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  1. Been there, done that. Was considered to be bad. Certain players were too afraid to get their paint jobs scratched.
  2. ColonelPete

    Personal Challenges not updating

    Only when one does it alone. 4-5 kills is not enough to get that much Base XP in Coop.
  3. ColonelPete

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    Interesting setup, but I did not spend that much and two screens are enough for me. I am also not a fan of wireless. A height adjustable table is a good idea for the future.
  4. ColonelPete

    Poll: Forum Shutdown.

    Why would I get a forum ban? Contrary to many other people I can express my opinion without resorting to foul language.
  5. ColonelPete

    Personal Challenges not updating

    840 Base XP in Coop on Tier VII? Did you sink 4 ships singlehandedly?
  6. ColonelPete

    Personal Challenges not updating

    Are you sure that you got the necessary Base XP (the one from the team result list)? Did you use the right game mode?
  7. ColonelPete

    Spanish ships AFTER early access - to be kept ?

    Yes, we keep them as always.
  8. ColonelPete

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Wie schon hier im Thread erklärt, das funktioniert vorne und hinten nicht. Für Ranked bräuchte es ein funktionierendes Liga System und eine ELO ähnliche Zahl.
  9. Tier V and VI are indeed boring. Grom is ok, since she is close to Blyska, only the shorter torp range is annoying.
  10. "hiding our team" "put blocks in front of your enemies" --> makes game MORE active These options reduce the dynamic of the game by slowing ships down and making players more careful that they are not caught offguard.
  11. ColonelPete

    more of the same

    Writing it in a different language does not change the answer.
  12. Somehow other players already hit with their torps...
  13. ColonelPete

    Clans rigging battles.

    I am not twisting anything. That is what you wrote. And yes, when people post on a forum, they have to expect answers. *shocking*
  14. ColonelPete

    Clans rigging battles.

    Nope, you claimed " talking down to every other player that has a different view than you." And that is just wrong. And having no clue does not mean stupid. Do I really need to explain this to you? But I did not, unless this is not your post:
  15. ColonelPete

    Clans rigging battles.

    People answering people, that are talking to them, is a basic concept. Should I lie and call it a hidden truth? What I posted is a fact. You just interpret my denial of your supposed omniscience about my postings as an insult.