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  1. CB Season ended: captain respec/ship refits when?

    While I support the suggestion with the profiles, it should be obvious that WG will announce the respecc, as always, and that the respecc comes Thursday or Friday at the earliest.
  2. unsichtbare Schiffe

    Dafuer ist das Forum da. Im Gefecht hat keiner Zeit eine laengere Abhandlung ueber die Grundlagen zu schreiben. Da geht es, wenn ueberhaupt, um grundlegende Taktik, z.B A+B.
  3. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    Never worked for and against me. The last time a post buff Akizuki took me down, she had help from two BB and it took them quite some time. A lone Akizuki is easily rushed and/or focussed down. Btw. if somebody is spotting for her, it is at least 2v8....
  4. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    1vs8? Really?
  5. Concelment change it it rapes the game

    If your disco lights glow for 20 seconds and then go off for around 10 seconds..... Yes, then they act like disco lights.
  6. T9&10 incoming balance desaster

    While they have good firepower, they are not nimble enough to evade cruiser fire. Therefore I doubt they are much of a problem for cruiser. For other DD they might be trouble, but that could be mitigated with a concealment change.
  7. Dallas - Why?

    Dallas has more broadside firepower and AP with 50% more penetration. While hitting is more difficult, you gain the ability to lob shells over cover.
  8. deleting my account to change servers

    You do not need to delete your old account. Just make a new one on the NA server.
  9. Weekends are getting too painful these days...

    Not that weekends are anything special..... More clueless players --> the WR of players with a clue goes up.
  10. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    Why do you not just read it again?
  11. Überarbeitete Unternehmen

    Es hilft wenn man die Zitate richtig zuordnet....
  12. Stalingrad: the HE needs to go.

    And that is exactly the reason AP-only is a bad idea. You should have the option the change the ammo type, that stuff like this happens only to bad players.
  13. (speculation) what will ruski battleships be like?

    We have enough topics about the RU BB. Why not just read them?
  14. Ignore your secondaries, not need to get that close. Always look for broadside targets, even if they are a bit further away than others, unless your team has a real focus target that has to be removed quickly. Train your aiming. Nagato is all about guns.
  15. wows begibt sich auf ein falschen weg

    Sagt zwar keiner, aber wenn Du Dir den Schuh anziehen willst..