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  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Return of Missouri

    I do in fact promote this move, even though i expect it will become harder to get 800k+ profit games in the missouri. Missouri is a great ship with rich history and its kinda cool to make it more widely available to a larger oublic. But, what i do worry about: The Missouri, particularly its radar, is probably going to be nerfed after the rerelease. I might be completely wrong there, but its a concern for me. Also, can you elaborate what kind of credit bonus were talking? I generally run my Missouri with Zulu, Wyvern and gamescom camo, sometimes a few more, so +120% or more. The combat mission should ideally, for once, be multiplicative in its effect rather than additive, such that missouri still holds a chunk of its credit grinding potential. I like the general idea of this permanent combat mission, just hope the reward isnt far too low. Furthermore; can we expect other removed ships to find their way back eventually? Belfast, Kutuzov, Kamikaze in particular
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Danish keybord and Dutch air strikes

    The [4] on a danish keyboard should still be a simple [4] identical in unicode to standard european, russian, chinese, etc. You most likely have a setting on your own computer wrong. Also, you can simply change the keybind yourself.
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    so i finally unlocked yamato

    I know right, how can someone insult the jewel of our fleet like that? Yamato is not my best ship in randoms, im a lot better in it in CBs etc. But i love the devastating salvo potential. Its just that you need to plan your manoeuvres two minutes ahead, cause yamato isnt very manoeuvrable
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Rework ramming mechanics

    I honestly like ramming since it is mostly a very tactical move, but imo ramming mechanics should take armour and speed into account a bit more. In practice though the current mechanics are predictable, reliable and balanced in my view, which is best you can want since were talking about an arcade style game here.
  5. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Rework ramming mechanics

    Why? A heavily damage Bismarck weighs just as much, and therefore has equal impact at a given speed, to a shiny-fresh-out-of-dock one.
  6. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    AUSTIN...Happy or Not?

    Austin is not necessarily stronger than a DM, Salem or Worcester for instance, but fun.... Man! Reload booster on a mino, melt away 25k. On a GK in perfect conditions? 50k before it runs out, and the GK hasnt turned its turrets yet. It is powerfull, but its got very pronounced weaknesses. If you like playing cruisers tactically it should be good, if you want your cruisers to be stalingrad/ petro then forget it. Dont show too much broafside though, even most 203mms will easily citadel you. The torps are surprisingly useful, and in random the booster has an awesome shock effect
  7. ..... Except a Yamalto burns for longer than a Petro, it is easier to hit, and the damge from 1 fire will be significantly higher. Also, HE damage vs AP damage comparison comes from a great deal from the HE and AP strike damage itself when the numbers get close. As a rule of thumb, if youre shooting penetrations, youre probably shooting the right ammo. AP overpens? Aim for more heavily armoured parts of the ship AP ricochets? Consider switching to HE HE ricochets/ non-pens? Switch to AP or aim for more lighly armoured parts of the ship Some ships such as the Thunderer may be able to citadel cruisers (cleveland etc) with HE, but generally AP has the greater armour penetrating capabilities (even for thunderer)
  8. Kamikaze, definitely. Second place: Kutuzov Third: Belfast although i have plenty of filthy ships to make up for missing those Ships that im happiest about to have (for the rare ones), on the other hand Missouri Benham Flint* (god its been nerfed tho, still a monster in ranked Enterprise (again, nerfed quite a bit tho)
  9. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Kitakami is coming

    20 cruise missiles on each side, reload 1 minute, damage 20k ignoring torp protection? Well u know from what ive seen kitakami will just be a meme, it wont be good by any means- imagine fighting an Elbing with it- but it should be fun. And heck ill spend 2M free XP, 250k coal, 60k RP (once i get there) on it- its not really a steel- kind of ship imo, also i wouldnt be able to afford that right now lol
  10. Fine, but why twice 100k coal in such a short period only for the same players? I hope that its clearly meant to purge the credits held by a clearly defined target group, but that group cant becof equal size between all servers, so right now EU is just having a disdavtages when it comes to numbers, while in NA there are ppl with creds+
  11. Well, either this would truly be the case- coincidentally- or there might be a cap by WG, rather than the actual 5000 winners. I think they should release the anonimised list of winnets, purely by amount bid, to clarify this kind of data towards the playerbase too
  12. 62M, clearly no win. The concept is poor from a fun point of view. The same people as last time won, its purely a huge credit drain. If there would be "first come, first serve" snap sales or at least proper pools itd be a lot better
  13. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Why is everybody hating on prop mod 1 for BB?

    I dont think everyone is hating, but generally good speed management- long term- is important part of playing BBs right. Prop mod will ease that, but if youre bad at it, it wont mitigate flaws. You need to plan your actions like drive bys, island passing etc in advance anyway, so most ppl choose to do a lot of the flexibility by course adjustments (steering) rather than by braking & pulling up. A BB turns sharper with steering mod, so you can do quicker angling, torp dodging/mitigating, CV dodging & island manoeuvres. Im not saying prop mod is wrong, you list a good bunch of valid points, most ppl will just prefer steering, particularly on anything with rudder shift > 12s or so.
  14. So are you saying rocket planes are in a fine spot right now? Cause thats what this topic is about. An FDR has a reticle of 3x a GK, while even the most accurate rockets will easily miss heavy cruisers, even on perfect leads
  15. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    What type of players are using hybrid ships ?

    Thing is, i really like the Atago. Tone may be less aerial oriented, but a hybrid atago sounds pretty cool eh. Tone is less aerial than Ise ofc, not than Atago. Feel like i might need to clarify that, the most airborne thing about atago is its citadel