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  1. Retzore

    A madmans refuge

    Hello friends! I have been streaming for about a year or so but i never tend to go on the forum all that much. I specialize in cruisers and is now training in destroyers and if you are interested in this kind of content il be sure you would love my stream. I stream on monday. Wednesday and friday at about 19:00 swedish times. Feel free to come in and say hello and enjoy the music and hilarity of warships finest blunders. See you on the high seas! https://www.twitch.tv/madmanex
  2. Retzore

    A madmans refuge

    Will be streaming alot of brittish battleships tonight. Stay tuned!
  3. Retzore

    A madmans refuge

    Thank you friend!
  4. Retzore

    A madmans refuge

    Are you interested in going into the mind of a madman? Welcome to my streaming channel! Join the chat as you follow my adventures on the flurry waves of world of warships. I love good company so come down to the stream and say Hi! I stream every Monday, wednesday friday and sunday 19:00 Swedish times but that may change abit now that my college will start soon. https://www.twitch.tv/madmanex
  5. Hello! This topic came to my mind when i was playing along with my furutaka. I am having a blast with it and doing really well with it. But players and statistics shows that the furutaka is really bad. I do beg the differ since i am currently having a 63% winrate with it. http://warships.today/vehicle/4289640144/eu/Furutaka Mabye it has to do with the change of gameplay style as it works very unorthodox as a cruiser. but i would like to know what you guys think! What is the most underutilized ship that world of warships has to offer?
  6. Retzore

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Retzore on European server High level overview Mostly plays battleships and is excellent in them Deals a very large amount of damage Extremely rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Kongo I do love my citadel hits! Not suprised that they showed my favorite battleship. The mighty Kongo Desu. Ps- Just looked at my furutaka rating and it seems i am the best on EU server. Would you look at that.
  7. You are really putting all mods in the same comb. Its not fair to the harmless visual and or sound mods. I myself heavily mods warships and i find it highly enjoyable for that reason. I have friends that do the same thing and would not play the game if they ban all mods. Modding keeps the game fresh and new to the players who have gotten tired to the original look and sound of the game. If a mod is harmful i would advise everyone to find out the person who did the harmful mod and ban him. WG fix your report system! people can get away for absolute [edited].
  8. Retzore

    Citadel'd sound effect

    Its not a shooter sound, its when your eardrums cant handle the sound quake that just erupted right in front of you. If you ever stand near a explosion of sorts you will get the sound regardless from what it comes from.
  9. Retzore

    Citadel'd sound effect

    You can choose how often you will get citadelled. I almost never gets citadelled in my ships due to the actions taken to avoid those situations. I am headphone user only
  10. Retzore

    Citadel'd sound effect

    I like the citadel sound effect it represents when yours ship gets penetrated by tons of steel and explosives. Why wouldnt it sound like your eardrums exploded? What would you hear if you stood on that ship when the ship gets a 5 meter hole in the side? This forum post actually proves my point. Getting citadelled hurts, Make sure it doesn't happen again. There are many ways of avoiding getting citadelled that i really think you all know deep in yourselves. WG can make the sound toggle on and off tho for some peoples sensitive ears.
  11. Retzore

    Błyskawica available in the shop for €20

    20 dollars? This a good change of pace. Actually a good price for a ship. If it was a ship i would have wanted i would have bought it as fast as i could. PS: I want the yubari!
  12. Retzore

    An open question to WG EU

    I do around 70 k damage a match with my furutaka. I think that 300 k would be pretty easy to complete. do not forget battleships where you can score half of what they are looking for in one match.
  13. Retzore

    Kutuzov bundled/unbundled survey

    They need to have a deal without the bundle. Many people do like the premium ships but are staying away from the bundles with a ten meter stick. Look at the statistics WG the majority of the people would be more interested in buying the ship if only they could buy ONLY that. PS: please sell the yubari again in the store. Love from Sweden PS: please sell the yubari again in the store.
  14. Retzore

    Furutaka, crapby design?

    I dont know what you are talking about the boat is fantastic. It just plays so differently from other cruisers that it alienates most of the wows fanbase. - High cooldown on a cruiser? say what! That would be the reaction of most people. But i would see that as a nice change of pace compared to He spamming cruisers that seems to be running wild these days. The torpedos are as good as a the tier 6 mutsuki and fits the playstyle of a long range citadel crusher. The armor can be angled very well even though the side armor is really bad and easily penetrated. I had gone though the ship when it was beyond crap. Ive gone though hell and i know how bad this ship was before the buff. I lived this ship, ive seen the other side of the coin that should be seen. But i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and now Its my favorite ship and i will treasure it always.