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  1. Wow really nice work, hope to see them in game, that would be the only reason to keep playing cv after rework.
  2. Seefelder

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/18373-spanish-tech-tree-proposal/?do=findComment&comment=2583601 This is one "full tech tree" i created with a friend of mine
  3. Seefelder

    Spanish Tech Tree Proposal

    Well i dont quite agree with you. His armored belt was 51- 110 mm. So i think it fits tier 8
  4. Seefelder

    Spanish Tech Tree Proposal

    Tats exactly what i was thinking, they didnt implament the spanish navy i too the european tree. Thats why i think that they probably will add the spanish navy as a own tech tree. Cruisers and Destroyers are no problems the thing will be with the Battleships. But still there were several projects for BB and CV.
  5. Seefelder

    Spanish Tech Tree Proposal

    But still giving the fact that its possible to make a spanish tree i still hope they do.
  6. Seefelder

    Her Majesty's Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

    I also once did a cv techtree but with an hole other idea.
  7. Seefelder

    Spanish Tech Tree Proposal

    Hallo Guys, i also did some little research on the spanish Ships and did come to this: What do you guys think about this?
  8. Seefelder

    Gamescom Q&A

    Hallo Werden in Zukunft auch Spanische Schiffe kommen, sprich ein Spanischer Tech Tree
  9. Ich habe so aus Spass mal einen Spanischen Forschungsbaum erarbeitet, hoffe sehr das auch mal Spanien in diesem Spiel vertreten wird. Was meint Ihr dazu? Tier Battleships Cruisers Destroyers I Jupiter II Pelayo Reina Regente Destructor/Furor III España Cardenal cisneros Bustamante IV Blas de Lezo Alsedo V Reina Victoria Eugenia Navarra Churruca VI Almirante Cervera Ceuta VII Project 124 Alava VIII Variation Littorio Canarias Liniers IX Project 131 Audaz X Project 138 Oquendo