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  1. Players matched against ships of higher tiers should receive increased overall experience and reduced maintenance cost. Dear moderator, don't lock this thread again. And regarding your previous lock - no, you can't lock onto any detected ship on the map using X button. Have a nice day.
  2. Torpedoes launched blindly without a target lock should get a penalty to their speed and detection range. This is retarded. How mamy times I died to a random torpedo coming out of nowhere. And these japaneasy ninjas with their torpedo rain is pure crap. You know what? Remove the ability to launch torpedoes without a target lock.
  3. rustyfeeder

    Cruisers are useless!

    Cruisers are a dying breed. The idea for them to be a "jack of all trades" ship turned into a "killed by all ships". They depend on battleships. Try playing RIGA for example. Range is 16 smth. You either stand still and wait for battleships to go ahead or you go ahead alone and get melted because are slow and unmanevarable as a 20 kg sausage.
  4. rustyfeeder

    CV modifications

    It could work but not as a replacement. Keep 3 standard plane types and add a 4th type - support which can be configured.
  5. Yes, this might be just a start for future changes. They made this small step being afraid to piss off manchildren. Or they didn't have enough funding to do something proper. Or they didn't know how. Make ur pick.
  6. rustyfeeder

    Game mechanics broken

    If only the game mechanics. This game is broken in many ways - matchmaking doesn't exist. When you constantly get matches with the highest winrate on your team being 48-49 and 60 on the opposite team, don't tell me it exists. It doesn't. I don't check the player stats during a battle but if I did, I'd knew the outcome from the start. - p2w with a gazillion ton of golden ships, boosters, premiums and whatnot. - there's a huge gap between new players and nerds/smurfs with thousands of battles played. I don't have a single captain with even 19 points, 14 I think is my highest ans I'm being matched constantly with ships uaing flags, 21 poibt commanders, ship equipment and so on. - community is atrocious. It's toxic, elitistic, unwelcoming. - their payment model is outdated in general. The "premium" account is an outdated concept nowadays which is rarely used. - compare this game to league of legends. In lol you create account, pick a starting champion and you win. In this game you create account, pick a starting ship and you get wrecked by a dude on a broken ship with all the boosters, flags, captains this game has. - updates are so rare in this game. Last time I was checking when subs were put to test. Still no indicatio of when they are actually coming. - there is no coordination, no teamplay, no synergy between ships. It's like a blob - big ships, medium ships, small ships and planes. Small ships can fk up everyone. Medium ships can be fked by everyone. As a result every battle follows the same pattern and it's getting boring pretty fast. - what other pvp game can constantly be telling you that your opponent is winning? Or that your team is winning? Seriously I had a game when the narrator dude waa saying this non stop for like 5 minutes! "The enemy team is about to win!". For 5 minutes! - whatever this games management is doing, it's not good enough. They may have a money constraint though and hence the lack of changes/actual content besides the new ships for real money. Anyway I felt like I needed to get this out of my chest.
  7. rustyfeeder

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    Do you even know how much money they are making from this game? It's not their only game. I can guess tanks is their cash cow, planes do not perform well and this game is something in between. This game may even be unprofitable but they are still spending money to support it. Are you blaming a company for trying to make money from a f2p game?
  8. its better to change something than nothng at all. games sgit anyway but theres nothing better available This game is filled with elitists jerking off to their stat profiles. This hasn't changed in years. And this is one of the things which stops the game from growing.
  9. its better to change something than nothng at all. games sgit anyway but theres nothing better available
  10. whiners gonna whine. change may be not perfect but it's for the best
  11. rustyfeeder

    Why is everyone complaining?

    This may be just a ruse. Submarines need targets too you know. Get ur asses ready.
  12. rustyfeeder

    All games are the same....

    Well if you have the patience to wait for god knows how long be my guest. You shouldn't be doing that in the first place. You should be actually playing.
  13. rustyfeeder

    All games are the same....

    Not gonna happen. Battleships have the highest gun range. They will be firing and you will have to get ahead of them to do that.
  14. rustyfeeder

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Is this supposed to a good thing or what? You know I can get into a match, die within 1 min and still get a win in the end. Or I can try hard, get a ton of damage, caps and still get a loss in the end. What's the [edited]point? This is stupidity. If the outcome of a match is decided before you actually start playing, then the purpose of playing anyway? To have fun being wrecked 1-10?
  15. rustyfeeder

    All games are the same....

    You know it's [edited]hilarious when you are driving a 4-5 tier fench destroyer pushing the point alone while 4-5 enemy ships arr running away from you trying to hit you. This is how fucked up this game is.