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  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    You're signalling a "flaw", "cheat" or whatever- but it really is your and your friends inability to recognise a fairly standard game situation. Your 15.5km is also picked pretty randomly, as it is YOUR distance to the Atlanta, and he wasnt shooting at you, but at the Boise. We don't really accept cheating callouts without any form of proof here.
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    Mods, bugs or software which mess with firing range do not exist. However, i think there will be a fairly easy explanation here. - Firing range of Atlanta: 11.1km - Firing range with AFT: 13.32km - Suppose Atlanta and Boise (target) are sailing towards eachother, a distance of 15.5km already becomes the following effective distance: 15.5- (Veff* t_t) With Veff being the effective closing in velocity, which can go up to 60knts and t_t the shell travel time. Furthermore, you said YOUR indicator was 15.5km. Let's assume the Boise is 1.5km closer- which really is not that much- and you already only have 14 left, meaning the lead distance (Veff*t_t) only needs to be 700m now, which really is not a lot at all for two cruisers closing in on eachother. Lots of possibilities, but believe me, nothing fishy happened here. Find your friends replay & see that i was right.
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    WG Economy

    Btw, you should really get in a clan, finding a clan with ~10% discount on servicing costs is really easy, even if you don't want anything to do with the clan. Not being in a clan is just shooting yourself in the foot really
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    WG Economy

    You criticize an economy system that you don't in the slightest adapt to. Perhaps you should try adapting a bit first, before you criticize it so much.
  5. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    WG Economy

    Well, you are using 0 discounters on a tier 10 ships service but you are using premium consumables and an auto-resupply on camouflage. That combination is not supposed to be credit-making under all circumstances. On my Yamato, comparable ship, i have a permanent camouflage, which is free to resupply and takes 50% off the servicing cost, and on top i have a 12% discount on service costs from my clan. Along with that i have the servicing flag for another 10% bonus. If you only consider that you wouldnt have resupplied the camouflage, not even considering the 50% servicing cost bonus, and the 12% service cost from a clan, you'd end up with the following: 180k servicing> 158.4k (saved 20.6k) 22.5k camo> no camo (saved 22.5k) You'd make ~17k profit, which admittedly is not that much, but thats where further bonusses would come in nice. If you have a bonus like mine, you'd get: 180k servicing > 50.4k (saved nearly 130k, or 72%). Camo from stock rather than bought: free I'm not using premium but would still make a small profit then.
  6. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    You have to get used to attacking high tier ships. Start out with the easy ones, such as yamato/musashi/ GK/ Ibuki etc. That will learn you to avoid FLAK better, while the continuous AA on those ships is not that insane. At all costs avoid Minotaurs. any other ship can be approached under the right circumstances, the minotaur should be ignored unless he cant see your aircraft or hes really the only option- but the AA there is sick lol
  7. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Refunding Saipan

    Dont free xp to yamato. The experience of playing izumo will come in handy when playimg yama. I wouldnt refund saipan, but thats me. Otherwise; spend the doubloons on a new premium ship
  8. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    Hi, I am keeping my Saipan. I loved pre-rework Saipan for air - to - air and its niche torpedos and or dive bombers, but i also love the hard striking capabilities that it got now. I agree that losing aircraft is a pretty big problem, but it can be mitigated by playstyle, commander skills and upgrade modules. For instance i use the Flight Control mod 1 for extra hangar slots & better regeneration instead of concealment expert. Also, i often send back heavily damaged groups without performing an attack run if i can do so outside AA. For me, its quite easy- i can get a tier 8 prem CV for a tier 7 which i got at 50% off. So yeah, ill seek to make the gameplay work for me & so far it does
  9. And even during weekdays we got space for some new folks :D
  10. Hi there, First off, let me clarify that we, the BBMM clan, are not at all a South African clan. We are a EU based clan and we might have some players that are originally from SA, but i can't directly think of any. We do have a wide spread of nationalities within the EU, and we also got some americans living in the EU etc. We use discord for communication, play clan battles, operations, divisions etc, and we're not only WoWS, but also WoT, WoWp and various other games. If you're interested i'd be happy to invite you to the discord to have a chat and see what we can mean for you & your friends. But; and i feel the need to stipulate this straight away; we currently are a bit short on places in the clan. And that mainly means that we'd need to take a look at each one of you whether you fit our requirements from our side before i can say whether i can take all (how many are there? ) in. Grtz Isoruku_Yamamoto
  11. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    looking for a clan

    Hi, Your battle count, WR etc suits our expectations. We are a clan with English as our main language, though we have players from all over the EU. We're a fun oriented clan, who play Clan Battles, operations, divisions etc. Our main communication means is Discord. Grtz Isoruku_Yamamoto BBMM staff
  12. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Looking for active Clan

    So you have three commanders, yet none of them ever visits the forum? interesting
  13. Had a blast in the naval battles ;)
  14. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Clan searching in progress

    Hi there! In case you like non-standard replies better than a couple of copy-pastes; read on If not; well theres a couple of them above here already i suppose. I'm Isoruku_Yamamoto from the BBMM clan. We have a pretty active gaming community in many different online games, among which all wargaming titles. We have a Discord server which we use for voice chat, random conversations, game stuff, events and more We play clan battles, even though we only started last season. We made a pretty steep learning curve there already & are definitely trying to make our game quite serious there, though without all the obligations & strict rules that some clans have. Other than that; - naval structures available for bonusses - Clan language: english ( though we have many different nationalities) - Clan Battles/ Divisions/ Coop/ Operations/ Training rooms - And more PM if you want more info, or feel free to join our discord ( https://discord.gg/X9h9fNv) Grtz Isoruku_Yamamoto BBMM staff
  15. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Danish clan seek danish players

    Well you're in the wrong section anyway buddy, this section is meant for players looking for a clan, while the other section is meant for clans looking for players. Please try over there & make sure to post everything both in english & in danish (its a struggle, i know, but this is the english forum after all) Grtz Isoruku_Yamamoto