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  1. Mob1us

    3 Clan members in a ranked game this morning.

    im not opposed to sync dropping in randoms i couldn't care less win or loss off to the next game, but in ranked that crap can cost u multiple stars/games if one of those idiots is your only dd and by all surprise suicides at the start of the battle ignoring multiple pll on your team telling him to go for C on hotspot, spot the middle we will support u etc etc. so he screws over 6 others on his team to help his sub 50% win rate clan mates to a easy ranked win just makes me mad like ranked isnt frustrating enough already u get these jokers around to deal with
  2. Mob1us

    3 Clan members in a ranked game this morning.

    well it was a potato clan but im not sure it wasnt on purpose maybe they try to fail there way to higher ranks this way
  3. Mob1us

    3 Clan members in a ranked game this morning.

    what about 3 members of the same clan in one game 1 on our side our only dd and he rushes into the enemy spawn to die at the start of the game basically giving them the win
  4. Were still looking for some new recruits, ever wanted to play like a BOT? send one of the commanders a PM and find out if u can make it
  5. Mob1us

    Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    lol, deadly how dare he insult bots!
  6. Mob1us

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Id like to try my luck, Prize #1: Roma, kidd or derpitz if the first 2 are not available Prize #2: molotov Prize #3: doubloons btw great community based "event" want to say thx to everyone who has been so generous to spend there time and money to make this a thing
  7. shepski great work on the recruiting, btw were still looking for more BOTS!
  8. Mob1us

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    well im stuck in a div and waited for 24h now and i still cant div up with anyone else, way to enjoy the new patch!
  9. Mob1us

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Dont post here often but this was the last straw for me i was going to spend some more money on this game over the holidays but this, being treated like were some idiots in the EU always getting the shaft in events not anymore. WGEU really makes one feel special even taking the time to alter the client and youtube vids only to screw us over to make us spend money were other servers can earn it for free... really in this day and age were everyone is able to communicate with each other how did u guys this would pan out? u get a pat on the back from the community for not making us grind the "difficult" missions for free ships and cammo's but instead be able to buy them for ships that u already had to spend money on to get them(tirpitz)... Oh well i could go on and on with my displeasure of how we the EU are treated but i think other pll have already worded it better than i ever could but know this until we get equal treatment to at least the NA/SEA severs i wont spend a single € on this game anymore ill bring my cash to company's that value there playerbase and not try to milk/screw them every chance they get... oh and i will try to get the 70 player community im part of to do the same
  10. Mob1us

    Multisample Anti-Aliasing

    first off the patch broke the GUI for me had to edit some file to be alble to see it again... then when i could see anything again besides the ship in port i tried to use the new msaa, game froze had to restart the pc tried starting the game again froze on me again in port... so guess i cant play with postprocessing and msaa after this patch using a AMD x480 edit: had a profile for WoW in readeon setting reverted it back to factory setting and my game runs now with 8x msaa