpedos and such. While CVs are the best counter to DDs and completely useless against BBs (few exceptions) and cruisers, also historically inaccurate and bad gameplay. Never heard of a plane torping a destroyer, while in WOWs that is everydays business. I dont see any rework being any fun if the current trend of planes being made out of paper and huge invisible AA bubbles killing everything in seconds stays in the game. Also for the sake of increasing the feel of carriers actually having an impact you should drastically increase the numbers of planes per squadron. And by that i dont mean buff the dps/hp, just the numbers of planes that are visually attacking. I mean there is only 1 cv per game and he send 6 planes your way? wow how terrifying, what about 20 planes? If an airstrike would actually invovle 60 planes, that would actually look impressive. Again not talking about changing the damage numbers, just for more action, make squads bigger.
  3. Tr1umph

    Graf Zeppelin is pay2win

    wiped out 2 of his fighters squad he still had a 3rd one with 6 fighters. So maybe check the stats, it was the only carrier in the game. Funny tho that none said anything about the facts that i mentioned which is zeppelin has more fighters and bombers and they are all faster = giving them superior strafing and bombing. all I see is spoiled brats defending their pay2win ship without any arguments.
  4. Tr1umph

    Graf Zeppelin is pay2win

    Those values are the old values and they are incorrect. New graf zeppelin detection range is below 14km, and <12km air, it has enough fighers to restock to full 2 times and to 5 fighers on the 3rd time while having the equivalent of 6 torpedo bombers squads. The wargaming wiki and stuff have outdated info before the rework. The current one is straight up OP, havent read any good argument against it, only zeppelin users trying to defend this op piece of crap.
  5. Tr1umph

    Graf Zeppelin is pay2win

    Playing any t8 carrier vs this thing is straight up freeloss. 2 torpedo bombers like the japanese while having way more fighters so they can beat both JAP and US in 1on1 Air combat. All of her airplanes are also faster, so you can never catch them on the retreat, their bombers can outrun your fighters. This also gives them a huge advantage in strafing. And even if you wipe out their entire squad several times with strafing, they still have enough airplanes to restock while you slowly run out. Meanwhile it also has better concealment then the other carriers and enough AA to stress any attacking airplane. Where is the balance? This ship is a elite premium, you are not able to buy it or unlock it, it has literally no disadvantages and is better than any other t8 carrier or any t8 ship by all means. Why the [edited]is something like that in the game this is by definition PAY2WIN.
  6. Tr1umph

    Mogami: 155mm vs 203mm (new poll)

    The mogami with 155 turrets goes very well with certain Commander or Moduel Upgrades. With them the setup becomes superior to the standard 203.
  7. Tr1umph

    Naval Guns Dispersion Pattern

    I think u lack the intellect to understand what he really meant. A ship that goes full broadside is less likely to take any critical hit or be subject to plunging fire than a ship that exposes its full length to plunging fire by heading bow on to the target. Full broadside is the way the ships were designed to fight, therefore their best armor profile is broadside, not angled and not bow on, also the area a plunging fire shell would have to hit and do damage is very small, since the armor profile is huge and the impact angle of the shell is so steep. By going bow towards ur enemy u basically expose the full ships length and width to plunging fire (that is a big area!) without any armor profile protecting you except for the turrets, just full yolo mode basically.
  8. Tr1umph

