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  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Premium shop pricing

    This is simply false. Prices range from a standard price of eu4.11 (Tachibana) to eu64.14 (Jean Bart). Anything above 65eu is a bundle, not just a ship, or a converted price (such as the Friesland for Free XP conversion, the Benham for containers in the Rogue wave event etc). Direct ship sales have up until now not exceeded 65eu, and thats for tier 9 ships even. Tier 8 ships stay below 50. Obviously, yet i thought it was good to clarify within the systematic for anyone who might miss that part. Comparing a tier 8 DD to a tier 8 CV leaves you wondering whats so special about the CVs if you leave the class aspect out.
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Premium shop pricing

    Tier 9 free XP/ Coal ships standard cost around 63-65eu, period. Class independent.
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Premium shop pricing

    Not necessarily. There is sort of a system in it. 1. Tier and class. 2. Specialty (if its a battlecruiser- that adds to pricing, if it has unique traits such as consumables or torpedos that are unusual for the line that adds too). 3. Customizability. Having options such as a different hull (Monaghan, Harekaze) or torpedo loadout options (Sims) adds to pricing. 4. Performance. The better a ships characteristics are, the higher its price would be- generally. This also means that generally an (in tier, in class) expensive ship leans towards being OP, though not necessarily. Note that the Sims seems to be relatively cheap considering this, but the Sims was actually buffed significantly since introduction meaning its a tad "underpriced". Current pricing estimate from me would be at least on par with Haida or even Z39. Z-39 is so expensive because it has the tier 8 module access, among others. Leningrad doesnt have too much going for it, but its a solid all rounder. Haida is a specialty ship due to its guns, smoke generator and special torpedos- even though it might not be the best, it sure is a peculiarity. Blyskawica is lowly priced because the Polish nature made it very unatrractive, and it doesnt have anything special going for it either. The one ship that i've lately been somewhat surprised by in how high its priced is the Le Terrible (i know frenchies, thats a double "the"). While it seems a good ship, 9500 doubloons makes it a very expensive tier 8, especially considering that it actually is worse in many ascpects that the Le Fantasque- for instance it has slower torpedos. For the Roma i'd say the reasoning is: - They simply screwed up. Roma is overpriced XD For the Cossack, one must consider that its pricing was set during an event (you could get it with those token thingies, i think Sourvereigns were the currency for it). That means it currency wasnt set fully independent, but the Cossack has great guns and stealth, and is a RN DD crewtrainer. Back when it was released, Lo Yang was NOT a crew trainer (no pan Asains yet other than Lo Yang and Anshan). Also, Lo Yang is both benefitted and hindered at the same time by uniqueness. On one hand it has hydro, then again- its a Benson with Hydro, thats all there is to it. A Cossack is vastly different from the Lightning.
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Something else broken / not right.

    Nearly a coherent story. Try again please.
  5. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Research Bureau - Exp go to T1 ship and then???

    IMO the research center should allow for accumulated XP on a ship to be used to re-research the next ship in line again. For instance i have around 1M Xp accumulated on Fletcher, so if i'd reset the Gearing line 4 times i shouldnt have to grind the Gearing, only the other ships of the line.
  6. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Wargaming wiki down?

    I can tell you that Wiki maintenance is not exactly a priority. An easy example can be found in the fact that both the AA system and the aircraft stats in the Wiki are not displayed in post-rework format. In fact, for as far as i can find. Now, i would like to tackle that issue but i might screw up half the WoWS wiki with that, so instead i think i'll start on a test page for it
  7. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    IFHE rework & thoughts

    IFHE penetration value should definitely NOT be changed. four points is a whole lot, so it must be a significant boost. The fire chance reduction can be bigger IMO, but doesnt need to be. The proposed changes for IFHE are very, very bad and should not happen
  8. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Anti CV Build Thread

    Press ~/ O (although i redirected O to be an additional mouse button, i think its mouse button 6 officially, but one of the things on the side). Thats all you need against most CVs.
  9. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Too many CVs

    Try doing that on an AA ship where you already have an inherent AA captain, such as a Cleveland/ Seattle/ Worcester captain. I use those with BFT+AFT on my Atlanta & Flint. Can do the same with a IJN gunboat DD, if you have BFT and AFT. IJN gunboat DDs are great plane hunters by themselves, but stick that captain on an Azuma or Yoshino and you'll be eating planes like crazy. or of course the US battleship line in the Missouri/ Georgia/ Alabama/ massachussets
  10. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    PMM (Preferential Matchmaking)

    Now this is interesting, cause i love the Kaga and think its very powerful, but ive always felt that that is heavily depending on the player. I currently average 111k dmg over 24 games, making it roughly my #1 ship damagewise. Why do you think its a POS though? Do you struggle to do damage? Lose aircraft too quick?
  11. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Too many CVs

    As a wannabe rework CV pro (wannabe, read that part pls), i havent played a single tier 4 battle yet. I got the Midway, Shokaku and Furious without playing tier 4s, and i wouldnt see the point in sealclubbing. I like high tier CVs, but honestly i understand why ppl play low tiers. I think its simply because AA can be frustrating at high tiers, and at tier 4 theres (nearly) nothing to worry about. However, the problem is only tier 4, and mainly because standar tier 3-5 ships are impopular. Tier 6cvs dont even see double CV battles often, and there are plenty no-CV games at tier 6. 8 and above have no 2-CV games and even have far more 0-CV than 1-CV games
  12. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    49 k damage with 2 Shiratsuyu torps?

    Only possibility is a detonation. Youll have a devastating strike, hed have Detonation. Can be seen in team results and replay. This means your torpedos didnt do more than 17k damage also, since detonation is just added damage- instakill.
  13. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    PMM (Preferential Matchmaking)

    Thats a matter of perspective though. A CV is basically already sort of deplaned if it cant deploy a squad (of prefered choice) at full strength anymore. Also, originally rework CVs were meant to have fully unlimited aircraft, keep that in mind
  14. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    PMM (Preferential Matchmaking)

    Kaga is fine against tier 10, though tier 9 battles are a lot more comfortable. Really gotta stay away from clusters. Saipan however is pretty terrible agsinst tier X. Not even per se in damage numbers, but youll always be deplaned around the 10min mark, even if you switch squadrons well and have additional reserve upgrade. Still, i think thats part of the game. If you play aggressively you may run out of aircraft obvs. Real problem with Saipan imo is that even tier 6 battles can be harsh, so it uptiers pretty okay, its aiecraft just cant deal with AA to begin with
  15. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    CV Rework Discussion

    Currently CVs are in a fine spot. They are a strong class for good CV players, but a weak class for bad CV players- some exceptions there, but that goes for any class. For a strong counterplayer it generally still isnt too much of a problem if they run into a strong CV as they'll know how to use their AA, how to position etc. For weak & dumb players, you'll end up with destroyers that have their AA permanently enabled and that don't dodge CV torpedos. And in my opinion that is perfectly fine. Such players won't do good against any other class either anyway. The class is strong damgewise, though not quite as strong as before the rework, and their battle influence greatly depends on the CV commander- it is not inherent to the CV class itself. So IMO the current status of CVs is pretty good for both CVs and non-CVs, the only possible problem remaining being the spotting potential against in particular DDs. And that is mainly an issue because- believe me or not- the detectability of aircraft is so high.