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  1. ColonelPete

    Frensh arc.......

    I suggest to reread the RU BB directives and reread the current weekly stream missions...
  2. ColonelPete

    Frensh arc.......

    Instead you now get them for free by playing... Yeah, the world is not fair
  3. ColonelPete

    Wows Stat formula

    I suggest to contact the site admins.
  4. ColonelPete

    Steam DLCs and VIP program

    We have collector badges.
  5. ColonelPete

    Another OH HELL NO! idea... please polite replies...

    That would not help one bit... Apart from the obvious incompetence of the playerbase, just add some trolls to the mix and you get mayhem.
  6. That has nothing to do with stealthy. You cannot angle towards two flanks.
  7. ColonelPete

    Me and my friend created our own Battlecruiser/battleship HrMS Tijger

    The guns and armor are just something you wrote. I seriously doubt you can squeeze bigger guns, more armor and speed into just 1000 tons of additional weight.
  8. ColonelPete


    You do not need a new class, just new trees. The trees would go from Tier III to Tier VIII and then rejoin the BB tree.
  9. ColonelPete

    Me and my friend created our own Battlecruiser/battleship HrMS Tijger

    Looks more like a Kongo with a Dutch flag...
  10. ColonelPete

    Troll Players

    Blacklisting only blocks chat messages. You can still encounter him in battle. You can still read his tactical messages (will be changed soon).
  11. ColonelPete

    ST - Birthday of WoWs!

    The port looks nice.
  12. ColonelPete

    Troll Players

    Yes, they do. But they are slow. They usually start with temporary game bans. Took me three tickets and over year to get someone similar, what looks like to be permanently, banned. The player in question had nearly 5000 battles like these...
  13. ColonelPete

    Kämpft mit uns - Basis EP zählen nicht

    Das sind 1.314 Basis XP...