    How to improve the Karma system in three easy steps

    I didnt even know that thing existed. And now that i know I couldnt care less about such a stupid system. The simple fact that i basically have never complimented anyone but use all my reports every day to report ppl turns the whole system into thrash. And im pretty sure im not the only one who handles it like that, so geting karma points is basically impossible, why would anyone bother with complementing. Better save ur limited reports for all the idiots out there.
  9. US Destroyers painles grind? Farragut and Mahan are [edited]awful...
  10. Even after the hotfix (5.1.1) the game is still broken in sooo many aspects its unreal. 1.) BBs can hit citadels on cruisers now, but only if ur lucky basically. Most of the time you will still get only overpens. This was NOT an issue before the patch, you got some decent normal damage in, aside from citadels. Not possible anymore. 2.) Carriers are totally broken because of the dogfighting expert skill. It makes every CV matchup a coinflip. Does the carrier driver know about this bug or not? is he using it or not? (100% DPS bonus for lower tier fighters, good one Wargaming) An no comment on the change to torpedospeed on IJN CVs, just way to overnerfed but whatever... Just so u know, every carrier with stock fighters beats every carrier with upgraded fighters right now, by a mile! 3.) Ninja firing DDs everywhere. No matter what ship u sail, DDs will spam you with HE from outside your detection range and they will do a lot of damage doin so. Im getting hit for 500 damage PER SHELL on my Iowa or Tirpitz and ofc set on fire every 30 seconds. I dont see any reason for this mechanic being in the game. Every players hates being shot from outside of vision range, there is no way to react to this, no real way to deal with it in certain situations, if ur team has no CV or bad DD drivers then its basically over. Why is this mechanic in the game, where is this mechanic fun or anything? And u even buffed the shell arc for american DDs, so they can actually aim those shots now. Well done WG, well done. 4.) Armor on certain ships is totally broken, meaning they have no armor at all anymore thanks to the new damage modell. Iowa taking maximum damage from every HE shell no matter what calibre. Tirpitz getting citadeled from behind and so on... Again this was NOT an issue prepatch... 5.) Certain ships were nerfed by the patch like the Mogami, 155mm shell damage is utter garbage now. I got like 4000 - 6000 salvos in on enemy BBs prepatch, try to do that now... not possible anymore. In conclusion you basically broke a working system and changed much more then you are willing to admit or communicate. So many stealth nerfs and buffs its unreal. Screw you guys srsly, i regret wasting money on this scam, esspecially on the premium ship thing. What happended to "we are never goin to nerf premium ships significantly"? Introducing a new damage model without testing it long enough on the public test server or just test it WHEN THE GAME IS STILL IN BETA instead of doin something like this now when the game is live. This is some real amateur work right there. This game will go to the bottom like World of Warplanes because no one is really listening to the players opinions or testing enough and properly on the public test. Watch out on your way down its a long fall. cheers.
  11. Tell me im not the only one who suddenly experiences it that way. Since the last patch this ship has lost all of his armor. Im getting ninja HE spammed by Benson's and Flechters and they do 500 damage per hit. Which accumulates to about 30k damage from DD guns in 2 minutes... and ofc fires. Even tho i stay angled to other BBs all the time, i get citadeled by other BBs every game from super weird angles (im not broadside!). This basically NEVER happened pre patch, everyone knew Tirpitz was basically impossible to citadel, now it feels like a ship made of rice pudding. Srsly this is a premium ship and not a cheap one, wasnt there an agreement to never nerf premium ships? what happened to that? I had 67% winrate with dat thing, now this ship is impossible to sail and not even good for credit farming anymore Why didnt you introduce all ur new damage models and crapwhen the game was in BETA. Why go into release and then bring up big meta and gameplay changes, that makes no [edited]sense. One more reason to quit this game srsly, I dont understand this "game development".
  12. Tr1umph


    Gerade gegen eine Kitakami im random battle gespielt. Kommt die etwa wieder oder kann man die sonst irgendwie spielen? :O Der besagte Spieler war leider nicht intelligent genug für eine entsprechende Kommunikation.
  13. Tr1umph

    Warum wird so viel falsch gemacht?

    Ich bin übrigens weltbekannter Historiker und ich möchte an dieser Stelle mal erwähnen dass die Tirpitz in Wirklichkeit viel größer war als im Spiel! Die ist ja gerade mal so groß wie mein Bildschirm in diesem Spiel, wie unrealistisch. Außerdem gab es die Tirpitz nur einmal und nicht viermal pro Team und im Gegnerteam gab es sie überaupt nicht. Diese historischen Unkorrektheiten prangere ich an!
  14. Tr1umph

    0.5.1 is a Disaster for the Gearin

    The whole patch is a mess if u ask me. HE on certains ships is useless (Mogami, Gearing) AP on most high tier battleships is useless (starting from at least T8), cruisers are invicible to AP rounds from those BBs. CV matchmaking is a joke with that Dogfighting expert skill bug. Srsly there is no reason to play this game in its current state.
  15. Tr1umph

    Any ETA for hotfix of Dospersion and AP?

    FUnny how one simple patch can ruin the fun for so many players. Great Job guys, you basically just lost a lot of players because you tried to develop the game