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  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    As long as they are aircraft carriers, WG will nerf the crap out of them
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    I reject this whole boycott thing, simply because it is so pointless. We all know CVs won't be in next season of CBs, and all of the "leading boycott clans" have been using CVs themselves in this season, rather than just not playing cvs- opting for bbs instead
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    The whole point is, good people *should* be allowed to be good in carriers, but they are not. It is freaking impossible to hit your enemies with most CVs, unless they dont try to dodge. It is impossible to score good damage, and in something like a Graf Zeppelin you can't even reliably citadel anything anyway- even though AP bombers are its primary weapon supposedly- and now they're nerfing the crap out of it. Not good.
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    Cvs already don't do crap. Its become a pain to play, AA is simpler and stronger than ever, and its very hard to deal any damage at all. I'm a CV fan, but if you continue nerfing CVs like this, just give me back my money & remove the class really
  5. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Shikishima HE alpha damage

    Hello, I would like to suggest a minor and hardly relevant buff to the Shikishima. The Shikishima clearly relies on its massive AP shell damage to deal damage, but whats odd about the Shikishima is that it has by comparison the worst HE shells from any of the IJN battleships. In precise terms, the normal HE alpha damage for IJN BBs is between 55% and slightly under 50% of the AP alpha. In the case of the Shikishima this would boil down to a range of 9000-10500 HE damage, with the high end being more likely in fact. However, the actual HE alpha of the Shikishima is only 8300- only slightly higher than Thunderers 8200 damage 457mm shells, while also not significantly higher than Yamatos at 7300. Traditionally, back in Beta test, strong HE shells were always an important feature for IJN battleships and in my opinion it would be a shame if that went totally lost in the Shikishima. Since you should be using AP only anyway, that one time you DO load HE, make it hit really, really hard. Suggested value: 9500 (i do understand the problem of high alpha & high pen HE shells, just think the current value is really too low). Grtz Isoruku_yamamoto
  6. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    How many bombs are there??

    If each and every single of these bombs were to score a citadel hit, a 18 hit salvo would indeed score 108.000 damage, and the aircraft carrier captain would fully deserve that then- since it is downright impossible to perform that. High Explosive bombs, such as the bombs used by the RN CVs, are virtually unable to score citadel hits, meaning you will deal at most 0.3x the nominal damage even on hitting all bombs and penetrating all. So, reasonably the most damage that can be dealt to you by an Audacious in 1 strike would be 32.400 damage, which still seems shockingly high- but youd have to hit & pen all- which won't happen, due to misses, ricochets, non-pens and non-damaging penetrating hits. The alpha strike of CVs is, much like for regular cruiser-, battelship- , and destroyer guns, as well as for torpedo armament, a pure indication of what damage a ship can theoretically deal with 1 shell, bomb or torpedo. Applying the alpha to the entire armament group at once is generally completely wrong, since you are unlikely to use ALL shells, torpedos, rockets or bombs to maximum efficiency, and generally even using 10% of your maximum alpha strike is pretty decent.
  7. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Kaga or Massa?

    Kaga is a great CV for experienced CV players. One of the most fun CVs too
  8. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Armory Coupons - Ships for Doubloons

    In the cruiser field the Atago is IMO still a very solid option, arguably even in a better spot after the CV rework. Bayard is not like other french cruisers, neither is Mainz like other German cruisers. They are both more HE spammers. Wichita is a 203mm heavy cruiser, but not of the traditional US heavy cruiser type due to weaker AP, meaning its in a weird spot. I'd recommend either Mainz or Bayard, but i don't have any of them. Do consider the Atago if you don't have that though, its a very solid ship, with good guns, great stealth, better very good torpedo armament, and a heal, and after the rework the AA is not all that bad either (it is weak, but it exists, before it had virtually no AA). P. Eugen could also be an option, thats much more like the Hipper, far more than the Mainz is. The older cruisers are still an option! Also, the Pyotr Bagration is a good allround cruiser IMO, and the Ochakov seems interesting too
  9. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Limit bots or really bad players to Coop

    Okay, heres a PvP problem. Im a generally good player- 55+ % WR, meaning im around 90th percentile in WR (last time i checked). Ban the lower 10% and i will be relatively more mediocre, while youll create a new class of worst players. Eventually, youll end up with only the best players making up your random playerbase, and theyll average below 50% WR, even though that group currently averages like 65%.
  10. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Summer sale: asking a favour

    Recruitment is minor IMO, for long term players recruitment offers little to no benefits. Twitch is a clear though minor drawback. Couple credits and signals. Bonus codes are now virtually extinct, WG stopped using them anyway- except for the really small things like 5 signals or 1 day of premium. Special opt in missions can now generally be opted into in game i believe. Also, these missions are again generally crap. The WG store is a clear drawback due to the ships that cannot be bought, however virtually all ships are now for sale in the armory. Point me 5 that are not for sale in the armory and i'll give you a point on this one. The special sales in the store sound nice, except we don't Have special sales in the store. There is nothing spectacular ever going on in the WG store, whereas steam gets 90% off bundles (of total bundle value 50eu+) Grtz I_Y
  11. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    More details on changes of Unique Upgrades

    I own the Midway and Hakuryu legendary module. Audacious does not have one. The other two cant be mounted right now, but they do exist.
  12. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Summer sale: asking a favour

    Exactly how much does registering an email bring me then? 20 tokens in the soviet cruiser event, three signals, 0% chances to win mediocre prizes etc? What offers are the steam-only users missing out on?
  13. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Summer sale: asking a favour

    Hi all, Last year we had a bit of a fiasco in the summer sales. Nothing good, except for steam players. Steam players could get 8eu haida+5k doubloon bundles and stuff like that, best we had was random premium containers for 80% the prize of a regular premium. What id like to ask: - Honest, comparable offers between the two. I dont care if you give us only three offers and steam ten, but give us the same quality - A long due compensation offer for last years sale. You said you'd make it up- never have seen anything like that. Please make it a good summer sale
  14. We've had a good Clan Battles season, and while Clan battles is currently on a break, we definitely are not! Join by our discord or send one of our recruiters a PM for info, come join us for a round of fishing & floating
  15. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Ranked: proposed rework

    WoT actually has this, an XP bonus for dealing damage while you are near a lot of enemy tanks. Even if you are shooting at a tank at the other side of the map then, you'll get a bonus since you're keeping the tanks near you distracted/ occupied. Basically you could just have a very low increase in XP gain for each enemy ship thats close to you, the closer they get the larger the gain, the more enemies the more gain. In ships again its cool if you then shoot someone 20km away, but brawling is more useful than red line sniping