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  1. neeravin

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Wait.. what?! I am pretty sure you guys stated that the premium CVs would be available for doubloons when the time came to put them up for sale again? Maybe I misinterpreted your post, but it sounded like the only options in 0.8.2 will be containers, and later only for cash in the premium store? For reference, I just want to put a link to a CV article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/cv8-which-nation-to-choose/ (I know this is NA - a similar article exist for EU, but for some reason it seems that article has been taken down?). Bottom of the article, it says highlighted in red "Attention! These ships cannot be purchased before the release of Update 0.8.2. With the release of the update, or at a later date, the ships will be made available for purchase again, but at a new cost which is 14,000 doubloons. Keep this change of price in mind, because if you convert any of these ships at this point, you may fall short of the necessary doubloons to purchase them back later!" I am aware that it says "with the release of the update, or at a later date, the ships will be made available for purchase again", but if you are ready to make all the premium CVs available again, then bloody don't make it limited to only containers and premium shop?! Especially not after making the above statement. You also just released the armory for more doubloons options, didn't it make sense to add the CVs to it? Some of the choices you make WG :c
  2. neeravin

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I'm sorry but just doesn't make much sense. If you really did care about your community, then the logical solution would be to cater to BOTH those with and without time, rather than cutting people off in such a manner. Besides, what statistics exactly is it that you have analysed in which it tells you NA, SEA and RU players are so different from EU that it made sense to make such a decision, but not on other servers? Lastly, you have a history in which server disparity issues has happened multiple times, how on gods earth could you not see this coming? It is in general also hard to believe you made the decision because you care about the players having too little time versus you just wanting to make money. What about seasons of ranked? That is the biggest time sucking game mode that you keep running, will we be able to buy rank 1 directly in the future and not get to play that anymore or?
  3. neeravin

    Did not receive Jolly Roger II

    Yep, but I made the ticket because I asked WG EU about availability of JR3 on EU, and for over a month they never answered me back even though they said they would. Finally when I made the ticket I surprising got JR3 credited to my account immediately, and hence I shared to let other eligible players know. Someone on reddit now confirmed that JR3 is being given out automatically (no need for ticket) JR2 and Flints will no doubt be handed out, it also took awhile in the past seasons. But there was never any official or public statement confirming JR3 was even a thing on EU For those who think it took 2 seasons to get Flint and that WG has misinformed them; guys.. when Flint was announced before season 4, there was players who already had rank 1 in season 2 and 3 and did not get Flint. They needed to get rank 1 in season 4 as well = 3 seasons to get Flint. This knowledge has been available long before season 5
  4. neeravin

    Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Winners

    Thanks for the contest WG; I really wanted a Belfast so this is amazing <3 For those who may be interested in the 248,813 dmg/3,698 base xp Fiji match, I uploaded the replay and battle result screenshots here; http://wowreplays.com/Replay/22133
  5. neeravin

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    Hey MrConway, sorry for being off-topic but can you check your PM? I think my message to you might have gone unseen by accident ^^"
  6. neeravin

    Crysantos meldet sich zum Dienst!

    Congratulations Crysantos !! Will this have an effect on your streaming on twitch?
  7. neeravin

    server connecting problems

    So WG will give some extra premium time to those who can't play and have paid for premium time active?
  8. I don't think I saw anyone mention the pricing yet. Is it just me or is it not really in line with their usual pricing? Usually price increases based on class from DD -> Cruiser -> BB/CV. And obviously being higher tier means a higher price. But comparing T6 Warspite with Dunkerque, Warspite is considerable more expensive. But an even more peculiar comparison is that even the T5 Texas is more expensive than Dunkerque..? And I don't think her weaknesses are the reason for the lower price, because even Scharnhorst has her low caliber guns, or the Atlanta her paperarmor, short range rainbow guns, etc. (and she is priced very high versus recent ships). One could argue maybe the pricing is due to not really being able to captain retrain? But honestly the Warspite has had the same problem for a long time, and I don't recall either Anshan or Lo Yang feeling particularly cheaper compared to other premiums Did they lower pricing because of bad reviews? Or maybe to make her stand out from Sharnhorst since a lot of people probably would draw comparisons? I don't know ?_? But her being cheaper than Texas seems weird
  9. neeravin

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Already have JR1+2 from season 2 and 3, but like others I also received another JR1 today from rank 1 in season 4...? What the what WG?
  10. neeravin

    Gif Contest Winners

    Thank you, and thanks for hosting the contest! It was a bit crazy, the match I used for my gif only finished with less than 2 hours before the deadline. And since I ever only did 1 gif (which was not cropped) I had to relearn quickly how to do it and upload it in time. Finished with less than 10 minutes
  11. neeravin

    Some interesting info around the world

    WG employees: are EU also getting a (new!) T5 premium reward event?
  12. neeravin

    Map Movement GIF contest

    Just in case something goes wrong with the facebook entry: Here is my entry playing as a DD in ranked a few hours ago. It was a tight game where our team was split up early on. Near the end it was me and a Mutsuki versus Myoko, Blyska and Nagato with enemy team leading in points. Mutsuki spotted for me while I island harrased the enemy. But the Blyska chased the Mutsu away, while the Myoko and Nagato charged our capped point. I got a torp hit on the Nagato but they almost capped our point, and without vision I was forced to sail out of smoke and fight 1v2. I shot at Nagato to cancel cap + put him on fire which took him out since he repaired from torp flood earlier. But they were still ahead on points, which forced me to continue 1 on 1 with the Myoko where I came out on top and the Mutsu and I could ride the game out on points with a 30 points lead. Ingame name on EU: neeravin http://giphy.com/gifs/eu-world-of-warships-neeravin-3o72F2WVuUYI3tjurC
  13. neeravin

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Actually wouldn't it just mean they have to produce one every 2nd season? Everyone who may get USS Flint in S4 will need to gain another JR2 flag in S5, and then be able to turn that token into a new premium in S6. At least that is how I understand it so far by reading the NA announcement thread by Niko. Unless you actually have to get rank 1 three times again. That part is a bit unclear based on whether you keep JR1 or not I guess, because for the first time you do need to do it three times (JR1, JR2 then JR2 for ship). But if you keep JR1 then the following ship rewards would only require two times rank 1?
  14. neeravin

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Seems pretty much self-explainatory to me ... ? Both seasons before this one and doing again this season. Yes and then read the below quote as well. They state you have to get rank 1 two seasons in a row; but they also state that those who already got two seasons in a row (2 and 3) have to do it a third time in a row. My question is why this disparity? Like it wasn't hard enough and took a long time to do it twice in a row, we have to do it thrice
  15. neeravin

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    "will be awarded for winning more than one season in a row." = two in a row should net you the ship?