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  1. Tomecatt


    1. Description Crash when exiting the game. 2. Reproduction steps Click EXIT to exit the client. 3. Result Crash, .. every time. 4. Expected result Clean exit to desktop 5. Technical details World of Warships has stopped working. Cheers Tom
  2. Tomecatt

    Premium Ship Review: Prinz Eugen

    Hi LWM, Once again, .. great write up. I was looking forward to the Prinz, .. as I had the Hipper, .. which I enjoy. I was most disappointed that she would not have anything 'special' e.g. Repair Consumable etc. However, .. I reluctantly purchased her, .. and have both Camos, .. and I do enjoy her, .. but, as is common knowledge, .. and aside from the Camos, there is nothing to differentiate her from the Hipper. BTW, .. not sure if you have been playing PT 5.12, .. but, there's a new option for the 5th upgrade module i.e. Steering Gears Mod 3 .. which gives a -40% to Rudder Shift, and a -80% Stearing Gears Repair time. Been trying it on the Hipper, .. and the ship becomes kind of squirrely, and very maneuverable .. Not sure which Tiers/Ships will get that additional mod, .. but, I do know it's not available for the Bismarck. Cheers Tom
  3. Tomecatt

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Warspite

    Hi LWM, Brilliant, .. thanks for taking, ... what must have been, .. an exorbitant amount of time, to put all this together. ..very, very informative. I have the Warspite, .. thoroughly enjoy her, .. but, don't spend nearly as much time with her as I should. Thanks Again .. Cheers Tom
  4. Tomecatt

    Dragon Flags

    Hi, Wasn't working earlier .. Got the flags after my 1st win in the Prinz Eugen. Put one on the Scharnhorst, .. and after the battle .. no additional Commander XP .. remaining Dragon Flags = 9 Came to forum, .. and posted my earlier post. Logged back into game, .. and noticed that my Dragon Flag count was back at 10 .. Put one on the Tirpitz, .. and got the 333% Commander XP .. So, not entirely sure what happened earlier, .. but, it gave me my flag back. Looking forward to a few hundred more, .. Cheers Tom
  5. Tomecatt

    Dragon Flags

    Hi, Not sure what the deal is with the Dragon Flags, .. but, got 10 this morning and put one on MY Scharnhorst, .. and did not receive any additional Commander XP at all. .. why are we being deprived of our bonuses ?? .. .. the flags ain't working .. Cheers Tom
  6. Tomecatt

    Prince Eugen Available to purchase now !

    Hi, The deals on the EU server are really ridiculous. I bought the Supreme version of the Prinz on the NA server yesterday, .. for the same price as the Ultimate version on the EU server. The EU Supreme version is double the price of the same thing on the NA server, although there are more doubloons and credits. No idea what masterminds are running things for EU, but, they obviously want to get rich quick. Cheers Tom
  7. Tomecatt

    Sound Improvements

    Hi, Don't know about Sound Improvements, .. but, we seem to be missing some 'hit' sound effects. Sometimes I don't know I've been hit, .. until I notice my Health Indicator dropping. Not too mention, .. that the Blyskawica's Engine Telegraph and Helm sound effects are STILL missing, .. and have been since 5.10 Cheers Tom
  8. Tomecatt

    Sound Improvements

    Hi, I also have a Blyskawica on the NA server, .. and I've just tried Patch 5.11, .. .. the Blyskawica's Engine telegraph and Helm sounds are still screwed up. Please fix this, .. my Blyska has become unpleasant and difficult to play, .. without the correct audio feedback, to let me know what's going on with my speed and rudder etc. Thanks .. Cheers Tom
  9. Tomecatt

    German Battleships

    Hi, I had no problems assigning my Tirpitz Captain to the Scharnhorst. He was actually assigned to the Hipper, .. but, I assigned him to the Scharnhorst without retraining. Just as a test, .. I assigned him back to the Hipper, .. and then to the Tirpitz, .. and back to the Scharnhorst, .. all without retraining. Odd that you have this problem .. EDIT: .. weird thing now, .. I cannot assign my Scharnhorst Captain to the Gneisenau, .. without retraining .. so, go figure .. ???!!! Cheers Tom
  10. Tomecatt

    Sound Improvements

    Hi, I don't know if Blyskawica's sounds were worked on, .. but, the sound for Engine Control is gone .. i.e. the clank-clank-clank etc., when you are going forwards and backwards. .. there's a faint sound of something, .. more like a screech, .. but it's barely audible. It really makes trying to set your speed correctly incredibly tricky, .. as I normally count the 'clanks', .. now, .. I have to look at the speed setting to see where my engine speed is set. Thanks .. Cheers Tom
  11. Tomecatt

    My ships go to battle without me

    Hi, This happened to me a couple of times during the 5.9 Public Test, .. I reported it in the survey. For me, .. it was related to fighter aircraft .. i.e. on Hipper, Roon and Hindenberg As soon as I launched them .. focus would be on the plane, .. and the ship would sail off .. and there was nothing I could do. .. the plane was just hovering over the water, .. and I couldn't get back to the ship view. Didn't happen every game, .. but, a few times. The other odd thing was, .. that the 'Active' time for the A/C was actually the 'Reload' time e.g. 2 mins .. so, you would launch the plane, .. it would fly around for 2 mins, .. and when it landed, .. it was immediately available again. (because the 2 mins was considered the Reload). .. very weird .. Cheers Tom
  12. Tomecatt

    5.2 - Good Lord what is wrong with the Sound ?

    Hi, I agree 100%, .. in fact, is one of the biggest complaints I had during the Public Beta. Gunfire sounds are excessively loud, .. and all the guns sound the same now. Once you explode, .. it's like ear-splitting, deafening, .. just plain crazy. I've also tried playing around with the sliders, .. with no satisfactory result, .. as you say, .. other SFX just disappear altogether. I don't know who is responsible for sound at WG, but he needs to get his ears checked, as he's probably partially, or totally deaf. They need to fix this quick, .. as the game is now extremely unpleasant to play. Cheers Tom
  13. Tomecatt

    Secret Santa Event (ASIA server)

    Hi, How can you check what gift you received? Cheers Tom
  14. Tomecatt

    German cruisers engine and rudder

    It happens in IJN Cruisers all the time, .. more so than my experiences with the German Cruisers. I use the Steering Gears Mod 1 on the Aoba, Myoko and Atago, .. and even with that, .. I lose my steering a lot, .. as well as engine incapacitation. Even the Mogami, Ibuki and Zao suffer from the same failures, .. but, slightly less so. Very frustrating when I'm in hasty retreat mode .. you have no choice but to expose your backside, .. and 'bang' .. there goes the engine and/or steering, .. and you're basically dead in the water .. literally. Had it happen in the Zao yesterday. Being chased by 3 Cruisers, a Battleship and a Destroyer .. thought I was going to make it to cover .. then 'Bang' there went both the Engine and Steering for the 2nd time, .. and I had no Repair left, .. as I had just used it to Repair .. the Engine and Steering .. .. and that's even with the Level 5 Preventive Maintenance Captain Skill, .. which 'supposedly' gives you a -34% chance of incapacitation.
  15. Tomecatt

    Public Test 0.5.1 Changelog

    My Test Account is now only Standard .. It was 6 days before the 5.1 update on Friday. After the update it was reduced to 24 hours. Ships/Captains I had sailed just prior to the update, .. now get no Captain XP, .. and their Progress Bar is gone completely. Anybody have any idea, .. what is going on?