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  1. Die Koenigsberg ist der beste Tier V Kreuzer. Nutze fast nur AP in ihr. Nur bei stark angwinkelten BB und schweren Kreuzern greife ich auf HE zurueck.
  2. This is wrong on so many levels and you did not notice? How many battles did you evaluate? Did you take a look at the range of Winratings of All players in WoWs?
  3. Does not help much when the BB are all over the place. And when they are together, you can smoke more than one. And going out of your way to smoke someone on the other side of the map, takes a lot if time and you abandon you position. And if you are smart player, there is probably a good reason that you are at the position where you are right now and not half a map away with the BB.
  4. Try that. From my experience the skilled players are hardest to kill and tank a lot damage. While the less skilled enemy blast you to pieces, you might not even sink the skilled player. Better to focus the easiest target.
  5. Why not? As if players with thousands of battles were much better on average...
  6. Sniping is not rewarded. Shooting from closer range is much more deadly and if you know what you are doing, surviving is not much of a problem there. Experienced BB players rarely get sunk by ship torpedos, even when they get close to the enemy. Enemy AP shells are much more deadly.
  7. Your profile lists all sinkings. And I doubt over 7000 markings would look any good on my profile.
  8. I played the operations only in random teams...
  9. Apart from the first one, all operations were quite easy, especially Operation Aegis (second one).
  10. PM the Devs on the forum.
  11. German DD
  12. You can do that in any Operation...
  13. German DD have good torps over all Tiers and are very adaptable. US DD have that too, but only from Tier VII on. RU DDs are very visible and have bad torps. They are good DD, but they are gunboats not torpedoboats.
  14. Adapt the poll and add DD to the question.
  15. Easy solution. Adult supervision for bad players. WR will go up.