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  1. D3D_CH

    Server Problems

    Yup, problems here too ...
  2. D3D_CH

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    I take it that Clan Battles are not happening at the moment ? D.
  3. D3D_CH

    Constant Critical Errors

    I have a completely standard install of WOWS and Windows. ALL Latest drivers. I also experience FAR TOO MANY COMPLETE CRASHES. Not alone, many other experiencing this too. D.
  4. D3D_CH

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Same for me. After quite a few games, FPS drops especially when zoomed in or screen full of torps, planes etc. When this happens it becomes unplayable. Like others, a game restart is required and then it plays normally - only for this FPS drop to return after a good few games. D.
  5. D3D_CH

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    Naw, you're inability to show any signs of cognitive thought preclude you from any discourse with me. Waste of my time. Admire the others who are persevering even though the signs of any light-bulb comprehension from you are continually flat-lining. D.
  6. D3D_CH

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    It is not about "realism" - it is about a fair balance between classes. To give a classic Rock, Paper, Scissors balance for considerate, tactical gameplay, and one where no one class can dominate and each has a counter. Presently, BBs can one-shot any ship at any distance with AP. Hitting a small, nimble, dancing DD at over 10 Kms easier than CAs or DDs sitting right next to me. And when hit smash your DD small health pool (tiny, and non recoverable unlike BBs) to a small fraction. Targeted by many BBs at ANY distance means you are extremely lucky to even just survive. Throw in automatic, skill-free BB secondaries that fire out further than your torp range for added fun. It is becoming a sad case where I am getting deleted more often by camping BBs sitting over 10km away, than any other ship, the minute you are detected. Sure, if you want the small pebble, wet paper, Death Star balance you will love BBs. But it is certainly not balanced - every other class has to play smart, hide and hit at opportunistic moments. Unlike BBs, every other class is massively punished/deleted instantly even without making mistakes. Balance is all we are asking for. D.
  7. D3D_CH

    BB AP pens on DDs

    Glad this thread is still going. Ever since the nerf of "stealth firing" (And I am NOT talking about talent-free stealth firing of HE on a target) it gives a large window for a BB to target and shoot at a spotted DD, especially if the DD has the temerity to actually open fire on anybody on a cap in the opening minutes, it really exposes a DD to incoming fire. BING : Target acquisition counter number ticks up. I've lost count of the times I have either received crippling damage in a DD in that few seconds of being detected (even without firing), or being instantly deleted - by AP, from a distance. And I am not talking about me sailing at a constant speed in a straight line. Talking me dancing like a Tasmanian Devil on speed. One still sticks in my craw. Dancing with an enemy DD on a cap in a Fletcher, both of us shimmying, ducking and diving, changing speeds and directions - shooting at each other and barely making contact. A great duel with a good enemy DD ---- then BOOM, dead. WTF ? Looked around and yup, I was hit by a Yamato from 20kms away - deleted from 90% health. The enemy DD a couple of KMs away could hardly hit me - and a Yamato shoots 20kms to wipe me out ..... just nonsense (The Yamato shell's flight time must have been long enough for me to pop out and mow the back lawn). Were BBs so "accurate" before - I didn't get that feeling. I don't worry about evading CAs or DDs. Seems I am getting wrecked/deleted by BBs mostly these days, and at distances well over 10kms away. They have learned that no matter how ridiculous it is, they will eventually get rewarded with a hit or two if they aim at DDs at any distance. And, as shown above, just one or two hits totally cripples a DD. Playing a gunboat DD now, your counter seems to be a BB shooting AP at you ..... D.
  8. D3D_CH

    Cruiser Survivability

    Yup, you feint him into shooting, and you are already heading off in the opposite direction, still angled, smiling. Only to see the vast majority of his shells land way off as expected. Except one shell. It comes directly to you slamming into your rear deck and taking 15k off your health. Because I sailed broadside in a straight, predictable line. Nope. Because the BB predicted where I was going, and was a good shot. Nope Because "dispersion". Because "rng". Nothing really to do with the skill of either of us. Except if I get lucky in a CA with "dispersion" or "rng" the BB will hardly notice. If BBs shoot at you enough times during a game, regardless of your WASD skills - or his lack of aim : you will take a few of these massive hits. Only way to avoid that is not being shot at. But the minute you shoot, watch the target counter spin up, as the enemy BBs target you...... D.
  9. D3D_CH

    Massive FPS issues in recent days.

