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  1. As soon as the special upgrades can be bought with research points, probably.
  2. ColonelPete

    Dieses Spiel ist absoluter Mumpets

    Ich kann jeden Turm einzeln abfeuern. KA was Du anders machst.
  3. ColonelPete

    Mehr Nebel, mehr Feuer bitte !

    Besser ist das. Der Rest farmt Kraken und Dreanoughts in BB...
  4. ColonelPete


    No, unless there is a mod for that.
  5. ColonelPete

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    But she is not powercrept. She is doing fine. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20200321/eu_2month/average_ship_u.html One could talk about Henry, which just got an unnecessary strong performance reduction.
  6. ColonelPete

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Sorry, I have grown out of believing in fantasies and fairy tales. I believe in facts. It is ok for you to play make-believe, but if you want to convince somebody else, you need some facts. And if requiring facts and reason makes me a "groupie" in your eyes, then you are free to continue to call me that. It makes it probably easier for you to ignore that you have no proof for your fantasies that prevent you from taking responsibilty for your game results. So be it. That reminds me to tell WG to keep you on the enemy team
  7. ColonelPete

    Royal Tokens

    That are EU Tokens... Play the directives.
  8. ColonelPete

    Werden Beleidigungen überhaupt bestraft ?

    Wenn Du nichts machst, passiert da auch nichts.
  9. ColonelPete

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    This gets delivered: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20200404/eu_week/average_ship_u.html https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3751720752,Mainz/
  10. ColonelPete

    [Suggestion] Second IJN BB line

    I also think that a IJN BC line is more probable as these alternative lines are waiting to happen with the RN and KM techtrees. And this BC tree will need some of the here suggested designs.
  11. ColonelPete


    Gegnertypen: DD, dann Kreuzer, dann BB, eigentlich wie bei allen Kreuzern. AP gegen Breitseiten, ansonsten HE. Gegen BB macht es durchaus Sinn ein wenig zu wechseln, um ein Feuer zu bekommen.
  12. ColonelPete

    Kreml (Tier X)

    Nein. Selbe Grundstreuung wie Sojus und 0,1 besseres Sigma.
  13. ColonelPete

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Was meinst Du wie die (Glücks)Spielindustrie funktioniert? Es gibt wissenschaftliche Vorträge zur Monetarisierung von F2P Spielen.
  14. ColonelPete

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You made a claim about MM for EVERY match! Do not blame me for you making wrong and easy to disprove assertions! And now, that you got disproven, you try to move the goal posts. Great job! Yes, being wrong makes you wrong!
  15. ColonelPete

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Every single time? Riiiiight... I suggest to look more often at your result screen.