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  1. You have a WR of over 50% in high tier. You are telling fairy tales.
  2. Keine Minen....
  3. It was always like that. Most people have lower WR in high tier. My tier VIII games lower my average too.
  4. You play very often in divisions --> the performance of divisions depends on 2+ people Your number of solo games is quite low and random changes in WR are quite common with only few games You played a lot of hight tier the last weeks, you WR from Tier VIII+ is worse than your average WR
  5. There is global significant difference in WR between DD and BB. Based on WR IJN CV stand out on most tiers.
  6. "Performs better than average" is a very strict defintion. If two ships perform the same, but one does 30.000 damage and the other does 30.001 and is therefore better than the average, it is OP?
  7. Ernsthaft? Von "Auf den richtigen Moment warten" hast Du noch nichts gehoert? Wer blind in den Cap rushed macht Deinem Namen alle Ehre.
  8. Not really...
  9. And comparable WR to Yamato and less kills/battle than Montana... If more less experienced players get her, we will see if she needs some finetuning.
  10. Ja, Atlantas sind immer und überall auf der Map. Flieger sind nirgendwo mehr sicher.
  11. Her bow armor is extremly strong. If you know how to angle she can tank all in game guns.
  12. Apart from the GC being one of the most powerful Tier V BB...
  13. Because you do not know how to play this game even after two years?
  14. Kongo does not have enough firepower, Dunk is too squishy and the all forward facing turrets are bad if you have to turn around.