    I am also experiencing strange drop in FPS too. Drops in low teens, then up to 50s and fluctuates up and down, especially if in close quarters with lots of ships on screen - or free flying about after dying Running Windows 10 with creator update. My PC specs : Intel Core i7-5960X (8 core, 16 hyperthreaded), 32 GB DDR4-RAM, ASUS STRIX GTX 980 DC2OC, SSD Never had any problems before - previously rock steady at 60+ FPS on max settings. D.
  10. D3D_CH

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    I hate this increased detectabilty (due to stealth fire nerf). Disclaimer: NOT talking about invis-fire pew-pewing at BBs. I thought it wouldn't affect me bullying and out-shooting enemy DDs and forcing them to smoke up during the opening stages of a game. But, due to this ridiculous accuracy and effects of BB AP fire in those extra seconds I am visible to BBs in the distance, it just takes silly amount of health from you. Regardless of how much you wriggle and adjust speed. It just seems unbalanced at present. Sure, I expect to get hit but not with such regularity by BBs at long distances. And not for more damage than the CA on my tail. This BB "dispersion", "RNG" and AP damage has seen me being one-shotted in a Fletcher. While I was dancing, twisting and turning, alternating my speed. By a Yamato. At 20km. Utter nonsense - flight time alone of his shells would suggest it was almost impossible to predict where I would be. But BB-assist ("dispersion" & "RNG") held his hand. It has resulted in me playing my USN and RU DDs in a more boring, passive style. And thus MUCH less often than before. D.
  11. If you are trying to find a more efficient way of displaying the big 10 feet neon letters above your head that state "NOOB" - you are doing a good job. It is crystal clear to everyone now. Anybody who latches solely onto "Stealth firing" is just displaying to everyone their complete ignorance and lack of understanding of the real effect of this change (and also spectacularly failing to comprehend the replies in this thread). But I suppose these types of player are the majority WG are aiming at. Note for the hard of thinking : THIS ISSUE IS NOT ABOUT STEALTH FIRING. Very simple, but still seems to confuse many. I play both CAs and DDs. And this change has been the worst I can remember. Reduced the game to : BB shoots at WASDing CA or DD (in the open) until CA or DD stop shooting, or die - or both teams sitting in smoke. So, Turkey shoot, or smoke fest. B O R I N G. If you just sail around going pew - pew at ships, you won't notice any change. Just less "stealth firing" ships setting you on fire. Enjoy. D.
  12. And..... Nothing shows up somebody's complete failure to grasp the real issue being discussed than repeated bleating about "invisifire". The fact that the real issue flies way over some heads just shows how many have played without having the faintest realisation of the game mechanics and the true potential they really had. They'll never miss it because they never even knew it existed, never mind how it works. No change of game play is required of those players. Still, keep going on about HE invisifire spamming. Keep digging. D.
  13. No, not right. It is precisely because of adapting that results in more passive, boring, dumbed-down play style that many are unhappy about. It is clear from many of the replies that the many subtle nuances of taking advantage of a smaller bloom/stealth window are completely unkown by some players. So, for those players, they are simply unable to comprehend why this detection bloom is significant and instead they solely focus on the stealth fire aspect. The idea that sitting at stealth distance and pew-pewing our tiny little guns is in any way a main or game winning tactic is totally contradicted by all of us who have stated that this new mechanic kills close, fast, aggressive, SMART play. It removes options, and opportunities. Relying solely on WASD as your main skill, as BBs all take pot shots at you, is neither fun or exciting. Nor consistent. "RNG" and "dispersion" will give BBs hits even when they shoot wide. And how that fits in with "rock, paper scissors" beats me?? Game now : see ship, shoot ship. And when it is as one dimensional as that just pick the ship that can shoot hardest, with the best armour : or remain unseen. Why even bother with a CA at all? D.
  14. These are exactly my feelings too. I won't be renewing either. This detection bloom has reduced my DD play to passive avoidance, and as a previously aggressive USN DD driver I hate this. No longer can I bullly a capping DD to smoke up (thus making me undetected). Nope, now I am lit up for the entire enemy fleet to target me. It is just one of many examples of removal of options while playing. Actual stealth firing was used before by me more as an annoyance than any sole gameplay technique. Now I have to sit back and wait for next smoke or island to hide behind. B O R I N G. Playing any non-RN CA makes every map feel like Ocean. The minute you shoot, you just become big squishy targets for BBs (with their BB-assist "RNG" and "dispersion") that can delete you irrespective of how well you use WASD to speed up/down, feign, twist and turn. Anything non-BB without smoke is just pointless to play now as they are simply not fun anymore, you have absolutely no advantage whatsoever over a BB. Great if you drive BBs, but dumbed down just too far now for me. I don't want to use BBs, so if it wasn't for RN CAs I would have reluctantly and sadly switched off already. Personally the worst update for me. D.