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  1. ColonelPete

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I wish I could upvote this more.
  2. ColonelPete

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    People claim a lot of things on these forums. The most outrageous stuff is usually wrong. And yes, it makes a difference if you can meet -3/+1 Tier or -2/+2 Tier.
  3. ColonelPete

    Update 0.8.11: Neujahr

    Soll? Keine Ahnung. Machen können ohne Geld zu investieren? Weniger als 5%. Wobei das Großteils nicht mal unbedingt gute Spieler sind, sondern einfach nur Spieler mit Lust und Ausdauer so lange vor dem Rechner zu sitzen.
  4. ColonelPete

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    @Crysantos I can understand that Wargaming demands more effort for a ship like Puerto Rico. But there are two kinds of efforts: total effort and effort per time period. Increasing the total effort is straightforward and most players will understand that. Effort per time period is trickier. The more you increase it, the more players will be completely left out. Time is limited. You will also quickly cross the threshold were the time demand becomes unhealthy for some players and the game overall. For months we heard the complaints from players that the event density became too much. This is a sign your events broke these thresholds with more and more players. It is only a matter of time before someone suffers from health problems and that is not something you want to be associated with WoWs. How can you combine the interests of Wargaming and the playerbase? Chose rewards that can be obtained in a manageable time frame. If you want to give bigger rewards, increase the total effort and the time frame for the event, not the effort per time period o The Christmas patch can go easily to the end of January (nice side effect: WG employees have more time for the next patch cycle and can enjoy the holidays more) o Let events run multiple patches o Let events be open ended (like Campaigns), in case of the dockyard, it would have to work differently (no construction per minute) Consider adding boosters for Free XP or Coal to the dockyard, they are basically representing past effort Events like ship construction could be clan centered, where the whole clan cooperates to unlock a ship, the ship could then be distributed to each clan member for free or 1 Silver, 1000 Dubloons, Free XP, Coal, etc… One thing you should consider for ship construction events: Boosters for Dubloons, Free XP or Coal should only consist of a fixed component. It is not good game design if the value of the booster depends on when you activate it. They become unattractive for players who start the event later, resulting in lower usage by players. This was also given as feedback when Wargaming featured the event in the Dev Blog.
  5. ColonelPete

    Update 0.8.11: Neujahr

    Ich habe Alaska und Azuma jeweils viermal gespielt. Geld fuer ein Tier X waere fuer mich rausgeschmissen. So wie es aussieht (erste Screenshots) sind die Direktiven fuer die meisten Spieler nicht zu schaffen.
  6. ColonelPete

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    If that are the directives, then even getting the ITA CA will be hard. Should that be true, the PR will not get built in my port.
  7. ColonelPete

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Bayern is more accurate and gets even more accurate tomorrow. Dunk outperforms Warspite, which is considered fine.
  8. ColonelPete

    Update 0.8.11: Neujahr

    Das nennst Du klammheimlich?
  9. ColonelPete

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Dunk just got a reload improvement at the beginning of this year.
  10. ColonelPete

    Removed carriers

    Yes. Bring back balance? Why?
  11. ColonelPete

    Recruitment Containers - For doing nothing....?

    Do not worry, he did not spend any money on the container. He used the ingame currency you earned for him. He either bought the container intentionally and did not tell you or he bought them without knowing what he bought.
  12. ColonelPete

    Win, loss, win, loss, loss... a way out?

    Do you play Conq that way? Do you have AP ready when a cruiser shows broadside? Yes, Smolensk can be fast, but not that fast. And usually it takes quite some time to sink something.
  13. ColonelPete

    Recruitment Containers - For doing nothing....?

    Looks like he bought team containers for you both.