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  1. ColonelPete

    Qs about divisioning with beginners

    do not know but if you do it later, the new player does not get protected MM
  2. ColonelPete

    Daring crap

  3. ColonelPete

    hight tier standard battle is so fkng broken

    Then you are part of the problem. Imagine EVERY teammate having similar thoughts...
  4. ColonelPete

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    They are not secret. They are the same as past seasons and pretty obvious when you take EU prime time and modify by time zones...
  5. ColonelPete

    hight tier standard battle is so fkng broken

    Then stay near your base....
  6. ColonelPete

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Probably, but maybe they surprise us.
  7. ColonelPete

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    It is on live servers Division Leader can select the prime time (the "how to" should be obvious this evening)
  8. ColonelPete

    Teamplay sinnlos?

    Wer gewinnen will, spielt im Team. Der Rest kann weiterhin einfach "Bumm" "Bumm" machen.
  9. ColonelPete

    RPF at it's best

    It does not tell you if the DD is going in your direction and hunting you.
  10. ColonelPete

    RPF at it's best

    RPF does not show distance. Just move towards him after you evade torps.
  11. ColonelPete

    Clan Chef kann nicht mehr widerkommen.

    Schreibt den Support an. Eine Uebetragung wird aber dauern. So lange der Vize aktiv ist, geht es ja noch.
  12. ColonelPete

    Free Chapayev - Where to go from here?

    1 or 3, works both. Chapa is a nice ship. There is an easy way to play her, but that does not influence battles much (Long range HE spammer). and there is the hard way (getting close, radar caps, kill DD)
  13. ColonelPete

    Sunray Hard Mode - whats the difference exactly?

    Maybe the enemy ships heal more when in "Filth"? Had the feeling that Gorgon is nearly unkillable unless you ram her.
  14. ColonelPete

    Halloween Mission a "How To" guide.

    Extra Hint: Do not enter her circle at the start. Wait for the team to get a headstart. Then ONE ship enters and stays with her.
  15. Ed gibt Leute, die koennen sich benehmen, und die anderen....