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  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    WG and Lesta split coming to a close

    I havent heard anything about this, so i still wonder what will happen to warplanes
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Sound is gone

    True, but reinstalling wont fix anything that cant be fixed a lot simpler
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Gearing torps

    Dont play gearing? Serious note; have u tried switching torp modules? That might help fix this....?
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Damage Glitch

    Like many other issues, this would appear to be introduced by the supposed "fix" to the railgun bug.
  5. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    I now experience performance issues when locking onto or firing at an opponent, presumably caused by this "fix". Only played some CBs but the issue seems to corresponds with the described fix. I have steady ~60 fps, 35ms ping, but when trying to engage the game essentially freezes up for a bit.
  6. Im waiting for someone to post the missions so i can see whether i can be bothered. Dont really think so.
  7. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Negative income...?

    This has always been possible but simply isnt common in WoWS. In WoT for instance, pretty much any defeat with a non premium will lose you credits at any tier unless you use boosters or had a well above average game.
  8. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Positive permanent camo change?

    No, i am aware of tgat, but its bloody annoying isnt it? Also, i dont believe that much in "technical limitations", its more a lack of effort/time. You have the exact details available on what camouflages i bougt, in my case only 2, so why couldnt i at least have a check to see for instance if i had bought the Haida permaflage? That way you dont need to nuke the server with all calculations for all playera, but i can request them to see where my discounts should apply?
  9. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    How To Play Petro?

    My two cents; Id say playing nose in is an excellent strategybin Clan battles, or when ambushing. That goes for more cruisers in fact. But when you feel more comfortable flanking- do so! Petro shines when taking on a solo protagonist role, obliterating a flank that hardly even knows youre there- by virtue of its high pen AP (which can citadel most BBs reliably under 8km, given theyre broadside) Dont ever shoot HE at anything other than angled DDs and perhaps angled CVs. For the guns: dont show the side of your guns too much at closer range, they are a well known target. And whatever happens, dont expose your broadside. Petro is hard to citadel, but it also a priority target and ppl will shoot a broadside petro
  10. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Positive permanent camo change?

    I have a ton of ships where i received event camos prior to 11.6. A handful of exceptions there, i would much rather have discounts in most cases than the event camos. For instance i have a special Haida camo, but never paid that. Would love the discount on it so i can get the canada one.
  11. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Warship Masters Tournament Ship point values

    Interesting that some ship progressions (Yamato, Shikishima, Satsuma) have little or no difference while the ships do clearly differ. Also some of the DDs and cruisers are interesting, huge differences
  12. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    AA makes no sense on the new ijn light cruiser line

    This seems like very good AA for IJN standards to me.... Long range & decent damage
  13. Worst part about this is youd then have to pay full price if you decide you like another camo better
  14. Essentially a good fix for this would be to rework the rockets to what they were before- usable to all nations, but vulnerable. But they were nerfed to crap, with this as an unintended side effect
  15. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Limit # of ranked games per account per sprint

    It is genuinely impressive that with 2182 games you dont manage to promote somewhere along the way. Think about it. You only need like a plus 20 star over a series of any length within that 2182. Should always happen