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  1. KanColle4Life

    British And German Battleship Tech Tree

    From what I heard, German BB's are coming out somewhere during the summer. British BB's are coming out either in fall or next year.
  2. KanColle4Life

    Iowa vs Montana

    With patch 0.5.6 coming out soon, Iowa will be the fastest BB in the game. She will have her real life speed of 33 knots in the game.
  3. KanColle4Life

    Nagato....just wow

    Nagato will have more AA in patch 0.5.6. She has AA near the bow, stern, and on turrets 2 and 3 as well as some amidship. She will have slightly better AA when the patch comes out.
  4. KanColle4Life

    Amagi stock / upgrade prices

    Yeah, Amagi cost a lot to upgrade but it is really worth. Her stock was kinda painful and her repair cost is big. Stopped playing her for now because I barely have 500,000 credits and after every battle, I lose about 20,000 credits. Overall, best BB with 16" guns. Have fun with her
  5. KanColle4Life

    The kongo

    Best BB in game. Just don't show your broadside to another Kongo or higher tier BB's and you'll be fine...for now.
  6. KanColle4Life

    Warspite's Armour...

    That's what makes her a good BB for her tier. Better than the Colorado in my opinion (though Colorado does have better armor).
  7. KanColle4Life

    Warspite on two brothers? Twin islands map

    As Geralt said above, never go through the middle. That's the most stupidest thing a BB can do in a random game. Objectives are your main goal so go for them first. Always stick with cruiser's because that map tends to have CV's. If you get the chance, brawl with enemy BB's. Warspite imo seems more like a brawler with her 15" guns and her armor.
  8. KanColle4Life


    I'm almost to the Amagi. The only thing that's going to stop me for getting her is credits. I only have 1,421,366 credits and the Amagi cost 10,900,000. The only way to get her is by selling Kongo, Fuso, and Nagato. I lose more than I gain in random battles since Tier VI & VII are expensive as hell.
  9. KanColle4Life

    when will be tirpitz again

    I recommend you learn how to play higher tier ships first before you get a Tirpitz. Teams will be toxic against you for using a tier 8 with no experience in higher tier games.
  10. KanColle4Life

    Battleships now useless

    I wish I had your Cleveland supporting me. Every cruiser that's near me always go off on their own and never supports me when a destroyer gets close to me. It frustrates me when I have to switch to HP try to fight it my self and lose a lot of hp from its torpedoes. Whenever I ask for support, they just continue on fighting other BB's and cruisers. I a BB player myself btw. I have a Nagato-san and only 53,000 xp until Amagi-san.
  11. KanColle4Life

    New Mexico: at Tier 6?

    Yeah I get those too. I had a game where I was brawling with another NM, and my AP shells didn't even penetrate nor hurt him. 6km and not even a single dmg done...wow. Fired again and only got 2055 dmg out of a full salvo. Switched to HP and took him out after 2 salvos because fire ate him up. I guess RNG was not with me in that game because I lost so much hp fighting that NM.
  12. KanColle4Life

    New Mexico: at Tier 6?

    New Mexico's armor is great but it doesn't beat Colorado's. 16" with "All or nothing" armor scheme in my opinion is the best.
  13. KanColle4Life

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel - ARS NOVA - Kongō - 400k+ damage! ;)

    Dude!!!, you have no idea of how jealous I am right now because of both your ARP Kongo and your citadels!
  14. KanColle4Life

    IJN BB

    Not sure how to help you there. Nagato has to be one of the best BB's for her tier. Her accuracy is really great at 10-15 km and her penetration is one of the best on a BB. Try not to fire full salvos all the time if that is what you are doing. Overall, best Tier 7 BB along with the Colorado today.
  15. KanColle4Life

    USS Premium BB or BC

    I don't really care for American BB's although they are cool. What I really want is Tosa at Tier VIII. Better armor than Amagi even though it is slower.